Scared To Do Poo

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katielily - May 31

i have a 4 yr old who is scared to poo on the loo, up till now hes been doing it in a nappy crazy i know,but with school starting soon he needs to do it on the loo, ive got to the point now where i havnt any nappies left and told him that they dont do his size anymore and hes been sitting on the loo and has done it 4 or 5 times now but hes holding it in for ages and it gets to the point where when hes absolutly busting to go and hes so stiff and ridget and his little heart is pounding away hes really scared stiff,when hes done he admits he feels much better but the cycle is repeated again i sit there cuddling him when hes doing it and trying to relax him and we praise him when hes done what else can i do any advise would be welcome,


seanandmya - May 31

Aw , the poor little guy ! Sorry I have no advice but I would be interested to hear responses to this aswell . My dd refuses to go poo on the potty too , she'll walk around the house and do little bits at a time rather than sit there . It's actually really funny though , she walks around with her head in between her legs going ' eew ' thats her new sound , lol .


Lchan - May 31

Poor thing. I haven't done potty training yet so I can't offer 1st had advice. I can relay what my sister did, however, when my niece was having a similar problem. She compromised by lettin my niece sit on the toilet with a diaper on. I know it makes the toilet useless, but mentally it helped my niece transition from diapers to toilet.


katielily - May 31

hi ive tried to do it in stages like the nappy on but sitting on the loo then hopefully to loosening the nappy etc but he just wouldnt he likes to have nappy on and do it standing up in the bedroom, i even went out and bought loads of prezzies from the toilet fairy and wrapped them and left them in the bathroom they were there for ages we ended up rewrapping them for christmas ,i could guarentee that if i put a nappy on him at any time he could produce a poo ,i dont even recall how /why this started ,but i help to get him through this its sad and i dont want to cause him more problems with this


lunamoo - June 1

My dr. said it is very common that kids learning to PT hold it to the point of constipation. My dd held it for a week or so and kept complaining her tummy hurt and would even sit on the pot but wouldn't go. Then at the drs office she finally pooed at it was SO huge I can't figure how she got it out. But after that she had no problems using the pot...So I guess it is just a matter of time : )


Rabbits07 - June 1

Talk to your pedi about any recommendations to help. Sometimes kids hold it because they have had a bad experience with constipation and pain. Also, some kids don't like to "go" in front of others. Maybe give a few minutes of privacy on his own (if you aren't already) and see if that helps. Reward stickers can be useful too.


katielily - June 3

thank you all for your advise,im pleased to say we have persevered with pooing on the loo and its going fairly well,weve got a sticker chart as rabbits07 suggested and its working a treat hes not so nervous about sitting on the loo and hes more relaxed and his heart isnt taking a beating so i guess its only a matter of time now before hes completly confident and will be ok if taken short when hes not with family thanks everyone


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 3

my dd just turned 4 and went to preschool last year from 9 to 11:30 3 days a week and she held it the entire time at school and would wait till we got home. She hates to go in public and up until about 2 mnths ago she would only use the little baby potty not the big one not even with a ring she would just cry now she has in the past week went on the big potty without a ring a couple time in public places like the zoo without a fight. So I would be patient with him it will come in time just dont push him, plus my daughter also needed priviacy she would kick me out all the time lol but loves to be in there when I have to go. good luck with this :-)


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 3

oh yeah one more thing GET RID OF THE NAPPIEs that will just hold him back like a crutch if they arent there then he will either poo in his pants or the potty those are his choices he will soon choose the right one :-)


Wellis10 - June 6

My mom told me the Mr toilet was hungry and to feed him. I started to put my dinner in the bowl (from what my mom said) She told me that he didn't eat our food but what comes out the poo shoot. She even had my dad talk for Mr toilet. lol...After that I started to sit on there with no problems. lol


Mimis-Mummy - June 8

Laceyandsamsmamma, I'm sorry this will sound so horrible but I laughed when I heard about your daughter holding it in at school because it reminded me of my Auntie who at 47 still holds it in until she gets home (she's a teacher). I suppose some people just never grow out of it! Perseverance katielily, you've just got to keep trying, my cousin's daughter is 3 and being potty-trained still, it was such a struggle for my cousin and her daughter, they'd both get stressed and I think that might have been some of the problem. Try not to put too much stress on the point that he HAS to poo in the toilet, the less likely that it will happen in the near future..and Laceyandsamsmamma makes a good suggestion, get rid of the nappies. My mum informs me that that's how I and my twin brothers learned!



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