POLL Try The Pendulum Test To Predict Baby S Sex

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meg77 - January 31

I saw this on another board and thought it'd be a lot of fun if you tried it and posted your results, this way we can test this test's accuracy (which some claim is 100%) accurate. (Pasted from anothet board): For those of you who don't know how it works, you simply make a pendulum, some sort of thin line with a slightly heavier weight at the bottom. Hair/Wedding ring, thread/large paperclip, small plumbers bob. For pregnant women, hold the pendulum over their belly while their in a comforable seated position. The pendulum will start to move, usually in circles. It will start to move in a straight line - either across the belly (girl) or up and down (head-to-toe direction - boy). Wait until the pendulum comes to a complete stop... never know, there might be more than one baby in there! Over the wrist usually works for the full pregnancy history. Please note this can be uncomfortable for folks who have had miscarriage, because they can show up... OK, I am assuming most of you know what you are having through ultrasounds, so please post u/s results and pendulum results. Thanks! Here are mine: u/s: girl pendulum: boy


J - January 31

I did this test for fun back when I was about 12 weeks, and it said I would have a girl. I found out at my 18-week ultrasound that I am having a girl.


Karmon - January 31

I did this with my first pregnancy when I was tweny-one. I use my necklace either over my hand or over my belly. With my first pregnancy it said I was having a girl and I did. I've done it on just about everyone in my family and it has been right every time. With this pregnancy however for the longest time it showed I was having a girl--over my belly and my hand. But the ultrasound shows a boy. Here lately it has said boy and girl. I'm 39 weeks preggo today and the baby will not drop into my pelvis which makes me wonder if there might be two babies in here and one is just a very good hider.


Annette - January 31

Pendulum: girl U/S: Boy


Amber - January 31

About a year ago, my boss at work told me she wanted to tell me how many children i would have and what their s_xes would be. The first one was going to be a boy. The second a girl. Well, about 6 weeks later i got pregnant, for the first time. Im having a boy! I have been meaning to call and tell her that her hippy magic pendulm works!


A - February 1

I thought it was that if it moves in circles is a girl and if it moves in a straight line is a boy... I tried and mine move in a line and I'm having a boy!


lovethesummer - August 19

I lost a child a few months ago but think I'em pregnant again and I tried this. For me it started swinging head to toe. Than It started swinging in a circle. Than it started swinging left to right. Than head to toe again. Than is another circle. Than it stopped. Im not sure what this means?


michellei - August 3

I did this test some time ago at a baby shower.Everything was true 2 boys and a girl.and sadly one miscarriage.Im not sure quite how the energy works of the body,but for me it all happened


WhiteWolf510 - August 13

Just used pendulum on my daughter's pregnancy and it went in circles which would indicate a girl.  She's just shy of 16 weeks right now, will post when she has her next ultrasound in 4-6 weeks.


WhiteWolf510 - August 13

I've personally done this on all of my pregnancies and I have 4 children and one miscarriage.  All were accurate with the pendulum.


Kbz - August 21

US-boy Pendulum- boy 



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