Period 5 Days Late With No Pregnancy Symptoms

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Grandpa Viv - October 24

Neither of your encounters was high risk. Stress or exercise might be involved in the delay. Why not run a home pregnancy test just to be sure. At a week late it should tell true.


jura - December 28

My cycles don't have a set number of days. They can be anywhere from 22-37 days. According to my period tracker, the day I had unprotected sex was the last day of my fertile window. He didn't come inside me and when he came it wasn't a lot. But now I'm 5 days late. 3 negative tests, 2 on 12/27 and 1 on 12/28. No pregnancy symptoms at all except for swollen breastS which happens when I get my period. Should I test again? Do you think I'm pregnant? 


jura - December 28

I had sex 12/10. But I have been exercising also after 2 years. Could this affect my period?


Grandpa Viv - December 28

Hmm, I don't know how a period tracker could pinpoint the fertile window with such a variable cycle. You would be better off watching fertile mucus and cervical position. On a 28 day cycle due Dec 23 ovulation would have been Dec 9 and your sex well enough timed for pregnancy. With no more signs than you have it is difficult to estimate the chance of pregnancy. Your test could have been too early. Why not run a couple more at one week intervals? Exercise can cause your period to disappear especially if extreme or much underweight.


mika 28 - February 28

Question: I stopped taking my bc 2 weeks ago and normally if missed a few pills I get my periods 3days later now I'm basically 11days late,dis a pregnancy test but negative have a white discharge lower back pain and abdominal pain I have story with endometriosis can I maybe pregnant that I did a test to soon?



mika 28 - February 28

Please help



Grandpa Viv - February 28

Mika, maybe stopping bc is causing those signs of pregnancy. A pregnancy test will most often tell true when a week late, but you can test again if you wish. Stopping bc when a few days short of the end of the active pills is not likely to get you pregnant.


mika 28 - February 29

Thank you


Djohnson - March 6

Hi! So I was diagnosed with chlamydia about 2-3 months ago and I only had to take 1 dose of azithromycin. And My chlamydia was cured. I took the 1 dose around the time my period was expected to start. My period came 2 days late but it still came. But when it came it was in and out. It went from very light to very heavy. I'm normally heavy. It lasted the days that it was suppose to last and it ended right on time. Usually around this time I get my period every other month. I got my period January 27th 2016, and ended my period January 31,2016 I didn't get my period the month of February. But I have been having a lot of sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and it happened before I was expected to start my next cycle. All the times we have had sexual intercourse no condoms have been used. The day of my uncles funeral I was feeling very nauseous and icky. I went down stairs with my family to eat food and I was just fine. Driving to my uncles funeral I was very very sleepy. I slept the whole drive. The drive was an hour. After we went to bury him I said my good byes to him and my family and I went home and I wasn't feeling good at all. I laid on the couch and I fell asleep. I then woke up and rushed to the bathroom and threw everything that I ate up. And then my boyfriend cleaned everything up and laid me back down. I woke up again a few hours later it was I believe 1-2 am and I threw up again. I couldn't hold any of my food down. I didn't think I was pregnant I thought I caught food poisoning or I was just dehydrated and I drunk a lot of  things like Ginger ale and eating a lot of chicken noodle soup and I was feeling just fine. Today is March 6th , 2016 and its been 2 days and I still haven't seen my period. Usually I get my regular symptoms before hand. But I haven't gotten any. Lately I've been having a really big appetite and people have been asking me if I've been gaining weight and if I'm ok. And I have been very moody lately. I've been having strong mood swings towards my bf and getting angry a lot. I've took cheap pregnancy tests that tells me 6 days before my missed period and they come out negative. But I just recently found out that I'm suppose to take them when I first wake up in the morning for an accurate result. I have not been doing that. I would take them in the evening times and maybe that's why they would be negative? I'm not sure. I'm new to this kind of stuff. I've looked up everything and this is where its led me to. Early signs of pregnancy. Anybody have any clue? Oh and I haven't had any signs of pregnancy recently like breasts tenderness, morning sickness, fatigue, nothing. Somebody please help! What's going on!? And where's my period.

PS: please no judgemental responses.


Djohnson - March 6

His funeral was the 24th of February, I'm not sure what days before his funeral that we had intercourse but it was before his funeral and some more after his funeral and I was expected to start my period march 4th.


leiyan - October 22

Dear Grandpa Viv 

Well I'm 5 days late. I now have bloating, mild cramps in my lower abdomen, frequent tiredness, b___st feel tingle a little, lotion discharge. I took a test 4 this morning 22/10/2016 and it was negative , my periods are regular between 17th - 19 the every month.

for back ground I had ovary cyst in august and i did the treatment and in September I went for a scan and they said it was done, I also had my periods at the usual time in September (I never missed my periods in august even with the cysts)

Immediately on my 3rd day of the cycle in September I went on clomid for 5 days (day 3-7), i was on daily exposure thoughout the month as we were trying to get pregnant, now am negative and no periods, what could be the problem?


Grandpa Viv - October 22

Good luck with your efforts to achieve pregnancy. Sometimes a pregnancy will not give a positive home test until 2 weeks late. Keep in the back of your mind that ectopic pregnancies are slow to give a positive even though there is no clomid/ectopic link. Be patient and keep trying!


leiyan - October 22

what happens incase of ectopic pregnancy, will i have to discontinue the pregnancy ?


leiyan - October 27

Dear GrandPa

yesterday at 7 days late with very sore breats , low abdominal craps, back pain and heart burn, so i went for a blood test and it was still negative, the gyna said that it can be caused by hormone, she put me on DUPHASTON for 5 days and said it will bring the periods back. if by any chance am having late pregnancy results, can this medicine affect the baby, and after how long can i try to have a baby again?


Grandpa Viv - October 27

Leiyan, I think you can accept the obgyn analysis. A blood test is more sensitive than a urine test so you can put pregnancy out of your mind this time around. Keep working with the obgyn to maximize your chances.



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