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c2beaudoin - August 4

Update Aug 4th. We had the baby!!! Adorable little boy Sebastien Tyler Selleck 7lbs8oz and 21.5 inches long. Mom, Dad, and Baby are all doing very well. I had a home water birth and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I can tell you though that the pain at times was unbearable, I just wanted to throw in the towel. My water did break at 5pm and I started having regular contractions at 6pm and it only got harder from there, I was 4 cm dialated at about 8pm and then 7cm at 10pm and 9cm at midnight and then I started having the urge to push at around 1am it was uncontrolleable but my midwife was great and told me to just listen to my body and after about 45 min of pushing he was born. We were all sooo tired towards the end when he was crowning it hurt to bad I wanted to quit but I made it with much encouragement lol. I still remember the pain but it was the most empowering experience of my life, my husband is so proud of me :) It was so painful during the pushing I thought for sure I tore but not taring at all, I have the water to thank for that. Great experience I highly recommend it! I'm off to get some rest again but thought I would update you all :)


zookeeper - August 4

Rene, Kristin, Celine, congratulations on your little bundles! I am happy everything worked out so well for you all! I am still here...waiting for my c-section to hurry up and come along! I keep up on the posts thru email, but my computer doesn't like this site too much! I sent a FB request,Kristin : ) My email addy is embermadison at yahoo dot come if the rest of you want to add me :) I have 2 weeks left from tomorrow and the time is creeping by soooo slowly for me! It has also been very hot here (for Maine anyway) and I have felt sick to my stomach the past couple of nights that I was at all active during the day : (. Besides being tired in general and not feeling well those couple of days, everything else is good and as expected. We are as ready as can be and just anxiously waiting. Congratulations again ladies!


naisey - August 5

Congrats to you too Tritty. I think you're positive att_tude helped you recover from your c-section so quickly. I'm really happy for you and your family. Good luck Celine! Can't wait to hear your news. We can then start comparing notes on the sleepless nights (sheesh) and b___stfeeding :) Rene


naisey - August 5

Wrote last post without going to the last page..sorry. Congrats Celine. I love the name you chose. Beautiful. I'm glad you had a such a great experience. My husband was really proud of me too. 9 days later he still keeps saying 'Wow!'. Kristin, how is your baby settling? Are you finding it hard with a toddler too? Rene


fismama - August 5

please Kristin shed some insight on having a new baby and toddler? I am kinda getting scared about that!! do your girls share the same room or will they? Fiona and her sister eventually will and I am super nerves about that!


zookeeper - August 6

I woudn't be too nervous about having a newborn & a toddler. I have done it twice and am about to do it again. It is different depending ont he personality of the children. My daughter was 19 mths when my son was born and she absolutely adored him, was super helpful and sweet. She did take a step back in her potty training, but other than that she was an angel. My son was 21 mths when my second daughter was born and he could care less about the baby. Not that he was mean, but he just never paid any attention to her and just did his own thing. (they fight a lot now that he is 3 and a half and she is 19 mths). He doesn't have the patience and nurturing side that my older daughter has. My youngest will turn 20 mths 9 days before number four is born and I am a little concerned, because in some ways she is a lot like her brother in personality (probably why they don't get along). None of my kids share a bedroom...we tried to put my oldest and youngest into a room together in preparation for number four, but my youngest kept my oldest up at night, so we are foregoing a playroom so they all have their own bedroom. I would suggest bunking them up as soon as you can so they get used to it and it isn't like playtime to them.


Rosiemama - August 10

Wow, well that's exciting - congrats to CĂ©line, Tritty, naisey and all the rest of you who have had your little ones! I'm still waiting - due date is Saturday the 14th, and so far not much has happened. I've been pretty active, and yesterday I was just exhausted. My hip pain has gotten worse (first thing in the morning) and I've started to have some radiating back pain to go along with it. Last night I started having what I guess are Braxton Hicks contractions - painless tightening of my belly. My hubby said it feels like a turtle shell, and I can't distinguish anything inside (like her bum, which I can always feel under normal circ_mstances). So I'm hoping something's getting started. Today's been quiet so far though, unfortunately. Maybe we need to have s_xy time tonight and see what happens. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and may ask about a membrane sweep because I'm tired of being pregnant, frankly. I'm ready to move on to the next phase....


2010babyontheway - August 18

please pa__s this along!i have picked up two trojan horses from this site in 20 seconds! it happens everytime i come on here which is ashame because i loved this site! I notified the site owner and they said they were AWARE of viruses on the site and are trying to fix it but they never did anything for weeks now!!! I have the e-mail if you don't believe me, us pregant ladies are being taken advantage of! They are tracking us by what we write, look at and who else knows! They could be tracking personal info such as credit cards and anything else too. i am a network administator ladies so i know what i am talking about and this site is corrupt and they admit it. please if you would like to see the e-mail they wrote bacl too aknowledging this write to me!!! i am very upset :(



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