Every pregnant woman experiences some kind of discomfort during her pregnancy. Get an overview of the most common complaints during pregnancy and gain some helpful tips to help ease those discomforts.  Get the facts about why these discomforts occur during pregnancy and find out what you can do to help make yourself more comfortable during these nine months.

Top Pregnancy Discomforts

Some women are lucky and only have a few pregnancy discomforts to deal with, like breast tenderness, leg swelling, backaches, headaches, piles, bladder problems and indigestion and heartburn.  Find out why a woman's breasts become so tender during pregnancy and why during the last few months of pregnancy a woman's feet and legs can swell so much that they will need to go up one or two sizes in shoes--if they can even fit shoes on at all!  Also get tips to deal with that uncomfortable and often painful pregnancy discomfort known as heartburn and find out if there are foods you can avoid to help minimize this occurence.  Also find out how to make your back feel better as the bulge of your stomach starts to pull it forward and weigh it down.

Other women aren’t so lucky and have to deal with constipation, frequent nose bleeds, and morning sickness that can even last all day! Not to mention sleepless nights of tossing and turning. Once you do get to sleep, though, you (and your partner) might have to deal with some pregnancy-induced snoring as well as vivid dreams! And if that isn’t enough, others have to deal with painful leg cramps, and a heavy vaginal discharge. Unfortunately, the list of common discomforts women deal with when they are pregnant doesn’t end here!

There are also detailed descriptions of other uncomfortable pregnancy ailments including information on a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, Braxton Hicks contractions, bleeding gums, rhinitis, stretch marks, piles or hemorrhoids and itchy, scratchy skin. Speaking of skin, have you noticed darkening skin or that dark line under you belly button?  Find out why this darkening occurs and if it will go away after you give birth to your baby.

Illnesses In Pregnancy

If you’ve developed chicken pox or group B strep

, you will want to read up on it. Both of these conditions can pose a serious threat to your baby’s health, so it is important you deal with them as soon as you can.  Find out how to prevent these illnesses during pregnancy and what to do if you become ill.  How can you protect your growing baby?

Sex during pregnancy is another common source of discomfort for many women, not only physically but mentally (is it safe for the baby?). Get the facts so you can decide what's right for you and learn more about whether sex is safe during pregnancy or if it should be avoided until after the baby is born.


Feeling uncomfortable? Get some tips on how to ease your discomfort from other women in the forum


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Hey there, I hope everyone is in their best health. I have been TTC for more than 6 years. I am dealing with anxiety. I feel very depressed. My husband is losing interest in me. I know he wants a baby. I will be opting for surrogacy soon.
6 years ago
Hey there. I am struggling with infertility. I had an accident 4 years back. My body has healed all the wounds. But the accident has left me with infertilty. I was quite disturbed. Then, I came across a clinic in Europe. They healed my soul. I was much happy. They told me about different alternatives. I went through surrogacy. I have a baby now.
6 years ago
Hello, Hope you all are fine. I read your comments. Here many women have sad stories of pregnancy loss. I can feel your feelings. As I also lost my two little angles at the age of 26. But I don't lose hope. And my doctor said not to take any stress and depression. Now I have one daughter And two boys. ThanksGod
6 years ago
I tried to have sex on my 14th day after menstruation but was anxious because this could be my first time,and therefore my fiancée didn't enter me fully and he ejaculated and I didn't see the ejaculations but I felt it. I've now started feeling some symptoms and just cant tell if they are pregnancy signs. we really yearn to have a baby but I fear the process because I heard that its painful for the first time. I have been feeling cramps for 2days and its now 5 days towards my next mp,could I be pregnant?
7 years ago
mika 28
Question: I stopped taking my bc 2 weeks ago and normally if missed a few pills I get my periods 3days later now I'm basically 11days late,dis a pregnancy test but negative have a white discharge lower back pain and abdominal pain I have story with endometriosis can I maybe pregnant that I did a test to soon?
8 years ago