Online Baby Shower

One type of baby shower that is becoming increasingly popular is an online shower. This unique baby shower is an excellent option for pregnant women who would like to have a shower but who live far away from family and friends, making it difficult to hold a traditional baby shower. Looking for long distance baby shower ideas? Our online baby shower guide has great ideas that will be sure to make your online shower a day you’ll never forget!

What is An Online Baby Shower?

An online shower is simply a baby shower that guests attend from their computer. Just like a traditional baby shower, an online shower can be simple or elaborate, depending on the tastes of the mom-to-be.

Advantages of An Online Baby Shower

For those planning a baby shower, an online shower can be a more convenient option. This is especially true in cases when the mom-to-be lives far away from her friends and family but still wants to have a baby shower. In this instance, an online shower is a perfect solution because it allows the future mom to have the support of her loved ones as she enters the final stages of pregnancy.

In addition, when family and friends live far away, travel is not always an option, either for financial reasons or for health concerns. In fact, since most showers are held during the eighth month of pregnancy, during which time travel can be dangerous to a growing baby’s health; in some cases, air travel is even expressly forbidden. This means having a long distance, online baby shower is a great solution.

Online Baby Shower Ideas

Here are some simple tips on how to hold a fun, unique baby shower:

  • If you’re a mom-to-be and all of your loved ones live in the same town or city, have them throw you a baby shower. You can “attend” the shower via a web cam, meaning that a computer and web cam will also need to be set up at the shower. Ask your family and friends to videotape the shower for you and have them send you the tape; this way you will always have a way to re-experience your unique baby shower.
  • If your relatives and friends live all over the country or the globe, an online baby shower service is a good option. These sites host your baby shower party, which guests attend from their computers. This type of online baby shower can include message boards and photos, games, pregnancy updates and pregnancy stories. Alternatively, you can host your own shower online simply by inviting guests

Online baby shower invitations can be sent to guests in the form of an e-card or as an instant message and should include the time and date of the shower, gift registry information, as well as information on what kinds of activities the baby shower will include.

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