Can You Still Have A Period While Pg

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Isabel - August 25

I had my period...but it was a week late, which is unusual. Its been two weeks since then, and I'm still feeling light cramps as though I'm on my period. I have light spotting, like a watery brown discharge when I wipe, and I've been urinating more frequently. Also have been getting persistant headaches. Is it possible to be pregnant even though I had my period?


Megan - August 26

I am now 13 weeks pg, and I had my period the first month. Its possible


Sherry - August 27

Yes, it;s possible. I had a relative who had her period the entire 9 months! Some people just have weird systems. My mother still had periods (irregular, but still had them) after she was menopausal!


Isabel - August 28

Will an hpt still be able to detect the pregnancy? If I am pregnant, would having my period mean that my HCG levels aren't high enough to prevent my period....and not high enough to be detected? Would an hpt still be accurate?


Melissa - September 11

Absolutely! I recently experienced a similar situation, in which I got my period on time, and it was heavy as usual. About a week later, I was still noticing a watery brown discharge when I wiped, and I was still having cramps and head aches every day. Now, two weeks later, I am queezy 24/7, the smell and sight (and even thought) of some foods absolutely repusles me to the point of vomiting, and my abdomin is swollen big time. Everyone around me suspected something was up, and I myself was getting nervous, so... I went and got a blood test at my OBGYN, and sure enough.... I am pregnant. Some women just don't experience the "traditional" step-by-step symtpoms of pregnancy.


Kelly - September 21

I actually have a question for all of you ladies. I am experiencing the same symptoms as Melissa - I had my period on Sept. 8 (one day late) and then I had the brownish discharge for a few days after I thought my period had ended (only when going to the bathroom and wiping). Do you think it is possible that I am pg. even though I am on the Pill? I did go to Vegas for a week and there was a 3 hour time difference. I am wondering if taking my pill at inconsistent, odd times could have affected the effectivenss of the pill. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Nichol - September 29

Hi all. I had unprotected s_x 3 days in a row around my ovulation time. 6 days later I had a weird brownish discharge on and off for a whole day. I have never seen that type of discharge from myself. My period wasn't due for another week or longer. Then I started a regular period the next morning. I have never had light spotting before a period. Is it possible for the egg to implant in the uterus if your having a period? Can you get pregnant and still have a full period? Any clues?


rae - October 1

i had a period when i was 4 months... almost 5... thats why i didnt find out til i was 6.... get tested. you want to know before your options are out the door...


Lindsay - October 17

I had a brownish discharge a week before I got my period. Then right before I started I had a light spotting. This has never happened before. I am now on my period and I am not having the usual cramps. All my cramps are in my lower back. I have had a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I took a HPT and I got a faint positive but according to the directions It was an invalid result. Am I pregnant or what? I am so comfused with all the symptoms. i really want to concieve so I don't know if all of this is just in my head or if it is really happening. My boyfriend is convinced that I am pregnant. Someone please help me!!!


Pheonyx - October 19

i have a question for all you ladies...i recently seperated frm my boyfriend...we had s_x for the last time...then that day i stopped taking the pill...i got my period 2 days later after we broke now it has been 2 months since then an i havnt got my period...could i possibly be pregnant???plz help


Tinkerbell - October 26

Hi ladies, i have been struggling with this same thing for the last 4 weeks. Me and dh have been ttc for the past 3 mos and i was so sure we finally "got it right this time" lol. My bbt has been unusually high and steady, experiencing frequent urination, low back discomfort, tender swollen b___sts, nausea like never ever before, fatigue, fluttering in my lower abdomen, etc etc. Some of these same symptoms occur right before AF arrives, but this time, it was 3 days late, flow seems to be slowing down and it's only day 2, which is unusual for me, nausea is terrible, seems worse in afternoon and i just feel so strange altogether. Could i really still be pregnant? I know i should just take a test but im sure some of you can relate to the heartbreak of another negative result....Any suggestions or similar experiences from you ladies would be wonderful. Thanks.


Boggled - October 27

Hey, I'm hoping you can maybe help me clarify my conception date. Ok here’s the timescale. June 6th - started bleeding for 5 days. June 27th, bled for 4 days (gap of 4 weeks). August 1st, bled for 5 days (gap of 6 weeks). August 19th spotted for a day (end of 3 weeks gap). Sept 12th, bled for 3 days. PCP pill taken 4th October. Brownish discharge 24th October. Pregnancy test taken 26th October – Yes I’m pregnant. Here’s my concern – Am I 13 weeks or 7 weeks? Thankyou


shelly - October 27

i have a sitsuation that maybe you all can help me figure out......i had s_x on 8 oct, my period ws due on 13 oct but i didn't get it until 20 oct but it was very light compared to what it usually is and only lasted 3 days, i am having all of the signs of early pregnacy, however when i took a hpt two days of being late it cam up negative. could i still be pregnant?? i would appreciate all advice...


Amy S - October 29

I also have a question......i had a d&c on 9/26 after a 8 week pregnancy - about two weeks ago I started feeling funny again so I took a hpt - it was negative - I took another one a week later and it was positive so I called the Dr. they did a blood test and it came back positive they had be repeat it 48 hours later and it showed that my levels are going down - this was yesterday - anyway I took another hpt test and it was positive - (this was all yesterday) also my belly seems to be swollen more and I am urinating more but here is the big BUT I got a very watery period on thursday afternoon - it is now saturday and it is still going - mostly when I wipe only - sorry if this is tmm but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this


Julie - November 4

I have all the same symptoms as all yall but no one is answering the ? did any of yall that experienced a period (not just spotting) end up pregnant?


Kristen - November 8

My story is similar to a lot of you. This past month I was 1 week late. I checked an HPT when I was 2 days late and it was neg. When I did start 1week later it only lasted 2 days and just stopped. My DH and I have been ttc for 9 months now. I don't want to get another BFN. So I'm gonna wait another week or so and see if I get any new symptoms.


ca__sie - November 8

To all of you that have peroids and still think that you could still be pregnant, The answer is yes. With my first child I had a period on july 2 and then felt like i was pregnant just had the gut feeling so about july 25th or so I took a pregnancy test sure enought i was pregnant when and got an ultrasound the said conception date was mid june so i had a regular period after i conceived.. Now pregnant with my 2nd child wondering if the same thing has happened cant wait to go for my ultrasound... Good luck ladies which ever way you want it to go.



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