How Soon Can You Find Out If You Re Pregnant

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jje1070 - November 13

hi grandpa


jje1070 - November 13

hi granda... i need to know if i am pregnant i hv normal 28 days cycle. my last normal cycle was start sept. 1 and my partner decide to use the 21 cycle pills but unfortunately i stop it on the middle of the packet as i experiencing headache so.. my period came sept. 21 and i had another again on oct 9.. i hv like 4 to 5 days period... and me and my partner had unprotected s_x on the 30th of october and until now i havent had my period yet... do u think i am pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - November 14

Hmm - you were expecting a period November 6th, now more than a week late. S_x a week before your period is due is not high risk, but the way you are going you will be pregnant soon if not already. With your cycle messed up by the pills, there is no way to tell when you ovulated. Do you have any early preg signs other than a missed period - weird cramps, real tired, peeing more often, lotion discharge, backache, b___st and nip changes, appet_te and smell changes, upset gut, acne, dreams, stuffy nose, all where different from normal PMS? A home preg test is the only way you are going to know for sure. GL!


meme1449 - November 21

so me and my bf had s_x at the starting of the month a week after i had my period or so then a week or two i started feeling sick so after a week or two i went to the doctors cause i was throwing up and my stomach had been hurting like cramps by then i had started my "period" which was 4 weeks before it was suppose to even start and it only lasted two days the test at the doctors was negative but i still think there might be a chance what do you guys think??


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Possible. How about fatigue, peeing more, lotion discharge, b___st and nips changes, backache, PMS signs missing or crazy. Homr test again a week after the doc visit, using first morning pee, GL!


majesticqueen - November 28

Good evening! Probably a dumb question, but hey you never know until you ask. OK LMP was Nov 4th. BF and I had s_x Nov 16th, we usually use withdrawal method right now (yes I know not best method) well to say the least our timing was off. So now I've been feeling sick. Frequent headaches, light headedness, nausea, tender upset stomach. Frequent trips to the bathroom. Then today (TMI ALERT) when I wiped after peeing there was a thick clear discharge.. no odor or itch. My cycles are not like clockwork but I know our timing was not planned but, We will be extremely excited if we are.. I'm just anxious now..its more then possible isn't it??


Grandpa Viv - November 28

Cycle day 12 is as good as any to try for pregnancy. You have enough signs to hope for success. Run a home preg test next Saturday first morning pee and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Don't forget the prenatal vitamins!


shwth - November 29

hi.. i had my last cycle on 11th of nov.. n its usually 28-30 days cycle.. i had s_x with my husband on the 12th, 14th n 16th day.. how early can i knw am i pregnant or not.. we are wanting for a baby.. pls reply


Grandpa Viv - November 30

shwth, your timing was good. Maybe you will get some early signs next week, but wait until your are late or light before testing. It should not take more than a few months to get lucky!


jenileana - December 6

Hello grandpa viv, I amhave in aa very similar situation as shwth. Only difference is that my boyfriend and I had aa miscarriage on october 10th. My body is like clock work & on the 11th of november I had my first period. According to my calculationsplace last weekend was my fertile time. For the past 2 weeks we have been going like bunnies. We want more than anything to have aa healthy baby. I would love to give him the surprise as aI christmas present. How likely is it that I will get to give him thisr gift & should I worry given the outcome of our last pregnancy? Fyi I was 10thinking weeks when the misca


Grandpa Viv - December 7

On a 28 day cycle your most fetile day is 13 days after your last period began, in your case Nov 24th. According to me you should have had another period starting last weekend. What am I missing?


Grandpa Viv - December 7

On a 28 day cycle your most fertile day is 13 days after your last period began, in your case Nov 24th. According to me you should have another period starting very soon. Do you have any early signs ot brag on - fatigue, more peeing, lotion discharge, changes in b___sts, nips, smells, appet_te, gut function, cramps, hot flashes? Test Sunday morning using first morning pee if you are late.


shwth - December 13

hi grandpa.. my period was due on 11th.. but i'vent got it yet.. n i don have any such symptoms of pregnancy except for the fact tht i'd few headaches n thr was a very light pink discharge which i noticed today.. i somehow feel lil ache in my lower abdamon.. i did do a test on 11th n showed negative.. pls reply grandpa.. im very eager..


cVega - November 6

hi. ive never been here before but by reading the comments and previously asked questions im sure you will be able to help me. ok. my cycles are 29-31 days. no more or less. my husband just left, hes in the army. my period started oct 24 and we had s_x oct 29. iv'e never had slimy CM so i thought i just wasn't fertile. (not very wise i know). its only been a week since we had s_x so i doubt im pregnant but iv'e been feeling pretty strange and just wanted to get a second opinion since my next period isn't due until nov 24ish. the reasons im even considering pregnancy are ive had a lot of headaches, i feel hotter than usual, ive been experiancing this flutter in my pelvic area with bloating, and two very strange symptoms. one, this afternoon when i wiped after using the bathroom there was this pink discharge. now ive always had a v____al discharge, it is white and lotiony but very little, no need for a liner, this pink discharge as a little too. but after the pink there's been a lot of white discharge, i need to wear a liner and change every time i use the bathroom because of the uncomfortable wet feeling it gives. the second strange symptom being im a very active person. i do the insanity work outs religiously and eat healthy. but for the past two days ive been getting fatigued and my eye sight goes dark so i have to stop the work out, im also finding myself much more sleepy and with less energy. my common sense is telling me its way to early to be pregnancy symptoms, but if its not pregnancy what else could it be.. please help. oh and sorry i that was too much information, i just wanted to be thorough.


Grandpa Viv - November 7

You are correct in thinking that s_x CD 5 is way early to be thinking about pregnancy. In theory you are only now ovulating, but I guess it's not totally impossible - you do have a bunch of early pregnancy signs. The eye sight going dark is pretty unusual and worrying. I think you should lay off the workouts until you have had a check-up by your doctor, and not just for pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test when your next period is due if you have not figured things out by then. GL!


Mel-b - November 13

My perois 4/10/12 and again on the 29/10/12 my normal cycle is 28days. I dont really have problems with irregular periods. According to the ovulation calculations i was or still am fertile from the 9th of Nov till the 14 Nov, my bf and i had s_x on the 7th they say its best to have s_x a few days before you ovulate so i was wondering if there is any chance that i might fall pregnant?? I havent got my period for this month yet and its the 13 of Nov?? Please help anyone i want to know...



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