Cell phones and Pregnancy

Radiation...here, there and everywhere

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation is becoming a controversial subject and surprisingly, few people know the facts—or are refusing to look at them carefully.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are everywhere, especially if you live in a city. These days, it is hard to avoid. Cell phone towers are placed in densely populated areas, free WI FI is offered on buses and in restaurants and cafes.

Wireless Internet is also the convenient choice at home and in the office. This means that electromagnetic radiation signals are being sent through walls, resulting in massive EMS exposure. The level of radiation that wireless networks deliver is as high as the frequency a microwave oven uses to cook food.

Is radiation exposure dangerous during pregnancy?

Many people who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have reported trouble sleeping, migraines, heart palpitations and general health problems. This is alarming. But what if you are pregnant?

Interestingly enough, the Chinese company Qihoo 360 offers a wireless router with 3 settings: wall penetration, balance and a special setting for pregnant women that cuts radiation emissions by up to 70%. The company says they are offering this setting as radiation can harm pregnant women. Thier competitors disagree, claiming that radiation exposure is not a danger.

The WHO (World health organization) did a review of scientific literature from 1996 and did not find any evidence of health consequences to pregnant women who had exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields. However, they did conclude that further research needs to be done. In addition, the American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists (ACOG), with some 58,000 members, says there is no dangerous connection between WI-FI exposure and a developing fetus.

Yet the BabySafe Project disagrees. They claim that the developing fetus is very vulnerable to radiation. This non-profit organization contends that if a developing baby is exposed to radiation in utero, there are bound to be side effects.

When they ran a test on mice exposed to cell phones, they observed that the exposed mice exhibited more symptoms of hyperactivity and memory loss than the mice who were not exposed to cell phones.

Watch their video explainging the science behind EMS and the baby's developing brain:

Damaged brain circuitry

In one study, it was revealed that the brain’s circuitry can be damaged when a fetus is exposed to cell phone radiation.

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