Inspiration and Your Baby's Name

In many cultures parents are considered to be endowed with "The Holy Spirit" at the moment when they decide upon the lifetime gift of the name of their new baby. It is almost as if the parents can see into the future, and know exactly what name will best represent the child they have brought into the world. Therefore, although it is a task taken seriously, it does not mean that creativity, originality and special personal meaning cannot be part of the naming process. After all, whatever name is finally decide on will be the right one, since the parents gave the name with the help of "the holy spirit"!

Just Because We Liked It

Perhaps you knew someone with a great name that you liked? Or perhaps you yourself wanted to have a different name than the name you actually have, but were not dissatisfied enough to change your own name? Well, here's your chance to finally add that name to your life, by giving it to your child. Not much of a story to share at birthday parties or other get-togethers, but it is still a perfectly acceptable way to name your baby.

The Hidden and Apparent Meaning

Choosing a name with a particular meaning can be a great way to find a name for your baby. Since many names that are used in English come from other languages, most meanings of names are not readily apparent. To find the meanings of names, you can either look in baby name books or check on the internet. In many cases the meaning of the name will reflect a desire the parents have for what they would like their child to be like, such as Prudence, or Rich.

History Repeats Itself

It is not uncommon for historical or current events to inspire parents to choose a name for their child. After the American Civil War there was a spate of Lincolns given to the babies of ex-slaves and others. Today people probably choose movie stars' names as often as they pick the names of political leaders, scientists or sports heroes.

The Unusual is Usual

Some names go in and out of style while others are constant and classic. Names like John and Mary seem to always be popular. Other names which are often chosen by parents because they are unique or unusual can become common by copying. Names like Tiffany or Jordan come to mind. These types of names were unheard of 50 years ago, but are now so common that a parent looking for an unusual name would certainly not pick it. It is just a matter of time when Tiffany will be unusual again, and will come back into style.

Picking your child's name is just the beginning of the great adventure of parenting your child.

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