Getting Pregnant

Have a question about getting pregnant? Concerned about your chances of getting pregnant? Pregnancy-Info has everything you need to know about improving your chances of conceiving.  Learn more about the best times for trying to conceive, how to know when you are ovulating and what to do to prepare your body for pregnancy before you even start trying for a baby.  Also find out more about the many signs and symptoms of pregnancy so that you will know how to recognize that you might be carrying a baby.

Preparing for pregnancy

If you and your partner have been experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, our trying to get pregnant section provides tips on improving your chances of conception, including information on fertility supplements, how your diet can be affecting fertility, as well as recommended products that can help you conceive.

Of course, there are many tools you can use to improve your chances of conceiving. We have information on how to calculate ovulation as well as how to figure out your basal body temperature (BBT), both of which can help you determine when you’re most fertile.  Also learn more about cervical mucus and what it can tell you about ovulation and read up on ovulation test kits that you can use at home.

Pregnancy preparation is also essential to improving your chances of getting pregnant. Ensuring that you and your partner are prepared physically and financially for the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood are essential.  Learn more about the importance of taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins even before you become pregnant.

Signs Of Pregnancy

Think you may be pregnant? Check out our Am I pregnant? section and learn about common pregnancy symptoms like tender breasts, a missed period, morning sickness, tiredness, and food cravings. Here, you can also calculate your due date and check out fun old wives tales to try to determine your baby’s sex.  Find out different tricks women do to try and determine if they are carrying a boy or a girl.  

Of course, proper preconception care is essential to both you and your baby’s health. Learn about how to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy and what factors to avoid.  Find out about what food and drinks are no, nos during pregnancy and learn more about what foods are essential for staying healthy during pregnancy.

Finally, adoption can be an exciting and incredibly rewarding alternative to pregnancy. Learn about the adoption process and how to prepare yourself for this unique journey in our adoption section.  Learn more about types of adoption and about how to prepare yourself mentally for this new addition to your family.





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I had my period July 8-11 which is normal ...July 21 I started spotting pink,then it was brown and turned into light bleeding until July 24 my periods are regular usually come around the same time every month we have been trying to conceive since February...ER told me it could just be my hormones but I'm wondering could I be pregnant
7 years ago
I had unprotected sex on 7/3/17 the day after my period. My period usually lasts around 4 days and my cycle is relatively average. Sometimes I'll have an irregular or missed period for unknown reasons (possibly stress or excessive weight loss/gain) but they don't happen frequently. During the incident my boyfriend had started to feel "tingly" and pulled out. I'm not sure whether or not he came inside of me but I didn't feel anything to indicate the possibility. I didn't feel his dick pulsing nor the feeling of fluid entering my vagina. Once he pulled out a little bit of cum had shot out onto the floor but he said he had remained hard 5-10 minutes after the incident. A few minutes after he pulled out I had went to go pee to maybe get rid of some of the potential semen. I was so paranoid I even remained standing for a while to prevent the encouragement of sperm to stay inside. My boyfriend had masturbated that morning and had ejaculated so maybe his sperm count was not as high as it usually is or not matured. I had had protected sex on the 12th (the day of my ovulation according to a period tracker app on my phone), 14th, and 17th. On the 14th and 17th my boyfriend pulled out in addition to the condom just to be on the safe side after what had happened. On the 14th I had noticed 4 spots of brown dry looking blood that may have been there from previously leaking onto my underwear during my last period, because it looked faint and light as if it had been washed before. Since I had noticed those spots there has been no further spotting or bleeding. In addition either on the 14th or 15th ( I don't recall when it started) I felt tender breasts and ever since I've been experiencing the same problem (It's now currently the 18th). I've been incredibly anxious and panicky since then considering the fact that I'm only 13 and am not ready to have a child nor tell my parents about the incident and dissapoint/anger them. Due to the constant anxiety I've had a loss of appetite, anxiety attacks, insomnia, and a frequent urge to go to the restroom even if I don't need to pee. I've been researching and have learnt that I need to wait at least 4 more days to take a pregnancy test with accurate results because my period is supposed to start in 9 days. Due to my fear of telling my parents that I'm pregnant if I am I'm considering choosing a route of natural private miscarriage such as frequent intake of vitamin c supplements. Can someone please give me some insight on my situation I would greatly appreciate it.
7 years ago
I had unprotected sex the day after I ovulated and now I am a week late on my period I've had a little of brown discharge but can only see it when I wipe, I've taken two home pregnancy tests and both negative I don't reay feel any other symptoms but acne and fatigue. Has anyone gone through this ? And actually ended up pregnant? I've also had cramping
7 years ago
I had unprotected sex June 18th . June 25th I started feeling nauseous the whole day and vomited too . Could I be pregnant? Help please
7 years ago
I went home for a week, and had sex with my boyfriend for all 7 days, multiple times a day (I'M REALLY TRYING). He ejaculated in me everytime, but 5 days later I got what for me is a normal period:( I've read one story how a woman got her period days later then stopped having them because she was pregnant from that one time of sex. Think I could be this lucky or is there no way I could still be pregnant?
7 years ago