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I've Read the Book, I'm Good To Go

So, you've read the book about fertility and have learned that there are a few things you need to do to enhance your chances of conceiving.  It all sounds so easy in the book, just do this, and this, and this and then, voila - you conceive.  The truth is, it takes time to establish new healthy behaviors and it takes time to break old harmful habits, especially if they've been a part of your life for years.

New Habits for Old

Now that you've decided to you want to become pregnant, you know you must stop smoking and drinking, your eating habits have to change to be healthier and on top of all of that, you should be exercising.  Trying to make all of these changes at once will create major disappointment and discouragement.  Don't try to change everything at once.  Pick the habit that will be the hardest to break and start with that.  After that habit has been broken, your confidence will soar and the others won't be so difficult.

Make it Do-Able

Break the big goal down into do-able chunks.  For instance, let's say you want to quit smoking.  First, make a promise to yourself that you'll attain that goal - remember, you want to become fertile and you want to be pregnant.  Rather than trying to quite cold turkey, start with smaller goals - like not buying cigarettes, smoking less through the day, eliminating the cigarette after a meal - things that are do-able.  With every small success you'll gain the momentum to move forward to larger successes.

Positive Reinforcement

Change the way you talk about yourself and become your own best friend and greatest fan.  Say nice things to and about yourself and build a network of reinforcement and encouragement around you to do the same.   When your new habit is well formed, start the next one.  Instead of saying you need to exercise, arrange to walk with a friend a couple of times a week at a preset time and for a specific length of time.  Keep track of your goals and write things down.  Remove temptation.  If sweets are a problem, stop buying them.  If your partner can't live without them, ask for support from him to help you to say no.

Stick With Your Decision

It takes 30 days to establish a new habit, so for the first month decide to be unwavering in your goals and actions to make changes.  Accept the fact that it isn't always easy and press on.  Grieve the loss of your former lifestyle if necessary.  Make substitutions for the things you like to have.  If you can't live without dessert, have fruit instead of cake, but do have dessert.

The Reward

Reward yourself by acknowledging the small victories with a new CD, lunch with a few friends, a pedicure or a new haircut and remember why you're doing all of this.  Think about the baby you're planning for and think about the good habits you want to instill in your child.


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