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katie - April 25

i have been taking the pill, but did miss 3 or and and had been sick too...... i had my last period about 4 weeks ago but it was very different, very light compaired to usual, and also lasted for 8 days instead of my normal 5.... im now experiencing nausea day and nite, with backache and severe tiredness, what r the chances that i am pregnant?? have no money to do a test for a few days.


Deloris - April 27

I don't know if I'm pregnant.. I have took the 2 times already but they say it might be to early to tell .. well if its to early then why do I feel sick all the time.. it started as pain in my belly . on my sides and sometimes in the middle of my belly.. and at night I would feel so sick that I would think I needed to throw up.. but it would happening around 1 to 2 am I have throw up like 3 times.. but right now I feel wried and I feel sick .. I don't know what to do or think.. I want to be pregnant.. the way I feel is that a sign ?


Jessy - April 27

take lots of prenatal vitamins (w/all-natural ingredients like beta carotene for vitamin A...not palmitate) but not the over-the-counter prescription prenatals..they don't absorb into your bloodstream like the real good stuff... they cost nuts amount of money but don't deliver on their promises(if it's a tab form don't take it..that's a warning sign of dead vitamins, plus they're dangerous if you overdose because of those lame-o ingredients)...I take the PRE-NATAL CARE vitamins by TWINLAB...(in capsule-form)they are awesome I can feel the difference in my body when I take them, for one thing when I was nursing I didn't get sick and throw up when I took them...if I took those cheesy prescription vitamins I get sick and throw up-can't hold my food down(like i was pregnant even though I was only nursing, STILL... I WAS feeding another besides me)...I was nursing my first child when I got pregnant w/the second and my body just stopped producing milk sooo...weening time! But this time I was nursing the 2nd and my b___sts kept producing...the nausea was overwhelming...I was eating salad I'm sick of it..taking lots o the vitamins w/whatever I can handle was the best bet...but the nausea didn't pa__s until a week after I weaned my boy down to nap and nightime nursing(only twice a day for maybe 10 to 20 mins) how healthy you are and the food and vitamins you take...the kind of nutrition is actually being absorbed into your body can account for the alot of healthy food (whole grain bread not white, for one) get good vitamins and be faithful in taking them and nausea should pa__s, (all doctor will say is carry crackers around and drink lots of water and prescribe nausea reducing vitamins so you need to deal w/it on your own) ;)


Lynn - April 28

Be careful aith taking LOTS of vitamins though, too much of some vitamins can actually be bad. I find that fruit helps. I keep oranges, tangerines, grapes, all the good stuff that I like around the house. I think it is the sugar in the fruit that helps. This way it is healthy & heps keep you hydrated and helps with the sickness. The first week or so I did the cracker and bread thing and gained about 5 pounds. Don't ever let your stomach get empty. Eat a little something every 2-3 hours even if you are not hungry, just get it down so your tummy has something in it. My sickness started at about 6w2d and I'm now 9w2d and it is still there.


Michelle - May 10

I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have had nausea and vomiting since the start of week 7. The past couple of days I have felt fine. I am wondering if I miscarried and the symptoms are slowing going away. How long does it take from an "active day of vomiting" to the disapearance of symptoms if you miscarried?


Beccy - May 10

I'm about 6-8 wks pregnant and the m/s is horrendous, just the feeln of nausea is hell! I don't know how much longer i can take it!working is hardest as no-one knows so haveo hide it, tried ginger biccies but teyony wred fra few days, now they make want to hurl!I;m gona salt and vinegar crisps tomorrow! Sorry Im no much help but reall needed to share this! Thanks to everyone for the advice!


Stephanie - May 11

I am a little over 5 weeks and I have had morning sickness from about week 3. Before i get out of bed, I eat saltine crackers and rest for about 15 min. Then, during the day if I get queasy, I eat another. I haven't vomited in a week, so it seems to be working. Good Luck!


jane - May 17

ime 9 weeks pregnant and have been feeling sick for over a wk now but today ive been being sick all day i feel terrible cant stop-jane


shanetra - May 24

I am now 25wks and glad that morning sickness is over CRACKERS work miracles


laura - May 29

a doctor's office CANNOT refuse to see you. Stress to them how severe your sickeness is and that you need help with it NOW. They HAVE to listen. Good luck!


erika - June 20

try the accupressure wristbands that are now being sold for car sickness. They work quite well. If its not enough then a good accupuncturist should be able to give you some relief without drugs and safely (the chinese have been using this for 4000+ years for morning sickness and its worth a try).


brigette - June 29

Im 16 weks pregnant i was feeling pretty good up until lastweek then i started the 24/7 sickness, throwing up all hours until my body is red and sweaty, this is my 3rd pregnancy, the other 2 the morn sickness was worse...nothing helps, if someone has ideas other than the norm mints and bland food let me know


ericka - July 4

is it safe for me 2 vomit mor than 4 times a day and im only 8 weeks when is it gonna stop?


kelli - July 4

I wish I could help you and tell you some thing that will work, I am 10 wks and have been vomiting since day 1 about 2-3 times a day but what I find helps is never let your self get hungry. I carry granola bars in my purse and if I feel the slightest bit hungry I eat. I find lots of small snacks are easier to handle than larger meals.


Lori - July 15

Lisa, I had all day sickness for close to 5 months with my first child. I used to sip on ginger ale and eat saltine crackers throughout the day. Also, stay away from smells that are really strong, that will bring on nausea


Amber - July 15

When should you expect Morning sickness? How far along should you be?



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