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Kristin72 - October 16

Hi Roc,Newbie, I just thought I'd update. As of last Thursday my hcg levels were at 9. I think I had a period too because I started to bleed bright red whereas I was bleeding drk brown for the longest time after my two rounds of shots. I am finally feeling a bit normal. I will wait till I get another period before I sill ttc again. I am going to go in for my tests and possibly the hsg to check my tubes. I'd like a clean bill of health b4 ttc again. Hope everyone is doing well or better. Wishing everyone best of luck ttc after an ectopic.


Dee76 - November 2

Wow I just found these threads after weeks of dealing with this. On Sept 29th I found out I was pregnant after a home test. On Oct 2nd I started spotting. My Dr. told me I was misscarrying, my HCG levels were low too. Was having blood drawn twice a week to check my levels. A week after they started dropping, they started increasing. So after a week of sobbing and thinking I was misscarrying, I found out I actually had an ectopic pregnancy. It was found in my left fallopian tube through an ultrasound. I had to go to the hospital and get two injections of methotrexate. It's now 11/2 and after a month of blood work twice a week and 3 shots in my hip, I'm RH Negative too (had to get a Rhogam shot for that) my levels are finally at zero. Had another ultrasound done to make sure my left fallopian tube was clear and now I have two very large cysts on my right ovary, which by the way were not there on 10/11. So now I have to go back on the pill for atleast 1 month to see if it's shrinks. I really feel like I can't catch a break. It was bad enough when my doc told me I was misscarrying, then to find out a week later I was still prego but I had to terminate it was just adding insult to injury, now this. I'm just devestated. I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of being poked and prodded and I'm tired of my doc not being sympathetic to my situation. I'm going to be 32 in 3 months and I can't help but worry that this is going to happen again. You always think you have all this time to start your life and then you get a big slap of reality in your face. I'm sorry I don't mean to complain, I know there are people who have had the same problems and worse I'm just so sad and scared. I don't know if my heart can take this again. I'm happy to have found this thread so atleast I know I'm not the only one. I wish all of you luck in getting pregnant and I sincerely hope we are all able to have happy healthy babies.


Kristin72 - November 3

Hi Dee, So sorry to hear of your ectopic. I too am flustered after going throught the exact same thing as you. I too am rh negative. I had 2 rounds of metho shots as the first time my levels kept rising. I bled for 6-7 weeks straight..with the tail end being a period (I think) I had the last round of shots Sept 6th. I finally am at 0 as of a couple of weeks ago. I just turned 40 and desperately want to ttc again. I was shocked when I found out it was ectopic. I to am worried for my future ttc because of my age and because now the ectopic. I think I ovulated last week because I took an OPK and it cam up positive. I am going to wait till next cycle to ttc again if all goes well. I have a docs app on monday and I want to get some further tests and ultrasounds done to get a clean bill of health so I can indeed ttc again. Have you heard of the hsg where they inject dye to check to see if there is blockeages in your tubes? I want to see if my tube is blocked. Anyway I wishe you all the best in ttc in your future. We have about 10-20% chance of another ectopic but the odds are still in our favour that it will not happen again.I can only hope for our sake it does not. Good Luck to you


Dee76 - November 4

Hi Kristin~ I'm sorry to hear you've had to go through the same thing, even worse with the 2 rounds of methotrexate. I wish you luck at the docs tomorrow. My doc told me I had to wait 3 months before trying again after the ectopic. Definitely check in with them to see if they want you to wait. I was really dissapointed when I was told I had to go back on the pill to shrink these cysts, but figured since I had to wait anyway to ttc again what did it matter. I friend of mine had the test done to see if her tube was blocked, she said it was pretty uncomfortable. I think I'm too much of a chicken for that. I got the shot on 10/11 and got my period on 10/30. I too pretty much bled util I got my period but knew that's what it was when my b___bs started hurting I had cramps. I'm wondering if because I had the ectopic in my left and you ovulate from side to side if I shouldn't ttc when I'm ovulating from my left side. I could ask my doc but honestly I don't feel like she's very helpful. I wanted to switch but most of the practices have male doc's and I've always been uncomfotable with a male obgyn. I know we have an increased chance of the ectopic happening again, but we're both very lucky that it was caught in time and our tubes didn't rupture. Two of my co-workers had their tubes rutpure and were both able to succesfully have children after that so the odds are in our favor. Atleast we know we CAN get pregnant so that's a big plus for us. I hope you are cleared by your doc tomorrow to start again. My doc told me these cysts are so large that I can't "have relations" seriously, those were her words. My poor husband. Please let me know what you find out at the Dr's. Thanks for listening.


Kristin72 - November 24

Hi Dee76, thanks for your note. I just wanted to give you a quick update. At my doc appointment I was set up with a ultrasound for this coming Tues Nov 27th. I was given antibiotics (not exactly sure why but I think it's to make sure there are not any infections) I was also given another pregnancy test to make sure I am not pregnant. Anyway, I did get my period and I tried to refrain from relations until this test. I guess then they will hook me up with the hsg after the ultrasound. It was a little vague because when the doc was speaking to me my 11 month old was having a meltdown. As well.. My friend had the hsg test and said it was a breeze. I would rather do that test then have another ectopic again :( that would suck. I am anxious to ttc again as I mentioned, but would like to atleast get an idea that my tubes are not blocked. This would ease my worrying for my future ttc again. This ectopic really put a damper on things. I have also had a missed miscarriage and a miscarriage 2 D&C's..1 after my delivery and the other after my loss. After the metho My docs told me to wait for 1 period b4 ttc again. I re-confirmed this with 2 other docs just to be sure. Anyway, waiting can be good for the mind and body and can allow you to build up your folic acid to prevent birth defects so truly it is not a bad idea to wait. Anyway, I wish you best of luck ttc again. Let me know how things go for you. Kristin :)


lajaune - November 26

Wow it has been so long since I have posted here, well to give an update I had a miscarriage back in may (did not even know that I was preggers) had the D&C and found out that I was full of fribriods, had them removed and now we are trying the CBE (Clear Blue Easy) ferttility monitor to try to get preggers. We also have an appointment with an RE if we are not pregnant by January for IUI I had to start from the beginning to read up and see what I had missed out on. I hope that you all are doing great! and the little ones are just fine, hello to all you newbies and Hi to all the oldies... come back come back!!!! update me on what has been going on, I miss you guys :-)


Jody - November 30

Hi Lajaune, nice to hear from you! I am doing well. My girl is 15 months now! Wow, time flies! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope your doing ok. I hope you get your BFP soon! Take care and keep in touch!


Kristin72 - December 8

How is everyone doing? any luck ttc yet? I have a sonohysterogram set up after my next af then I will ttc if everything is in the clear? How about everyone else???


Kristin72 - December 12



Kristin72 - December 15

Any updates? Anyone ttc yet? Anyone having any further testing to see if their tubes are clear to prevent future ectopics? Anyone preggers yet? Update when you can! :)


lajaune - December 16

Hey Jody, so nice to hear from you... 15 months WOW how time flies.... Sooooo thinking about doing it again??? Time is growing close now for our IUI I am getting so excited. Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas!!!!!


heavenR09 - January 10

This is so encouraging I had ectopic confirmed for my first pregnancy 12/18 and methotrexate admin on 12/19 and on 12/24 Its been 17 days since 2nd shot HCG was at 104 on 1/4 and at 16days(last night) hubby and I couldn't resist any longer Just so happy to stop spotting we couldn't help it I started 12/2 and finally stopped spotting 1/8 PURE LOVE WAS NEEDED!! Am I in trouble...Baby dust to ALL and nice to meet you


gemini25 - March 1

Hi heavenR09! I had an ectopic pregnancy and a shot of methotrexate on 11/18. I have had regular periods since the shot and hoping to get pregnant again soon. I wish you the same.


Lizzi - April 29

I was diagnosed with an ectopic in early Feb. 2010. I opted for mtx instead of a d+c. On the day I got the injection, my bhcg was in the neighborhood of 3800, and I was approx.8 weeks pregnant. My doctor said we could ttc after my levels went back to [5...and this is the longest story ever. I was very interested in what other people's levels were doing while I was going through this. Here's what mine did and how long it took. Background: 1 mtx injection on Feb.9, 2010. Serial bhcg's as follows.... Feb 16: 2900 Feb 23: 1059 March 3: normal period(hoped that meant it was resolved...) March 17: 156 March 24: 98 April 1: normal period April 8: 36 April 21: 8 Doctor said I could stop with the blood draws now and I am cleared to ttc again. But after all that, understandably a little nervous!! So it took a full 2 months and if I started counting when I found out I was pregnant and started bleeding, then it's been more like 3 months. It's been a long road!


lynn79 - October 20

hi, i was given a full booklet explaining everything. it tells you that for every dose of methotrexate you cannot try again for 3 months or take any folic acid. if you get pregnant it will automatically kill it. you have to wait 3 months for it to clear your system. i am very eager to try again as it took me 3 years to get pregnant but i am not gonna fisk loosing another one just yet. hope this helps x


Dee76 - October 20

Wow… it’s been a really long time since I’ve been on this site. I just received an email that someone had responded to a post I must have written in 2007. I just wanted to let you all know there is hope… I had my ectopic Oct 2007 and got pregnant not too long after, May 2008. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl in Jan 2009. I know it’s scary and you think you’re never going to get pregnant again or it’s going to happen again, but don’t stress. Have the test done to check there is no blockage in your fallopian tubes, make sure everything is ok and try again. You’ll get through it, I promise.



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