Product Picks: Fertility Aids

If you are trying to conceive, it is best to ensure that you are in good health. Start by eating nutritious foods, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol and reducing some of the stress in your life. You should also familiarize yourself with your reproductive cycle.

Here are some great products to help you in the initial steps of trying to conceive.

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Start by improving your reproductive health:

Nutritional supplements for women
Nutritional supplements help promote your fertility health by enhancing your hormone balance and ovulation frequency. They can also improve circulation to the reproductive area and assist in the reduction of specific birth defects in children.

Nutritional supplements for couples
FertilityBlend is doctor recommended and all natural. For men, it helps sperm formation and motility as well as improves sperm quality and sperm count. Fertility Blend for women corrects hormone imbalance and improves reproductive health.

Am I Ovulating?

Basal Digital Thermometers
Checking your temperature every day can increase the likelihood of conception. Your basal body temperature rises at the time of ovulation. Digital thermometers will give you a reading in one minute and will let you know if the thermometer is correctly positioned.

Ovulation Tests
Just before ovulation, you have an increase in luteinizing hormone that, in turn, triggers ovulation. You can easily identify the LH surge by immersing a test strip in a sample of urine for a few seconds.

Ovulation Microscopes
Simply place a drop of saliva on a microscope slide a look for the 'ferning' pattern that pinpoints ovulation. These fertility tests are easy to use and are 98% accurate.

Am I Pregnant?

Pregnancy Tests
Sensitive home pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone surge in your urine. hCG is secreted by the fertilized egg when it is implanted in the lining of the uterus. When used properly, they are 99% accurate.


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