Adopted Baby Shower

One unique baby shower theme that is gaining popularity is an adopted baby shower. An adoption baby shower is a special way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or child into a loved one’s life. Learn about planning a fun adopted baby shower – from baby shower invitations to baby shower gifts – here.

Adopted Baby Shower Timing

The timing of an adoption baby shower should be up to the parents. A shower can be held either prior to the baby’s arrival or after the child arrives home. If the shower is held after the child’s arrival, a shower should be sensitive to the necessary period of adjustment, particularly in the case of an older child.

Adopted Baby Shower Themes

Some fun baby shower themes for an adopted child include kid-friendly themes like Peter Rabbit, Pooh and Tigger or a teddy bear theme. Themes can also incorporate the child’s culture, including food; for example, if the child is Russian, serve blinis with caviar. If the child is Chinese, set chopsticks served with red ribbon. Or if the adopted child is a Californian baby, try hosting a wine-tasting shower. Preparing a baby shower checklist is a good way to ensure that no details are overlooked.

Adopted Baby Shower Invitations

You can incorporate the baby shower theme into invitations, as well. Invitations can feature nursery rhyme characters, teddy bears or can be reflective of the child's heritage. Pick simple cards that express the joy of the parents about the arrival of their baby.


Appropriate games for an adoption baby shower include an adoption trivia game; this can include guessing famous people who are adopted or who are adoptive parents or something a little more personal, such as games involving learning about the baby’s adoption (i.e. the adoption agency).


It is a good idea to check with the mom or parents of the child to create a registry when it comes to gifts. They can help to provide information on age and size and on what items they really need. Helpful gifts can include car seats, high chairs and bedding and for older children, stuffed animals, building blocks and books. If the child does not speak English, educational language tools such as videos and books can be excellent gift ideas, as can a gift to remind them of their culture, such as a traditional dress.

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