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Newbie - September 16

Hi ROC and Kristin! This past week was nuts! It wasn't anything inparticular--there was just so much to do. It's nice to be able to finally relax a bit. Kristin--my injection was on 7/20 and 7/27. My numbers didn't go down to close to 0 until 8/31. It took such a long time for me. When we ttc again--I will probably take the route of basal and opk. My cycles are so long and unpredictable. It will make it a guessing game without any help! I am still confused about the waiting time advice that we received from our doctors. How can they be so different? I know I received a very low dose as well. I believe they prepare the shot according to patients' weight. How are you feeling? What are the newest updates? Hi ROC--I agree with you that we should be happy knowing that we can at least conceive. Good luck this month with ttc! It's exciting that your window is now!


Kristin72 - September 19

Hi Girls, Question~ how long did you bleed after receiving the shot. Were you bleeding before that? Also does anyone know why the bleeding? I have been bleeding since the shot and before the shot..basically off and on since Aug 24th. But then more so after each round of shots.I have been bleeding continuously since Sept 6th..which is when I got the shot. I had alot of cramping at first and now more periodically. I have noticed some tissue being pa__sed...this must be the lining of my uterus. I guess this is basicallly a miscarriage after the that right? Hope you guys are doing great. take care, Kristin


ROC - September 20

Hi Guys. Kristin, I can't remember. I get a bit confused as to what happened before the op and after. Its all a bit of a blur. I think I bled lightly before the shot. But I had the shot at quite an early stage of my pregnancy, at about 8 weeks after my LMP. So I would imagine that would affect the heaviness of the bleed. I think it happened because my levels weren't high enough to maintain the lining of the womb, I'm guessing though. I also bled after the op but that is for a different reason of course.


Kristin72 - September 20

Hi Roc, I was apparently only 5w4 days with the first shot. My levels incereased to 3000 after the first round of shots (they doubled). Actually just today my bleeding has lightened that's a good sign. When did your af return? Are you actively ttc again? hope your doing well.


LinHall - September 21

Oh wow, I'm so happy to have found this site. It's so easy to think you're the only one whose gone through such an ordeal, until you stumble onto a site like this. I had to endure 6 weeks of metho after a miscarriage in 06. I'd actually developed cancer from the miscarriage and couldn't even try for another until an entire year after my last shot of metho. It's been a year and four months to the date and I'm scared, but so desperate at the same time to have another one. I hear the longer you take metho the greater your odds of becoming sterile, the cancer nurse told me that only 6 weeks shouldn't have turned me sterile...but you can only imagine how much I'm chompin' at the bits to have another child and four months of unprotected s_x and nothing but negative tests just makes me wonder. I know that I'm not giving myself much of a chance to say I've tried and I probably am sterile...but before the cancer I was probably the most fertile woman in the world. I got pregnant with my son on the pill and got pregnant 3 other times before and all of them fairly fast once my husband and I decided to try. Problem is, I can make 'em, I just can't seem to carry them to term and this last pregnancy was the worst of them all. Cancer was scary and definitely not something I want to go through again. The Lord did bless me with my son. He's my only successful live birth and I'll always be so grateful for him. Slowly I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that I may never have another. Somedays are harder than others, but I'm trying to trust in the Lord and come to terms with the fact that maybe my little guy is all I need. But I do have a question. After having metho treatments did anybody notice an irregularity of their period? The month before I had a 3 day cycle and then this month only a 1 day cycle with very light spotting. Nothing significant. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, I'm wondering if this is something I should worry about and check out. I hate the idea of going back to a doctor. But I've learned my lesson and this time I won't wait if it's something that might need checking out. (Sorry for the long schpiel, it just felt so good to get this off my chest to other women who'd understand.)


ROC - September 23

Hi Kristin. Welcome LinHall. You sound as if you have had a very rough time. I know what you mean about getting it all off your chest! Kristin, my AF returned to normal very quickly. I can't remember exactly. I'll go through my diary and have a look. I think though that it was so different for me. I had the operation to removed the tube exactly 1 week after the shot, and my levels dropped almost immediately and everything sort of kicked into the normal routine again. Glad to hear its easing off for you. Let me know how you are doing. I've been actively ttc since June when my three months were up. I got very excited one month when a test showed a very faint positive but when I tested again a couple of days later it was gone. I have a good feeling about this month though. Gotta stay positive!!!!


Kristin72 - September 26

Hi Girls, Welcome Linhall. Sorry to hear of your situation. I truly hope your willl be blessed with a pregnancy in your future. ~~I read your message yesterday and wrote a long note. But for some reasone I did not press submit and it was cleared. Arghh. levels were at 350 last Thurs I go again tomorrow for more blood draws. I am still bleeding. Though it had subsided..but nope. I am still bleeding bright red..andthen soem drk red. Anyway I will update soon..Again so sorry for your losses and your cancer..that must be so hard to deal with..but you must be a strong determined person. I admire that. I have to go as my baby is just waking from a nap..will talk later :)


Newbie - September 27

Hello Ladies. Welcome Linhall. Sorry to hear about your situation. If you don't mind me far along were you when you miscarried? By the way, you've found a wonderful forum. This is a great place just to vent and get some questions answered. I am waiting for my next "real" AF. I bled very heavily after my second shot. That was a side effect--and then I had spotting about a month later. I a__sumed that it was an AF of some sort. My cycles are long--so I am still waiting for my AF now. I just received the two metho shots in late July--so I haven't had enough time to see whether or not it has made me "irregular." Only time will tell at this point. I will keep you posted. Kristin--I'm bummed to hear that you are still bleeding. Is the doctor concerned that you are losing blood or is it so light that it is okay? Keep us posted on your numbers as well. You are getting there...hang on tight! ROC--did you test yet or is it too early? I am dying to hear your news! :) Have a great night girls!


Kristin72 - September 29

Hi Girls, My hcg is now 95. Had a pelvic exam today and I told the doc I was still bleeding and that I felt tender. She told me that because my#'s were dropping so rapidly this would be the reason. Also that our hcg tells our bodies we are pregnant but they just don't know we shed our linings to get rid of pregnancy even though it is not in the uterus. Anyway my doc gave me to go ahead to ttc after my hcg returns and I have one period. I read that the chances of having another ectopic are about 10%. I have had no probs getting pregnant I just pray that I can just have a normal pregnancy and that I do not ever have to go through this again. Roc how many dpo's are you? are you going to test? hope everyone is doing great!! Newbie what month will you ttc again ?


Newbie - September 29

Hi girls! Hi Kristin--95 is great!!! Keep thinking positively. You are almost there! I think I am going to wait out the six months. I just don't understand why the doctors told me six months. I don't want to rush things--but my goodness that is a long time! I probably will end up waiting until Feb. to do anything. Ugh. It's so frustrating. Plus, I am going to get a HSG that pushes things back as well. How is everyone else doing? ROC? LinHall? :)


Kristin72 - October 1

Hi Newbie, Thanks for your postive words. I think you are wise to wait..your body will have a bitter time to heal. I still feel very tender around my tubes. She told me they are probably infalmed due to the drug treatment. That just makes me sick. She also told me that if one tube had been blocked then both could be..I guess we will not know about it until we ttc again. This is the sad thing. I would hate to go through this again. I will not rule out IVf if I have another unsuccessful attempt. Newbie~why are you having the hsg? ARe they trying to check the flow through your tubes? I asked my doc about that too and she said the hsg test does not always indicate whether the tubes are not blocked. I meet with an OB on Friday. I hope to get a referral to a I can discuss my otpions for gettting pregnant in the future. Hope your guys are doing well. Talk soon!


Newbie - October 1

Hi Kristin! How are your numbers looking? My OB said that the HSG is usually done on people who have fertility issues. However, in my case, she is doing that to just double check that my tubes are not blocked in any way. It's probably better to be safe than to risk having a possible ectopic again (if that's what I even had the first time.) This procedue is known to "clear out your tubes." The dye sometimes pushes any blockages out. I have heard from several people and read on several sites that after having this procedure--women get pregnant very shortly after. So, I was thinking of pushing back the procedure until I can try again. I think the HSG also can check for abnormal uterus shape etc. I'm anxious to hear all about your docotor visit. Best of luck in getting some good news! :) Hi to everyone else too!


Kristin72 - October 6

Hi Ladies, Newbie~ my hcg was 28 on Thursday. How quick did yours get back to 0? What should the nubmers reduce more quicly now? Did you take prenatal vitamins b4 your levels reduced? I heard that folic acid can screw up the numbers reducing. But I have been taking mine and things seem to be progressing. I am interested in having the HSG as well. After my app on Tues I will see where they think things are headed for me. BTW does HSG set you back for ttc again too? Also Newbie if you go the the pregnancy complications fboard there are some threads on ttc and methodextrate I read several other people who were told to wait only 1 cycle. A couple were told to wait 3 months. But alot of what I mentioned from my docs info was reaffirmed on the other threads too. Hope you're doing great!! talk soon.


Newbie - October 7

Hi Kristin! 28 is excellent news. My numbers never dropped quickly. It dropped little by little each week. It took a little over a month for things to go back to normal. Thanks for letting me know that there are other methotrexate conversations going on. I will go visit those threads. I would LOVe to hear what everyone's doctors are telling them to do. Also, my doctor said NO supplements until everything goes back to 0. Although my numbers are there--I am still going to wait until my next "real" period. This entire thing has been such a waiting process. It's just so frustrating to me!


Newbie - October 8

Hi ROC! I'm not sure if you are still checking in or not---but if so, Kristin found some other great Methotrexate threads under pregnancy complications. "Methotrexate Shot and pregnancy after" is the thread name. More people seem to be writing to that thread lately. It's great we can all bond! :)


Kristin72 - October 16

Hi Roc,Newbie, I just thought I'd update. As of last Thursday my hcg levels were at 9. I think I had a period too because I started to bleed bright red whereas I was bleeding drk brown for the longest time after my two rounds of shots. I am finally feeling a bit normal. I will wait till I get another period before I sill ttc again. I am going to go in for my tests and possibly the hsg to check my tubes. I'd like a clean bill of health b4 ttc again. Hope everyone is doing well or better. Wishing everyone best of luck ttc after an ectopic.



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