Mucous Plug

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jacki - April 5

hey usually say within 2 weeks you should have the baby.... good luck


kendra - April 5

i have a question... i am 24 weeks with twins this is my 3 pregnancy.. the past few days i have been having a snot like discharge with reminds me of mucous. i am high risk due to the twin pregnancy and ive been having period cramping and pressure in my lower abdomen. The dr on call at the hospital sed its ok as long as i dont have any blood witht he mucous. but with my other 2 pregnancies i never had blood with the mucous plug. I dont know if i should just go to the hospital or trust what my dr is saying over the phone.. any answers on what i should do? thanks:)


angel - April 5

kendra-even if it is ur plug u should be okay. some people loose it weeks before they actually go into labor. Did u tell her about ur cramping? are you having contractions?


baby#2 - April 5

with my 1st child i lost my plug the day i went into labor. it was snot like and brown/red i am 34wk 4 days and i lost part of my plug last night it was yellow/brown. colors vary with each womens doc said that this is not an accurate labor detector. hopefully she stays in full term. as much as i wanna see her, the closer to 40 wks the better. good luck ladies!!


jessica - April 10

can you loose your mucus plug after you have the baby if you have a c-section?


TaraNMatt - May 6

Some women don't even notice losing their mucous plug and some women don't have the bloody show. Its part of what makes the onset of labor so unpredictable, everyone is different. For some women it is literally like a silicone plug, some women it is clear or for others its pinkish or brownish.


mommyplusdaddy - May 10

Hi, I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I have been getting so anxious. My last doctor visit was the 3rd and they told me that my cervix wasn't even open. Yesterday when i went to the bathroom I wiped and noticed this big green glob. My first reaction was hey I wonder if thats my mucus plug so I flushed the toilet went down stairs and asked my mom. Since it wasnt bloody show or pink in any way I was curious as to if it really was or not. My mom called around and every practicioner said it was. So hopefully labor is coming up soon. I cant wait 2 more weeks its not safe for the baby after 42 weeks and I will be 41 weeks Sunday. If anyone has anything to say please do...I need to know how long it took someone after their plug came out till they went into labor. Thank you..._meredith


JamieM - November 4

I am 39 weeks and lost my mucous plug last night. It was literlly a huge mucous blob that was the size of a 50 cent peice and about a half an inch thick, very gross and obvious it was the mucous plug. It was clear with very little color, like a huge booger!


sdw - November 5

I am 38 weeks and I lost my plug friday morning. It was all in one piece, thick and mucous like, and completly clear. I went to use the rest room and it was laying in the bottom of the toilet. I was hoping this was a sign that I was going into labor soon, but its sunday and still no luck.


chula25pr - April 9

with my second pregnancy the m/p was red and brow glob, but this is my third and i am 36 weeks qnd 4 days,, i thonk i lost it today but it was a yellowish glob,, everyh pregnancy is different. wuld you say it will 2 days till labor or two weeks?


soulfate - April 24

I am 27 wks and I'm not positive but I think I lost atleast part of my Mucus plug today it was thick and slimy almost like snot only a bit thicker and was clear with a yellowish tint I was just wondering if it was my mucus plug if I should worry


Katryna - May 4

I am almost 39 weeks and I lost my MP this morning. It looked like a HUGE ball of snot woth brownish/red "ropes" in it, about the size of a tennis ball. It was pretty gross, made me gag alot.


Ashlyn - May 20

My doctor said it isnt allways bloody it can be greenish bugger looking stuff. Because sometimes the baby can be born with it on there heads. Thats what Im told. I think I lost mines cuz i was online and i started leeking fluids and then that stuff just dropped out of me. Is that my mucus plug im due in10 days.


sahm2alaj - June 19

i started losing my plug a week before i delivered. It wasn't tinged with blood, it was a yellowish color, but very thick in consistency.


FacelessDoc - February 21

To all with s_xual questions and how long questions: It is not safe to have intercourse or even take baths for it may cause infection. The mucus plug is what protects from infections. It doesn't have a particular color. It looks like snot and can be clear, brown, bloody, yellow, etc. It is just like b__wing your nose, color unknown until you see it. I recommend to all my patients to avoid intercourse and take showers only to ensure risk of infection. How much longer really is up to your body. Most women that are beyond 70% effaced have the baby within 9 days of loss of the MP. Below 70% usually have the baby within 22 days. Around 90% usually experience being a parent within 3 days. Hope this helps and good luck to all future moms. I highly recommend you get plenty of rest and enough to eat, just incase your labor starts earlier than expected. I say eat because you will need plenty of energy and most MD's will not let you eat or drink during labor.


Gibeaut - February 24

FacelessDoc ? I am due 3/3/2008 this is my 3rd child w/the other two the dr took my plug. i am set to be induced on 2/29 and have an appt. on 2/26 about 3 days ago i started to have a mucous discharge. in the past month i was told I had a yeast inf. ( was given a 3 day vag. cream for about 2 weeks ago) i was never retested for yeast and i have been treated 2 times for a blater inf. that they said was the cause of my contractions last week at that time i was 2.75 cm D,50% thined,and the baby was about -1 to 0 station. Is the chance of the mucous discharge being a yeast inf. or would they have been aware of it at my check last week?how do you know the dif? Is this something i need to be concerned about?



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