Old Fashioned Tips on How to Get Pregnant

That’s it – all of your friends have started their families and you are tired of just being broody. You want a child and you want one now! Well, as we know it is not as simple as all that and you may have been trying for a while but without success. There are measures that you and your partner can take to increase the chances of you getting pregnant. It is worth stating though, that if you do not conceive after a year of trying, and then it may be time to speak to the experts to see how they can help you.

Things That May Help

Stop Using Contraception. Well, yes it is quite an obvious thing to say but many women do not realize that they are actually quite fertile in the month after they stop taking the contraceptive pill, patch or ring. Your cycle may be quite irregular during this time and it can be hard to judge ovulation periods but this leads us on to the next top tip.
Have Sex- and Lots of It. Jump on your partner at every opportunity; God knows it takes a strange man to refuse the offer of sex on a plate. That said, try not to make him feel that he is just a baby making machine! Studies have show that if you have enjoyable and relaxed sex (like you normally would) and are in a high state of arousal, it makes it easier for the sperm to reach the egg. Try buying some new lingerie to make you feel sexy and the rest will just, ahem, come naturally.

Watch Your Weight. To further increase your chances, make sure that you are not overweight. If you are tipping the scales a little bit then a sensible diet and exercise are a must in order to get you back to your ideal weight. This will increase your chances of conceiving no end. Also on the health front, stop smoking and drinking and the use of any drugs whatsoever (except prescribed of course) is a complete no-no.

Throw Out His Tighty-Whities. Your man can also help matters by choosing loose fitting underwear. Gone are those days when you whistle at his tight-fitting thong. Choose boxers instead of briefs – and before he puts them on in the morning have some enjoyable sex. The reason I say this is that as men’s sperm count is usually higher in the morning.
Use Technology To Predict Ovulation. Ovulation predictor kits are all the rage and can be a handy way of knowing when the time is right to jump on your man – again. There are ways to chart your ovulation by way of natural methods but this can be a bit trickier. Use the technology available to help you in your quest to have that bundle of joy in your arms sooner rather than later.

Remember that these are just a few steps to help you on your road to getting pregnant and that there may be medical issues that need addressing before trying to conceive. Let your doctor know that you’re starting to plan your family to see if you are in fact good to go and in good pre-pregnancy health.

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