VERY Shy 2 Year Old

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desiree - June 12

Hello, all...I have a ? about my 2 year old..he is extremly shy to the point of if I am talking to someone, or if someone is visiting my house all he will do is cling to my leg, cry or throw a huge tantrum on the floor..My best friend is the object of most of it..I just moved back about 2 months ago to my hometown at first he was wonderful with her, I even left him at her house to go to work for about an hour each day...she is a mom of one 4 year old, and great with kids...out of the blue without any apparent incident, he won't stay there, and she tries hard to be friends with him, but my son won't have any of it. Any insight??thankyou


JulieK - June 12

Well, it is difficult to say for sure. Is it at all possible that something could have happened when he was there, not necessarily anything big but something that may have scared him, or that he didn't understand and was upset by? I don't know the situation, but I wouldn't try to force the issue too much. It could just be that he is being shy, but if it is happening consistently, I would be more inclined to believe that he is a__sociating her with a bad memory. Maybe trying to include her in some fun and good experiences for him would help? Best of luck.


CyndiG - June 12

That's exactly what I thought when I read your post. Have you tried talking to him and asking about his time at her house. Maybe she scolded him or something and he's a__sociating her with not being nice??? Who knows what a lo thinks in a situation. Maybe talk to her too and see if something might have happened, however innocent, that would make him afraid of her. Good Luck!!


desiree - June 12

Yes! Thankyou..I know she is a bit stricter just with her own son, because he is older and can be rough on my son (nothing too serious) and if they are both doing something rotten she will scold them both, and I think it must have scared him. I will just let them become friends.She tries hard to relate to him...I hope it works out!!



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