Pregnancy After An Abortion

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ty - July 13

I too had an abortion and have the same questions as all of you. this was something I read and I felt a little relief amd you might too. trying to get pregnant Beth, I had to terminate my last pregnancy because my child had kidney cancer and was not able to live out of the womb. Before that I never had any problems getting pregnant. With my first child I missed a pill and got pregnant. Then the last time i got off of the pill to try and 1 month later i was pregnant. Well, after having the abortion done I have been trying for 5 months and I can not get pregnant. I was wondering what I can do? Why I am having such a hard time getting pregnant? I am really confused why it is taking this long. Could it have to do with the abortion? This is a common concern. The short answer is don't worry! Keep in mind, there is only a small window when fertilization can take place. Abortion in itself, does not cause problems with fertility if it's done under sterile conditions, and by a trained professional. That's one of the reasons it's so important to keep abortion legal and safe. If you went for your checkup after the abortion, and everything was OK then keep a few things in mind. Sometimes, trying too hard can cause problems with your partners sperm count. Try abstaining from the first day of your period up until day 10, then the following month day 11. If you extend the period of abstinence up a day every month until you get to 14, you should concieve by 6 months. If not, see your GYN! Good Luck! Beth Posted March 19, 2003 05:27 AM


michele - July 18

can you gain weight after an abortion


Stacy - July 19

My question is to nat. I too had an abortion but it was seven years ago and I went on the pill right after. I went off the pill in March and I have had two regular periods since. But this month I have yet to start and my pregnancy test was negative. Did you ever have a regular period or did you just miss three months? If you did have regular periods, did you end up starting or what did you find out?


Jessie - August 3

Hey guys! I am proof that you can get pregnant after an abortion. I had an abortion in March of 05' and now I am pregnant again, about 5 weeks along. I regret my decision every day of my life and although this second baby was not planned (using protection and with the same partner as the 1st pregnancy), I will be keeping this baby. I could never go through a second abortion again. I had regular periods after my abortion also. I did use the pill method for the abortion though, I am not sure that would make a difference.


DEANA - August 5



tracy - August 5

i had an abortion last september it was the worse thing i have ever done i felt like a murderer but due to the trauma in my life at the time i couldnt keep it to make things worse they left some of the baby inside me so i had to go through it again i really regret what i have done and the guilt is awful.its been over a year now and we have been trying for a baby but with no luck each month when my period comes i feel really down im at the point when i feel like getting sterilized to stop the hurt i feel each month i wish i hadnt had the abortion ill regret it for the rest of my life


LYN - August 26



oh dear - August 26

this sounds awful i know but some of you are saying i had an abortion 2 months ago, and im pregnant again and im now ready for this one, what does a couple of months or weeks make, just seems silly, you should only have abortions if you have been raped, not because you dont think your ready for a baby, its still a life regardless of how small it is,


cole - August 26

I had two abortions in my 20's I am now married and in my 30's and ready to start a family. On my first appointment I asked my Dr. if I could have complications because of my abortions...she said that as long as I was in my first trimester when I had my abortions it shouldn't effect anything. Women who have abortions after 12+ weeks can have problems. An abortion is very similar to a D&C It might even be the same process. I think if it was done in a professional clinic there shouldn't be problem having a baby when you are ready. I regret what I did also but it sounds like some women are trying to get pregnant right away to make them feel better...I don't think that is the solution. If you didn't feel like you were ready the first time what makes you think by getting pregnant that will replace your loss? I promise you it won't.


Gwendy - August 29

i had an abortion last month on July 23. but i haven't yet a period is that ok?


Melissa Stagger - August 31

Im trying to get pregnant. Its been a year and a half since my abortion, and still no baby. Why?


Kyla - August 31

Well, I don't know if any of you first read the risks of having an abortion. One of them states that it can cause infertility. Some abortions are done too harsh and can damage the uterus when not done correctly. It can also cause infections and leave scar tissue that can cause a miscarriage.I mean to start off with not all women get pregnant as easily as the next.


sc628 - September 9

I know a girl that has had around 5 abortions and one of them were twins. She got married and was pregnant not long after. You can get pregnant after having an abortion. Just pray and talk to your doctor. Good luck! sc


Jenny - September 9

I had an abortion when i was 18 and then a 2nd one April of 2004 is there a lesser chance of getting pregnant again? No complications with either abortion.


2Jenny - September 9

Read what Kyla said.


to Jenny - September 11

did you have a surgical or non surgical abortion. If you had a non surgical abortion the likelihood difficulty in concieving is greatly reduced. It is possible after a surgical abortion to have issues concieving if the procedure wasn't done correctly.



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