Pre Cum

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carlos - January 2

if a girl and a guy are having s_x and shes wet and the guys is wet does dat gets da women pregnant?


sherri - January 8

can get pregant ejaculation.


rose - January 11

i've been using the pull out method for years and never got pregnant, so i'm guessing pre-c_m doesn't get u pregnant!


worried woman - January 11

i'm in a divorce status right now and i've been seeing this gy who is in the same situation as me he have alot in common and love to be together, we had unprotected s_x the othe night and i'm afraid of being pregnant at this point in my life!! he pulled out but i'm concerned about the pre c_m can u really get pregnant??? HELP!!!!


sasha - January 11

I have been playing russian roulette of with s_x and may think i am preg. please please someone tell me can you get pregnant from prec_m??!! he pulled out and ejaculated heavily, but he pulled out. does that make a difference????


worried woman - January 12

please someone answer the prec_m question please we need a real answer please!!!!


To worried woman - January 14

You may not be pregnant but yes you can get pregnant from prec_m. But it is more likely if you are pregnant, you became pregnant because he did not pull out in time. It is difficult to get the timing just right especially at that crucial time. If you and he are going to use the withdrawal method, it is better if he is on his back and let him tell you when he is about to c_m. Then you pull out IMMEDIATELY! The timing is better executed this way than visa versa. It is better to use some protection than have to worry about it. Someone who really knows......


Tee - January 18

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. And we have been using the withdrawal method. I dont think you can get pregnant on pre-c_m. My boyfriend came in me only one time. And i still didnt get pregnant. So the answer is HELL NO!!!! you cannot get pregnant on pre-c_m.


Tonya - January 19

Can I get pregnant from pre- c_m


mark - January 19

can a women get pregent if the condom breaks and only the male came not the girl. and right after she washed off and wet pee is there stil la chance please answer


zoe - January 19

Mark, yes a woman could get pregnant. A woman does not need to have an orgasm to get pregnant. While having an orgasm does better enable the sperm to reach the egg, it does not have to happen for a woman to get pregnant. I do not think that washing off afterwards is a counteractive or productive measure either. If you are having problems with condoms, maybe you should try some other type of birth control...maybe even make sure that you are putting the condoms on correctly. Be careful and best of luck.


anne - January 20

ok there has been lots of miss information written on this page let me set the record straight pre-c_m CAN get you pregnant and so can coming near your v____a although its less likely tahn if a guy ejaculates inside your v____a so if anyone has had any contact with a p___s (without clothes) then she can be pregnant. im only 16 but what im writing is fact so can people please get their facts straight before giving anyone innacurrate information. thanks.


Jeff - January 20

yea? where'd you get your info?


anonymous - January 21

i had unprotected s_x and am wondering if she cud be pregnant from the pre c_m? i didn't c_m insde her, but soon after i had c_m we did it again but i didn't ejaculate the second time, could she be pregnant? also this was a day or two after he rperiod, thanks.


A scared little boy - January 25

My Girl Friend is a Virgin. We have never had s_x, and I have never c_med around her.. But we do rub aginst each other never my hole to hers. But could she get pregnate from this? I have never acctually c_med from this, but she is 10 days late. She is under alot of stress, and is only 16. I know stress can make it "skip" a month, but could she be in a final stage of puberty? He brests just started getting a little biger a few weeks ago? Ok, thanks alot!


latasha - January 25

im 17 i might be pregrant i don't know if im or not but im going to married the father when i turn 18



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