Statistics on Teen Pregnancy


Teen pregnancy is a concern to many people throughout the world. Many efforts have been made to educate youth about sexual activity and birth control. The slowly falling teen pregnancy rates in the western industrialized world have shown that these efforts have been of some use, although the numbers are far from perfect.

Even though the United States is among those countries with a falling teen pregnancy rate, it still has by far the highest rate of teen pregnancy throughout the western industrialized world and the CDC now estimates that almost one third of women in the United States will get pregnant before the age of twenty.

As of 2010-2011, there are approximately 750,000 teen pregnancies annually in the United States, down from over 821,810 under age pregnancies in 2000. Compare this with Canada whose total rate of teen pregnancies for 2000 was 38,600 (38 pregnancies per 1,000 people). Many other western industrialized countries, such as Sweden and France, have even lower teen pregnancy rates than Canada. When compared to other countries, it easy to understand why the United States is considered to have a serious problem when it comes to teen pregnancy.

In the United States, the 18 - 19 year-old age group has the highest rate of pregnancy followed by the 15 - 17 year-old age group. However, 15 – 17 year-old pregnancy rates dropped by as much as 23% between 1992 and 2000, while the rate for 18 to 19 year-olds only dropped by 11%.

Teen pregnancy is viewed to be the cause of many problems. Teen mothers are more likely to not finish high school or college. Additionally, it is estimated that as much as 80% of unwed teen mothers end up welfare. Compared to 25 years ago, pregnant teens are also far less likely to be married.

A child born to a teenage mother is also seen to be at a disadvantage in society. Newborns of teen mothers tend to have a lower birth weight. As they get older, they are more likely to do poorly in school and have a greater chance of experiencing abuse and neglect. It has been found that sons of teenage mothers are more likely to wind up in prison. Daughters of teen mothers have an increased risk of experiencing a teenage pregnancy themselves.

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

It has been found that teens who have a good relationship with their parents are less likely to experience a pregnancy. Good communication between parents and their children is the key to ensuring children make the right decisions when it comes to their sexual activity.

Education is also vitally important in helping youth know about their options when it comes to sex. Teaching teens about using contraception each and every time they have sex is imperative to healthy sexual relationships.

Abstinence should also be taught along with contraception so that youth understand they have the right to choose. Teaching teens that it is okay to say "no" to sex until they are ready will help to curb the numbers of teen pregnancies.


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This is all bullshit! im a teen mom and none of this shit is true, im married not on welfare have a nice apartment graduated highschool going to college, and my son his vary healthy. So therefore non of this shit is true, quit trying to bash teen parents theres nothing wrong with it, im doing better than any other mother out there teen or not. Im vary proud of myself my son and our beautiful family that we have...and for the person eho commented b4 me go fuck yourself, im prob doing better/am better than you ever will be and im a teen mom.
13 years ago
there are so many prego teens at my school it is almost unreal. the community keeps talking about what to do blah blah blah how to lower pregnancy rates but of course no one wants to deal with sex education. duh--educate teens about how to prevent pregnancy instead of just telling them not to have sex because that abstinence crap doesn't work--teens have sex. hand out condoms in the hall. then you'll see teen pregnancy rates drop.
13 years ago