How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant?

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method for predicting how long it will take a couple to conceive through natural means (i.e. sex). Some women are lucky enough to fall pregnant in the very first month of trying, while others have to wait a little longer. If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, you shouldn't get disheartened if you don't succeed right away. There are many factors which can affect your chances of getting pregnant and therefore many things you can do to improve them.

So How Do I Measure Up?

Medical experts say the mid-20s are generally the most fertile age for both men and women. A young woman in this age group with excellent reproductive health has somewhere between a 20 and 25% chance of conceiving during each month of unprotected sex. On average, a couple in this age group will have to have regular sex throughout five of the woman's menstrual cycles before they get pregnant. The time it takes to get pregnant generally increases with age. For example, a woman aged between 30 and 35 has around a 15% chance of getting pregnant per cycle. It's not uncommon for couple in their 30s to try for nine cycles or more before they conceive.

Is Your Body Prepared For Pregnancy?

Breaking Down The Figures

Research says on average, 20% of couples don't get pregnant in their first year of trying. However, 95% of couples will get pregnant within two years. If you have been trying for a few months already, you may be feeling somewhat despondent. Don't. These figures indicate that only 5% of couples will fail to conceive within two years and the chances of you being in that group are very small. If you are thinking that two years seems like a long time to wait, the chances are that it won't be anything like that long. In fact, around a quarter of all couples having unprotected sex will get pregnant in the first month. Within 6 months, 60% of these couples will be pregnant. After 9 months, this figure increases to three quarters of all couples. Finally, within 18 months, 90% of couples will be expecting a baby.

Read on to learn more about how to speed up the process and get pregnant faster!


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sometimes its worth getting checked out at the doctor before you waste too much time trying and getting disappointed. my husband and i had only been trying for a few months and i went to the doctor for a check up, told her expecting her to say its not enough time trying but instead she decided to check me out and saw that i had cysts all over my ovaries and diagnosed me with pcos. she says i will need hormone treatments to get pregnant. glad i got checked out!
13 years ago