Mucous Plug

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Gibeaut - February 24

FacelessDoc ? I am due 3/3/2008 this is my 3rd child w/the other two the dr took my plug. i am set to be induced on 2/29 and have an appt. on 2/26 about 3 days ago i started to have a mucous discharge. in the past month i was told I had a yeast inf. ( was given a 3 day vag. cream for about 2 weeks ago) i was never retested for yeast and i have been treated 2 times for a blater inf. that they said was the cause of my contractions last week at that time i was 2.75 cm D,50% thined,and the baby was about -1 to 0 station. Is the chance of the mucous discharge being a yeast inf. or would they have been aware of it at my check last week?how do you know the dif? Is this something i need to be concerned about?


kerry - February 28

can anyone help, i have a really thick gooey discharge and aving really bad headaches anuyine any idea?


Helena - September 16

If you have white discharge or itching it's likely to be a yeast infection go and see a doctor. If your pregnant and it is ranging from clear,of white,yellow,green,tinged with blood or not to brown pink blood is newer dark brown is older so there is room for color variations depending on your effacement and dilation that releases sometimes a small amount of blood. Read up about these issues at mayo clinics website or Wikipedia for more accurate and trustworthy info. My first son my mucus (lost in the morning)plug was like white jelly with some stringy blood in it. got contractions later that afternoon and was in labor at 10pm delivered him naturally in a hospital 8 o clock following morning 3 days prior to my due date. My second it was bright yellow lost it this morning I am at week 40+1 day so my first day of week 41 and i am hoping I will be in labor soon. Also want to share that every one that is freaking out about the due date should be aware of that unless you know when you ovulate how long your cycles are and you have clock work periods your due date cloud be + or - 2 weeks depending on when your ultrasound was made if that is how you where due dated.


cheryl1980 - July 13

hiya all i,m currently 38+4 days and i think i have lost my plug it was a clear goo with a little tint of yellow ,, hopefully it was my plug lol but ben getting tightenings often with bad back ache and stomach cramps is this normal ? i,m 1cm dilated last week is this the start of labour ,never had this on any of my other 3 children any help would b great thank you x


mommyneesa - August 7

im 36 weeks and i think my plug came out it looked like buggers and it was slimmy and clear not red or brown more like white and clear its not the first time it happened little by little i had this stuff come out what is it



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