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Diva_D - March 14

Amg1219 congratulations You just got your lotto ticket, hope you win(have a healthy pregnancy)! Can you rub some of that positive on me. Lol


b__terflym - March 14

Congrats amg1219. I hope you have a wonderful nine months! Send some baby dust our way please :)


Diva_D - March 21

Hi all, hope the baby making is going well. I'm still waiting for my period which I was expecting on the 18th but it didn't show up and I'm still waiting. Did a test on saturday and it was negetive. I don't feel pregnant so I don't even have hope just want AF to show u so I can start counting down to ovulation. Baby dust to all!


b__terflym - March 25

Ok ladies, I have a tough question for you. *Know that I am going to the gyno next month.* I don't think I am preggo this cycle again :( But I have been checking my cervix. About a month ago while checking my cervix I found a small, teeney tiny, little bump on the side of my cervix while it was low and firm. It was right by the opening. I quickly got online and I read that bumps commonly come and go and not to really worry. Well I checked again this morning. The bump is still there and now it has a friend. I had one abnormal pap but they said that it was probably from bd or yeast infection. Any ideas? I am the kind of person that freaks her freak when bumps or anything is found. Especially when I just had a great-aunt pa__s away from cervical c. I don't even want to type it out. Please save me from my crazy mind :S Thanks


amg1219 - March 25

I actually had this 2 months ago and it did go away but they were there for like a month and i asked my GYN about it and she said it was completely normal


b__terflym - March 25

Thanks amg1219 that makes me feel better I just have to freak out for a minute or two and then I calm down. My husband said that I am going to drive myself crazy if I'm not careful:P


b__terflym - April 2

Ok ladies. I have had a rough week. Af flow came. The same day I learned that my sister thinks she is pregnant. HPT and blood test confirm but she has a weird thyroid so she is going to get ultrasound just to be sure. I broke down. Don't get me wrong I am super excited to be an aunt again. I just go to that dark place in my mind where I think something is wrong with me. It is so easy for me to dish out advice but it is really hard to take it. What is worse is everyone has been walking on eggshells and not wanting to tell me because they are afraid they will hurt my feelings. I want everyone to be excited especially over new babies. Plus I am making all of these baby gifts for everyone else and that doesn't help but I am all caught up now on them. I was supposed to go to my gyno this month (I made the appointment last year) but nobody wrote it down so I have to wait until next month. I think I will see my general practioner that I've had since I was sixteen in the meantime. I will have her do blood work to see what is up. I'm glad that I got to vent a little here. I know I have had long posts but I can talk to you ladies and I know you know how I feel. Thanks for listening...


Lady83 - April 23

Hi Ladies, Im so glad I found this forum. I'm recently TTC (3 months) and I need people's opinions/advice. I had somewhat irregular periods towards the end of 2010 year, since Jan they have been pretty regular (31 days avg). I went to the dr. did the sonogram, blood tests, etc no irregular results came through (Dr just advised i lose some weight- since Jan Ive lost 14 pounds on WeightWatchers- almost 5% of my BMI) Anyway, My LMP was on March 30th. I believe I OV on April 16th (using the OPK). I started what I think is IB on April 21(started out reddish/brown- little amount, then towards the end of the day it was a lesser version of what resembled my period (used a liner and it didnt really show- only when i wiped)- sorry to be so TMI! and now April 22 pretty much 3-4 brownish spots (not even enough to get on my panties). Is it a good sign/normal to have IB 5 days after ovulation and about 9 days before my expected AF (April 30th)? And if it is a good sign, when should I take a pregnancy test? I dont want to be disappointed... thanks in advance! BabyDust to all of us :)



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