Pregnancy After An Abortion

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Nic - March 8

Is it possible to get pregnancy after having an abortion?


kathreen - March 16

can you get pregnant after a abortion


Brandy - March 17

Yes you can. I had a abortion 3 years ago and I am now pregnant and am 3 mo and doing good.


L - March 17

i had an abortion 5 years ago and am now 8 months pregnant with a healthy baby... as soon as ovulation resumes after an abortion, pregnancy can occur..


JASMINE - April 21



Jessica - April 23

I had an abortion 7 weeks ago and I am again pregnant and keeping this one!


Serenity - April 24

YES. Though after like 3+ abortion its more likely for infertility.


jewels - May 3

I have had 2 ab's and deeply regret them both. My partner and I really want to have a baby. I am 24 do you think I have seriously decreaced my fertility and may not be able to conceive? Also how soon after an ab can you conceive? Thanks


howard - May 4

I think when you get an abortion they make sure they got the baby out. You still shouldn't be pregnant. If you are still pregnant it should only be a partial baby so your body will abort it after a few days anyway.


jaime - June 7

I had an abortion one month ago and I am pregnant now again, I don't even know when I got pregnant but I am scared that something will be wrong with my child.


kristen - June 23

is it more likely you will have a miscarriage due to incompetent cervix after having an abortion? I want to get pregnant and am very worried.


to Jewels - June 23

I feel for you. Maybe your doctor can help you determine if any damage was done and what your chances are for conceiving. My best to you and your partner.


Janel - June 29

I had an abortion last August and I have been trying to get pregnant again but I can't and I am heartbroken and my boyfriend wants my to be pregnant too, What can i do because I really want a baby


k - July 6

i had a abortion bout month ago how long will it be b4 i can get pregnant agen coz i regret the abortion n want a baby


tash - July 12

About a year ago I had an abortion, now my husband and I are trying to have a baby but I am worried that at the time of my abortion I did not have a needle that the doctor spoke about to stop my body from rejecting my husband sperm! Is there something that we can do???


nat - July 12

I had an abortion 2 years ago and straight after i went on the pill now that I am ready for childeren I have gone off the pill and have been trying to have a baby we can't seem to fall pregnant. I thought I was because I haven't had my period for 3 months but I have done heaps of home pregnancy test and they read negative everytime! what is going on???


ty - July 13

I too had an abortion and have the same questions as all of you. this was something I read and I felt a little relief amd you might too. trying to get pregnant Beth, I had to terminate my last pregnancy because my child had kidney cancer and was not able to live out of the womb. Before that I never had any problems getting pregnant. With my first child I missed a pill and got pregnant. Then the last time i got off of the pill to try and 1 month later i was pregnant. Well, after having the abortion done I have been trying for 5 months and I can not get pregnant. I was wondering what I can do? Why I am having such a hard time getting pregnant? I am really confused why it is taking this long. Could it have to do with the abortion? This is a common concern. The short answer is don't worry! Keep in mind, there is only a small window when fertilization can take place. Abortion in itself, does not cause problems with fertility if it's done under sterile conditions, and by a trained professional. That's one of the reasons it's so important to keep abortion legal and safe. If you went for your checkup after the abortion, and everything was OK then keep a few things in mind. Sometimes, trying too hard can cause problems with your partners sperm count. Try abstaining from the first day of your period up until day 10, then the following month day 11. If you extend the period of abstinence up a day every month until you get to 14, you should concieve by 6 months. If not, see your GYN! Good Luck! Beth Posted March 19, 2003 05:27 AM



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