Calling All Women Who Have Had Implantation Bleeding

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guineapig - October 12

Ok so i wish i had paid more attention to my cycle. In march of this year i documented my days. So using an app i have worked out my cycle is 30 days. so on monday i had cramping and a watery brown liquid which continued for 3 days with some stringy brown stuff, sorry if thats too much information. Anyway no red blood at all and no tampon needed, this has never happened to me before. Als iv'e been feeling tired with a headache for a few days. According to the app if that was a period then it was 6/7 days early. So i did a pregnancy test, over excited i didn't do it first thing in the morning and when it was negative i threw it in the bin without waiting the full 3 mins :(. When do you think i should i wait to retest properly? Maybe it was just a period and i'm over thinking things. thanks in advance.


TiyaNicole - December 2

Okay so I'm trying to get pregnant. My periods have always been irregular. But they've always been like super heavy and I've always had terrible cramps. A couple days ago, I saw brownish discharge and then it began getting a little lighter like a dark reddish black. I thought it was my AF so I put a tampon in but it was hurting my stomach too bad so I took it out. Since then, I've been having a lighter color bleeding but it's been consistently extremely light. Like sometimes I won't even see any blood on the pad, I'll just see it when I wipe. And I can go for almost a whole day with just a pantyliner on and it won't even cover half of it. I've had very light cramping for the first day or two but nothing anymore. I'm bloated, tired, had nausea, and mild headaches and backaches. I'm hoping this is implantation bleeding. Definetly need more opinions. 


Mrsreyesmae - December 11

i am going through the exact same thing, and i have so much anxiety because i just got my tubes untied on the 6th of october and this is the closest ive been to being actaully pregnant. I am scared and excited, i dont want to be disappointed but all the math ends up that i might be pregnant. 


littleteatime - February 4

Hello ladies. I have PCOS and as such I have a pretty irregular cycle however I have been taking EPO, fish oil, metformin and vitex regularly and that is helping my cycle regulate a little more. My last period started on 12.01.18 and lasted 7 days. My husband and I had intercourse on 24.01.18 which would mean if we were working off of a 28 day cycle I could have possibly ovulated on the 24th or the 25th. On the 02.02.18 I had some darkish brown bleeding mostly only noticible when wiping and left a spot smaller than a penny on a panty liner. This spotting only lasted for the day. Is it possible that it is implantation bleeding? The timing would work out if we were going off of a regular cycle length but it's hard to tell. I have also just started a new job so it's fairly possible that it's just general stress or change in routine that put my body out of whack for a little bit. I think I may be reading waaaay too much into the situation.


Yofi - March 4

My period tracking App says I am 1 day late but around 10am today, I noticed light pink blood when I wiped myself. I have no cramping. 2hrs or so later, I had very light brown bleeding and still no cramps. I am using a light pad and the stain is very little, maybe 2 table spoon full. Now, 6pm, I wiped but no more blood stain. Could this be Implantation bleeding?

Last Period was 1st February. I had serious cramping on 22 Night and mild cramping between 24-26.

My circle is 30 days and sometimes 31 days, today is 31 days. I had 28-29 days circle until last year November when it changed.

I clocked 40 this January and seriously need this baby. Had my son in 2006 and can't remember if I had implantation bleeding then. I am on second circle of Clomid 5-9 day and last month was 100mg. 

Please could I be pregnant?


MLambdin - September 19

Hi there I am new to the forum. How soon after the IB did you get a positive pregnancy test? I had what I thought was my period Wed-Friday last week but it was incredibly light and only lasted 3 days (most of which I would call spotting).  I took a test on Sunday but it was negative. 


Grandpa Viv - September 19

ML, there's no good answer for this. hCG hormone levels vary enormously from one pregnancy to another. If you have some other early pregnancy signs, be encouraged but not too much. If you don't get a positive test by two weeks late, chances are high that something else is going on. You could then wait a couple of weeks to see if the next period sorts things out before going to a doctor for ans explanation.



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