Mucous Plug

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shimom - November 6

What color discharge will this be? Do you have to have a "Bloody Show" when you loose this?


ray - November 7

yes it should be red or browny colour hope this helps love ray xxx


Christine - November 8

Not all people have this...I am on my 3rd and did not have any red or brown in my was just kinda a heavy discharge...I may of had it when I was in labor..dont know but I do know I did not have it before I went into labor


marg - November 22

i am 36 weeks and this morning i lost my mucous plug. what should i do should i call my doctor?


christa - November 29

white thick discharge, with bloody show.


nbp - November 29

i have herd it is a light pinkish with brown, but if your mucus plug comes out all at once, it'll be a huge ball of nastyness. i am dialated and have lost my mucus plug, however i never had any of this. i have read that some womens comes out slowly little by little and you never really notice it, other than just a little thick discharge, and s_x can disruppt it too, make it come slowly, not all at once.


nbp - November 29

marg- alot of times, labor won't start for a week after you lose your mucus plug, sometimes it starts a day or two after, you never know. i would call my doctor just to inform him and let him know that it may be soon, some doctors don't won't you to go into labor before 39 weeks, it all depends on your case, so he may suggest bed rest or something. don't worry about it.


Steele - December 18

Not always it could be clear with a slight tint to it but it's not like regular discharge it's more of a gelatin texture.


carmen - January 8

im 36 weeks pregnant i went into labor last night i was bleeding and had contractions every 2 minutes but my dr give me a shot to stop my labor and send me home this morning i woke up and lost mt mucus plug it was thick and brown color.


meridith - January 15

how long is the longest time anybody khowd from the loss of the mucous plug to labor?


jo - January 20

i am not pregnant and on the pill and started having brony/bloody discharge never happen before and im very worried can you please help????


Ashley - January 24

Mine was clear and gelatine like. I didn't have any blood with mine. Good luck!


misti - January 29

Mine was brown and thick. It looked like old blood and snot. I am 38 weeks and have been having irrregular contractions for a few days.


Maria - February 10

Mines clear with a yellowish tint, started to come out on Saturday and still small amounts are coming out today (Thursday) Quite alot yesterday though!


Suzy - February 22

My doctor just told me today that I lost my mucous plug but I did not notice any blood or anything until after the internal exam. Can someone tell me how much longer they think it will be that I will go into labor? I am currently not feeling any pain other than my stomach hardening ever 4 minutes. But it doesn't hurt and I feel fine. Should I be worried??


pkhk - March 2

I lost my mucous plug almost three weeks ago, but still have a week to go until my due date (and I haven't yet delivered). I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions five weeks ago and I'm 2-3 centimeters dilated. Even though I'm not in real labor yet, the contractions and dilating made my plug come out. My mucous plug came out in pieces over three days, in huge globs with brownish-red streaks. However, my sister-in-law didn't lose hers until her son was born. From all the stories I've heard and what my OB says, it's just different for everyone.


Dorian - March 8

It doesnt matter the color I guess. That could be different from each one. But certainly is like gel texture, like soft silicone. I lost mine four days ago and still continue feeling irregular Braxton Hicks but no regular labor contractions.



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