Fetal Heart Monitors

It used to be that the only time a pregnant woman could hear her baby's heart beat was when she went to her prenatal check-ups.

Women who have experienced miscarriages or complications in previous pregnancies are often more anxious in subsequent pregnancies.

Waiting between prenatal appointments for up-dates on their baby's health can be nerve-wracking. However, parents can now have their worries laid to rest whenever anxious thoughts enter their minds thanks to fetal heart rate monitors now available for home use.

What Is It?
A fetal doppler monitor is what your health care provider uses to hear your baby's heart rate at your prenatal appointments. These fetal monitors allow you and your family and friends to hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you want in the privacy of your own home.

A fetal baby heart monitor can provide parents with peace of mind as early as eight weeks into pregnancy, not just when they visit their health care provider. Many parents find fetal heart monitors invaluably reassuring and comforting, which is a great benefit for the majority of parents.

Ease Your Worry
A fetal heart rate monitor can also come in handy for those parents currently experiencing complications with a pregnancy.

Having a fetal doppler at home allows parents to know a bit more about what's going on with their baby. If you find yourself making frequent trips to the emergency room, having a doppler at home so that you can monitor your baby's heart rate may help reduce the number of hospital trips you have to make.


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