Sex With Two Men Over Three Week Period

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newlypreg - April 17

I was s_xually active with a guy the first week of march. I got my period as normal on the 14th of march and it ended on the 20th. The week of the 20th to the 26th, I was s_xually active with a different guy. When i was supposed to get my period I didn't. I waited a week and I could tell my body felt different so I took a test and it was positive. My friend who was pregnant before is trying to tell me that the father could still be the first guy i slept with at the beginning of march because she got her period for three monthes into her pregnancy. I'm really hoping this isn't true but in the back of my mind i'm worried. Can anyone shed some light on this. Thanks


Ceno - April 18

You had s_x with the first guy PRIOR to your period on the 14th. Since you got your period, I'm a__suming the time you had s_x with him was AFTER ovulation. That's why you preceded to have your period on the 14th. Now this is just the biology of it all. A female gets her period because she ovulated but her egg was not fertilized...which I'm sure you know. Yet you were s_xually active afterward..even towards day 13 of your cycle (Count the days of your starting with the first day of your period onward, until the first day of your next period.) Depending on the length of your average cycle, you could have been ovulating within a couple of days after the last time you had s_x with the second guy, leading to pregnancy by the second guy. Your friend's case is a rare one. It can happen. A female can continue to bleed as though she is getting her period for the first few months. It can happen, but is rare. What's your average cycle length? That can indicate when you're possibly ovulating, possibly fertile. When was your previous period (meaning the one BEFORE march 14th)?


newlypreg - April 18

My cycle has usually been a regular 28 day cycle give or take a few days sometimes I usually bleed for 7 days and then have about 3 weeks of not bleeding before it begins again. Also i forgot to mention that the first guy pulled out and the second guy did not ever pull out. I'm really hoping its the second guy becasue hes a long time friend and now we are getting engaged so that would be great. The first guy was a boyfriend at the time who I found out was cheating on me, I just couldn't remember when the last time I had s_x with him was, but i know it was inbetween my period in february and the beginning of my period in march. You have calmed down some of my fears. Is there any way for the doctor to tell when i conceived ? since the s_x was about 3 weeks apart from each other do you think they could tell that thru an ultra sound?


Ceno - April 19

Well, for starters, congralations on your engagement. I wish you much luck, love, success, and happiness in the future. :-D I would say there's a higher chance the second guy impregnated you...the one you want to that is...and I'm not just saying that since that's what you want to hear. :-) Since you two had s_x, like I said before, for the days up to possible ovulation, I'd say it's his. Yes, the doctor can give you an approximate time of conception based on your LMP and the size of the fetus. Since you're pretty early in the pregnancy, it'll be easier to tell how old the fetus is, due to the baby's overall size plus his least give a very good approximation. The last time you had s_x with the second guy was on day 13, a day or two prior to possible ovulation, based on a 28 day more than likely it's his baby. :-) Congratulations on everything.


magenta_heart - April 23

This is just my opinion. I'm a guy, so I'm telling you from a guy's perspecitve. I think it's only fair that you tell the guy who takes on the father role of this baby about your situation. Please be honest with him - after all, if he's going to invest his heart, his sould and his life into this child shouldn't he know?


newlypreg - April 25

Ofcourse he should know, he was the first one I told about my concern. I never keep secrets and I don't like playing games. As soon as the possibility came into my head I told my current boyfriend. He understands the situation and is standing by me a hundred and ten percent I am he luckiest girl in the world I know this.


ImExpecting - March 10

Hi I know this is late but did you receive any feed back on who the father is? I’m actually going through a similar situation. Please let me know if you can. Thank you in advance. 


Newmommy23 - May 21

I have a very similar situation but I have had my baby I haven’t done a dna test but by looks I feel like my baby belongs to the guy I was with before my period even though all my ultrasounds pointed to me conceiving a couple weeks after my period. My first ultrasound was at 8 weeks. But until I get a dna test I don’t know for sure who my baby belongs to. I really want it to be the guy I was with after my period and who I’ve believed to be the father my whole pregnancy based on ultrasounds. However if I was pregnant before my period based on my previous period of my lmp I would of delivered at 43 weeks and 3 days which people say is unlikely so I don’t know 



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