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Lory - October 24

Just an update for you ladies. I had another ultrasound today, and everything looks great! His ventricles are still enlarged however. They have not changed, but they have not gotten any bigger so that is really good! My doctor said that everything is right on track. His head isn't too big, and is in proportion with his body. He weighs app. 3lbs. 10 oz.!! She said the way things are looking, (and if all goes well) I should be able to have a normal v____al birth. I'm keeping my hopes up!! We also got some wonderful 4-D cute!


reen - October 25

Hi Lorry, I am in the same situation as you. Your good progress do shed some of my worries. I went for US last week, in my 29 weeks gestation, and the doctor said that one of the baby ventricles is larger than the others and measured at 17mm. She didn't give me enough explanation and I was left in grey. I went to see other gynae for a second opinion and she too don't give me much hope and advised me to prepare for the worst. She said that it might be due to TORCHES virus. So, I took a blood test for it and the result is not yet comes out. I have to undergone my next US in 2 weeks time. The first doctor that I went to said that she just want to monitor the ventricles size and will see from the next u/s what we should do. She also said that my baby might also have a cleft lip, this is yet to confirm because we can't really see the baby face. The baby seems always sucking/putting her hands over her mouth. btw, my baby is a girl. Baby's heart seems to be in perfect condition as well as other measurement, head circ_mference etc. The second doctor that I went to said that my baby might have a club feet/hand. I expect to get some good news from the second other, however it add on much more to my worries. For the time being, I don't know what else to do, just pray to God that may my baby will be in good condition. Reading and searching medical articles from the net made me more worry although it is vital to know what will happen/expect in the worst condition. Thanks all.


Lory.. to Reen - October 25

Hi Reen! Thanks for your response! I am sorry to hear you are in this same situation. I think you need to get a second opinion from another doctor. My doctor has always said that the right and left ventricles almost always "mirror" each other. So is one really bigger than the other like they are telling you?? Plus, if you can find someone with really good ultrasound equipment (like the 3-D or 4-D), besides the traditional 2-D, they should be able to tell you for sure whether or not your baby girl has a cleft lip or club feet!! Our baby is almost always sucking his thumb or putting his little hand up to his face and with the 4-D ultrasound we can make out his lips almost perfectly. Don't give up hope! I will be thinking about you, keep me updated. BTW my e-mail is if anyone would like to send me a message.


Reen - October 25

Hi Lory, From the last u/s, baby's right ventricle is larger than the other side. The gynae that I went to is very reputable, that is why I believe what she said. There are no reason not to believe as I knew nothing about this thing! Next check up will be another 2 weeks. I plan to wait and see the results of the next u/s before getting another second opinion. I hope this is a right way to do.... :( I am too stressful and anxious now, and very afraid to hear another bad news. will wait another 2 weeks and for the time being, just pray and pray and pray that everything turns normal.


Fran - November 5

Reen, Please keep us posted as to your progress..and Drs. visits..You and your baby girl are in my prayers. as are all you moms and babies....


Lily - November 5

I hope your babies are born fine. I had one baby with this condition but it went away just like Elise. I know what you're feeling!


Reen - November 10

Hi all! I had my u/s yesterday. I am now in my 32 weeks. One of the ventricle is still large and measuring at 22.5mm. The head size is normal and the doctor said that shunt is out of the question. I also had the blood test (IgG) and tested +ve for cytomegalovirus (cmv). Doctor said that the situation might be caused by this cmv and the worst case that could happen is that the baby might get Edwards or trisomy 18. Everything else with the baby seems OK. And... the doctor can't figure out yet whether the baby has cleft lip/palate. There is nothing much to do except that hoping and praying that everything will turns out to be fine. If mothers out there, have/had the same problems, please share your story...I'm currently feeling lost and numb! Thanks....


Lory - November 10

Thanks for keeping us updated Reen! Hope everything turns out ok for you! I had another ultrasound 11/2. The ventricles are still measuring about the same. I go back 11/14 for another one! Please ladies, share your stories. Your comments are appreciated. If you all would like to see some pictures of Aydan you can go to my online pregnancy journal at Where it says "find a journal by username" Type in aydansmommy Then you can view my journal! Click on photo album on the left side to see all the pics!!


Reen - November 10

Lory..thanks for sharing the pics. Aydan looks great! I'm still contemplating between going for 4D scan and thorough fetal health scan or not :( I would like to know how and what the condition of the baby really is. and yet I am scared to know if the result is not what I expected :(


Leslie - November 13

I was diagnosed with my baby having ventricles measuring 12mm at 19 weeks and that left me terrified. I live in Baltimore and went to Johns Hopkins Hospital where I was given another U/S and it was the same but I was able to speak to Dr. Benjamin Carson who is a world renowned Pedo-neurosurgepn and he gave me a much better outlook. I am scheduled 11/22 for a another U/S to see if anything has changed, hopefully it will go away or just stay the same. I was told that this usually doesn't go away on it's own but there are times it doesn't get worse either. Dr. Carson gave my baby who is a girl as well a 70 % chance of being normal. I am trying to think positive but I am scared to death. I have one other child who will be 4 12/17 and is above average for her age and I have been holding on to her for dear life. Any help would be most appreciated.


Brandy - November 13

Lory, I just have to comment on something that you mentioned. You said that your baby is always sucking his thumb and keeps his hands in front of his face. My husband is a pediatric PT and often sees these cases after birth. I know that he would be happy to answer any questions that he can from a developmental stand point. When we had our 4D u/s, our little man kept his hands in front of his face. They said that is a great sign of neurological development because that is the position they should be in (fetal position). If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I am a nurse but not a little person's nurse, I am a cardiac nurse. However, again my husband is very experienced with these situations. Please keep us posted and good luck. I also have to say that you seem very mature and well researched for such a young mom. You will be an awesome mommy!


Lory - November 13

Thank you so much Brandy!! You made my day! :) I will email you soon. To Leslie, good luck with your situation as well. We will be thinking about you! Keep us posted!


Fran - November 14

Hello Reen, Leslie and all you moms.. thanks for keeping us updated on your little ones... Many, Many prayers are coming your way as your pregnancy..progresses... Great info Brandy..thanks for the updates..


Lory - November 14

Just an update for you ladies. I had another u/s this afternoon. He has gained 13 ounces in less than 2 weeks! He now weighs 5 pounds 1 ounce!!! His condition is stable too. His ventricles were measuring between 13- 15 mm today. So that's a liitle smaller!!! I think it's a good sign! We got some adorable pics....check out my photo album at Keep us in your thoughts!


Lory - November 14

Sorry, computer messed up. Don't know what happened with all the dashes. lol NO DASH in the url between j and r (jr)


Reen - November 15

I'm happy for you ;) Thanks for the update! Hope that my girl will turns out fine as well...



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