Maternity Wear

So now you're pregnant! You may have to stop wearing your skinny jeans but don't go shopping for maternity clothes straight away. Most women don't need maternity clothes from the word go. You may be able to go on wearing your regular clothes for the first four or five months. Some things though, you will probably need straight away.


As your breasts start to get bigger you will want to go up a size or two in your bra. Better still, get a special maternity bra. Maternity bras are normally adjustable so that they will last you your whole pregnancy unless you get very big. There are even maternity bras that convert into nursing bras after baby comes.


Put away your favorite lacy numbers for now. As your pregnancy progresses you will want to have very comfortable underwear. You may prefer "big knickers" that cover most of your bump, rather than your usual style. Thongs just don't do it! You can even get special pregnancy undies that will stretch. There are also pregnancy girdles on the market, shaped like a sling to help support baby in your last trimester.


It is very important to switch to low heels or flats when you are pregnant. Your whole center of gravity changes and wearing high heels makes you very vulnerable and could cause you to fall. Even a good pair of sneakers with air soles will be much more comfortable and help prevent you from losing your balance. You feet can swell up as well so make sure that your shoes are an easy fit. You don't want to have to bend down to tie shoelaces! So why not treat yourself to a new pair of ballet flats, or low heeled pumps - after all you have a good excuse!

Maternity Outfits

Don't buy all your maternity clothes in one go unless you buy clothes that expand as you grow because you don't know how big you will get. Whether you want to go for the casual large T's and leggings look, or want something more dressy there is a lot of stylish maternity wear about. Just remember that as you get bigger you may find yourself feeling hotter than usual, so think- layers. This way you can get cooler, even in winter, if you find yourself overdressed. It's better to buy a few classic clothes than the latest trends if you are planning on having more than one baby. That way you can save your outfits for your next pregnancy. Why not club together with other mums-to-be and share one or two outfits for those extra special occasions rather than pay a lot for something that you won't wear more than a few times. On the other hand you don't want to buy too few outfits as otherwise by the end of your pregnancy you will be fed up with everything you have to wear!


Carrying a large heavy handbag is very tiring when you're pregnant so get yourself a small pocketbook to carry around and keep your large bag in the car. A mini fan tucked in your purse will help you cool off on hot days.

The changes you are going through are natural, but it can be a bit overwhelming to see how you look in the mirror when you are nearly due! So remember, the main thing about clothes when you're pregnant is to wear easy, comfortable outfits that help you look and feel good.

Our site has lots of advice about all aspects of pregnancy, so have a look around.

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Knowledgeable post for would be mothers.
9 years ago
Anyways a nice post.
10 years ago
While it may seem counter-productive to wear maternity clothes after pregnancy, these are usually the most comfortable ones to wear immediately after birth and for the first few weeks. Upon giving birth, most women still look like they are a few months pregnant. Trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes right away is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, pick some of your favorite maternity tops and bottoms and wear those for a few weeks. You will feel comfortable and it will allow your body some time to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Depending on the labor and delivery you had, you may feel sore or experience pain. Maternity clothes are typically lightweight and made of comfortable fabric, which will also aid in your recovery.
10 years ago