Can You Determine the Sex of Your Baby?

You’re trying to get pregnant and you’re wondering if there’s any way you can get that little girl or boy that you so desire. Admit it, someone told you if you eat a certain food or have sex in a certain position, you can control the sex of your baby and part of you thought, "why not?" In the case of most of these old wives tales, it can’t hurt to try, but are some of them dangerous? And remember, for all of the women who claim that one or more of these tricks worked for them, there are just as many who will tell you that they didn’t work at all!

Cultural Beliefs
The ancient Mayans believed that you could determine the sex of a baby by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both numbers are even or both are odd, then the baby will be a girl. If one number is even and the other is odd, the baby is a boy. Some people will tell you that this absolutely works, but we figure the odds are about 50/50.

The Chinese also have a method for predicting the sex of a baby. The belief is that if you compare the mother’s age at conception and the month of conception you can accuratly predict the sex of the baby using a chart. A quick office poll reveals that the Chinese method has about the same rate of success as the Mayans – 50%.

Don’t feel like putting all of your faith in the Chinese or Mayan methods? Here are a few other methods that some people claim will work:

If You Want a Girl:

  • Eat lots of chocolate and other sweets
    If you’re not diabetic or pre-diabetic, go for it – but in moderation! We all know that too many sweets are bad for blood sugar, waist-lines and teeth.
  • Both of you should eat lots of fish and veggies
    It may not get you a girl, but eating healthy is never a bad idea.
  • If the woman orgasms first, you’ll have a girl/
  • The missionary position will produce girls
  • If the woman is on top you’ll have a girl

Table of Contents
1. Determining Your Baby's Sex
2. Tips for having a boy.
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anyone who has ever read anything on the science of how babies are created will know that there is nothing you can do to have a boy or a girl. men have sperm that either carry the x or y gene and women have an egg with an x gene. if the x sperm meets the egg you have a girl, if the y sperm reaches the egg you have a boy. its all up to the man's sperm.
13 years ago