Miscarriage Myths: Fact versus Fiction

While written information about miscarriages abounds, one often finds conflicting claims or "facts" on the topic, leaving the reader overwhelmed and perplexed. To sort fact from fiction, the following are some common myths concerning miscarriages - and their truths.

MYTH: These following factors have been reported to cause miscarriages: mothers giving birth after the age of 35; smoking; strenuous exercise during pregnancy; obesity; high trans-fat diet; drinking coffee while pregnant; bacterial vaginosis; former elective abortion; low progesterone; high levels of stress.

FACT: While all of these factors have been correlated or linked to increased miscarriage risk, there is no evidence that they actually CAUSE miscarriages.

MYTH: Taking aspirin while pregnant causes miscarriage

FACT: The jury is still out on this claim. While the risk of miscarriage can be increased by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, some doctors actually prescribe low-dose aspirin as part of treatment for recurrent miscarriages.

MYTH: Birth control pills cause miscarriages

FACT: There is no evidence for this claim.

MYTH: Taking a hot bath can cause a miscarriage.

FACT: For all you tub-lovers, relax! There is no evidence for this claim. However, doctors do caution pregnant women not to let their body temperature rise too high for fear that this could result in developmental problems for the baby.

MYTH: Sex during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage

FACT: You and your partner can breath easy! There is no evidence to this claim.

MYTH: Taking progesterone can cause a miscarriage

FACT: There is no strong evidence for this claim, although some doctors recommend progesterone supplements for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages. Buyer Beware: If you do plant to use progesterone during pregnancy, know that some over-the-counter creams do not actually contain active progesterone.

MYTH: My miscarriage was my fault.

FACT: Get off the blame wagon. Miscarriages are rarely the result of anything a mother did or did not do.


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1. Miscarriage Myths
2. And Miscarriage Facts
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