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ldig - February 8

Hi ca__sboyd, thanks...I am just over 4 wks. They tested my hcg at 4wks preg and it was 73 and then today (3 days later) 118. They said its ok but a little on the low side so I am going back wednesday to get another test. This is freaking me out now...hopefully Im just getting a slow start and theres nothing wrong. I will let you know what happens. are you? March 5th is right around the corner! I'm sure you're excited!


ca__sboyd - February 10

Idig, I hope you got good news today! I am feeling great. My right arm has been numb since Friday and my OB was afraid that it might be related to my AVM (ma__s of blodd vessels on my brain). I saw the neurologist said that everything is fine and he thinks I have a pinched nerve.


ldig - February 10

Ca__sboyd...thats scary about your arm...I'm glad the neurologist said its ok -thats good. My number went up to 183 today so they said that was good...they were looking for a 60% rise and its just about there. I am going for my first sono on Tuesday..I will be a little over 5 wks at that point so hopefully they will be able to see if everything looks good! Well have a good Valentines day weekend...we are going to PA...planned on skiing and tubing....guess I'll be relaxing in the lodge instead! lol


stefkay - February 19

Hi girls! I'm so happy to hear all of this good news!!! Sounds like a couple of babies are almost here! Idig, huge congratulations!!! Relax as much as you can....having betas done actually is more stressful than necessary in early pregnancy. I had them done with this one and just about lost it a few times because I didn't think they were high enough at first (I found out it was earlier than I thought it was). Are you taking anything like baby aspirin,etc? HOPE4BEST, good to take at least the aspirin I think. I did the lovenox, but I had to beg for it about. My doctor was also really liberal and open to doing whatever helped me feel better mentally. He did what they call a "prophylactic" dose of 40mg once a day. It's the lowest dose you can get I think. He said it would not harm if I didn't need it. I did the shots right up to the day before my induction with my daughter. Fortunately it all worked out where she didn't come early (or didn't want to come at all, lol). With this one (I am now 22 weeks) I'm hoping it is as easy. I'm not sure how it will be handled if I go into labor and the shot is still in my system. I want an epidural like I had with her and I think it makes that problematic. Not sure....Anyways, found out we are having another girl! I'm so excited and she is moving a lot now. I hardly use the doppler anymore but it's still rea__suring to have it. Well, bestest luck to everyone and I can't wait to check in and hear about the new babies! HUGS!


ldig - February 19

Thanks Stefkay! The sono looked good last week....I have another one this tues...they said every week for the next 3 weeks. The hormone thing is definitely stressful....they were making me feel like I was definitely gonna miscarry (I wish they were more positive!) The levels are coming up though...a lot so Im not worried...they say boys have lower you never know! I am taking the baby asprin, 4mg folic acid, and prenatals still. I'm glad you're doing good...22 wks wow! Almost there! My friend is letting me borrow her doppler but its not that sensitive so Im sure it wont work until closer to 12 weeks or so. Well take care...hope everyone else is doing good also!


ca__sboyd - February 19

Idig, I am so happy for you. I wish I could tell you that the miscarriage feeling goes away but it didn't for me. I read about a woman that gave birth to a stillborn at 39 weeks on the other MTHFR website and now that terrifies me! I think its normal to be scared during the 9 months but I think we have a big reason to be terrified. I had an appointment today and everything is good. He could feel the baby's head but I am not dialated yet. We have to be at the hospital at 5:00am on March 5th! I am going to work next week then I am going to take off the week of the c section so I can rest!


ldig - February 19

Thanks so much ca__sboyd! I'm trying to pretend I have nothing to worry about so I don't stress myself far its kinda working lol. I hear horrible stories about stillborns and its just so scary - I guess theres really nothing that can be done to prevent anything like that...I just keep telling myself.....we've been through so much...there's gotta be a happy end somewhere! Well you've got only 2 more weeks to go!! Good luck with everything...I'm sure everything will be fine.


ca__sboyd - March 4

Well girls tomorrow is the day! I had to stay in the hospital a couple of days last week thanks to a kidney stone. It was horrible! The doctor thinks I might pa__s it while I am in the hospital because of all the fluids that I will have. I can't believe this time tomorrow I will be holding my baby girl. I have so many emotions right now. I will be in the hospital until Monday since I have to have c section. Talk to you soon! Hope everyone is doing well!


ldig - March 6

yeah! thats great! good luck and congratulations in advance!


kriser04 - March 7

Hi everybody!!! Ca__sboyd...congrats on your baby girl!!! We are scheduled for induction on Wednesday (March 10) morning!!! I am so excited! I hope that everybody is doing well!!!


ca__sboyd - March 19

Hi girls! Just a quick update. Isabella Grace is here! She was born on March 5th at 8:02am. She weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is just perfect. I hope everyone else is doing wonderful.


ldig - March 23

congats ca__sboyd on your baby girl! Well girls I have some kinda bad news.....I had bleeding last week, went to the hospital and they said everything was fine its not coming from uterus etc etc. Well today I went for a sono 1 1/2 weeks later and I now have a subchorionic hematoma. I can't belive this is happening again. It is slighly smaller than it was last time at this point (10 1/2 wks) but that doesnt make me feel much better. The dr just wanted to wait 2wks for a sono and see what happens. I had to beg for lovenox and he gave starting the injections today. I just really hope this helps. Did anyone start lovenox or know anyone who started it after the clot was already formed? I feel like I am alone the dr doesnt really care just following his usual routine. It really annoys me that I had to ask for lovenox. So now I want to do more research to see if there is anything else I can do. The baby is doing great...tumbling around in there and theres plenty of fluid right now. So I hope everything works out for me but its not looking so promising :(


ldig - March 25

I also would like to anyone from ny and do you know any good specialists in this area?


stefkay - April 7

Congrats ca__sboyd and kriser on your babies!!! It's been a while so I'm sure you're busy. Idig, how are things going? I was just going to say good for you on getting what you feel you need with the lovenox. As my dr. told me, the 40mg dose I was on was low and just a precaution so it wasn't harmful to do it and could only help. How much are you on? I've known many women with SCH and they deliver their babies just fine so all you need to do is rest really. Just don't do a lot of activity and normally they bleed out or reabsorb. I know it is a riskier situation though. My prayers are with you, I so want everything to work out with this baby!!! Please keep us posted I love coming here to see how you all are doing. Me, just hanging out and getting anxious to have this baby...29 weeks tomorrow and still nervous all the time about whatever I can be nervous about, lol. I actually do better if I don't get on the internet which I haven't been much at all. It seems I always read something that scares me. Anyways, hope you all are doing well and will check back in soon. Hugs!


ldig - April 8

Hi stefkay...I'm glad you're doing good! I am actually doing good clot is getting smaller! I actually have 2. The larger one that was 4.4 cm is now 2cm and the smaller one is a little larger but I think its so small its meaured in mm. So Im pretty sure this is from the lovenox...good thing I asked for it! I took the next 2 wks off of work to rest so hopefully that will help also. I go back to the dr in 2 wks...I'll be 15 wks then. I am determined to have this baby! lol I hope everyone else is doing to you soon.


ldig - April 8

oh yeah and Im taking 40 mg of the lovenox



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