Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss can be an overwhelming experience. Pregnancy-Info provides you with helpful, reliable resources on how to cope with pregnancy loss.

Learn more about what causes miscarriage, what it means for future pregnancies, how to cope with your grief over the loss, and how to move on to a successful pregnancy.  

The good news is your miscarriage most likely occurred not because of anything you did (so you don't have to feel guilty) and most women who experience a miscarriage then go on to have perfectly normal, healthy and successful pregnancies. 


Learn about different types of miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage and blighted ovum. Here you'll also find information on common miscarriage symptoms and on what factors increase the risk of miscarriage.  If you feel as though your miscarriage is due to medical negligence and you should be compensated for this, a lawyer will be able to guide you.

Did you know that your morning cup of coffee is increasing your risk of pregnancy loss? Also learn to see the signs that something might be wrong with a pregnancy and find out how you can tell the difference between normal bleeding during pregnancy and signs of a miscarriage.  

Grieving Your Loss

Grieving is an important part of coping with pregnancy loss. There are ways to honor the memory of your child as well as tips on how to cope emotionally after losing your baby.  Giving your baby a name or having a memorial service for your baby may help you to cope with your loss and begin the grieving process.

You may also need to take some time off from work to mourn your baby. Find out how to break the news to friends, family and co-workers about the loss of your pregnancy.  Also read up on when it is time to seek counseling to deal with your grief and to get the tools you need to move on past this terrible loss.

Pregnancy after miscarriage may seem like a long ways off, but eventually many couples are ready for this step. Learn about how you and your partner can prepare yourselves for pregnancy after losing a child.  

Many couples find their next pregnancy very nerve racking as they are always afraid that they will loose this next baby too.  Learn more about how to relax and ease your fears.  You may want to consider renting a baby heart beat monitor for your home so that you can listen to your baby's heart beat any time you want. 

While support is often given to women after experiencing a miscarriage, often times men feel unable to truly mourn the loss of their baby. Find out about typical feelings men experience after miscarriage as well as advice on grieving and how to rebuild your relationship after miscarriage in our Men and Miscarriage section. Although men many not show their emotions as much as women do, they are also grieving this loss. Find out more about how to cope with a miscarriage as a man.


Stillbirth can be a devastating type of pregnancy loss. Learn the differences between a stillbirth and a miscarriage and about the causes of stillbirth as well as warning signs that can help detect a stillbirth.

Also find out more about how to prevent this horrible pregnancy loss and about how to cope if you loose your baby in this way. Stillbirths can be a much more devasting experience than a miscarriage.

Learn more about how to minimize this risk and about what to do if you or someone you know experiences this terrible loss.

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im going through this right now for the second time. Ive had two miscarriages in the past year. im so upset. no one can give me any answers. I could really use some encouraging real life stories. because im feeling like this isn't gonna happen...and i want it more than anything else in the world. i want my baby. first one i was around 6 weeks (almost 7). this time i was almost 9 weeks. and the first pregnancy i had NO symptoms. this last one i had EVERY symptom you could possibly have! and i thought this was it...and when i went for my first ultra sound....i was sooo excited. but so scared. and once again they're was no heartbeat....i just don't know what to do. sometimes i think its not fair......why is this happening to me....what did i do to deserve this?! and the hardest part about this one can give me answers. i desperately want my baby...and it seems like ppl all around me are getting pregnant. I know it sounds bad when i think this thats why i haven't said it outloud ever....but, sometimes im idk if you'd call it jealousy or envy...but the fact that i did everything the dr.s told me to do both times....and i know sum other ppl that do everything "wrong"...and they have beautiful children. They got they're babies...and mine...are gone. the first miscarriage i had was unexpected...but i was still excited. started bleeding one night at work..and when i went into the drs. they said the baby had no heartbeat. it was hard. the hardest thing ive ever had to go through. they scheduled me for a dnc but they made me wait 4 days and the baby had already been gone for days. so before i made it for surgery i had it naturally. nothing will ever prepare you for what thats like. and especially bc i had to go the e.r. bc i was bleeding so badly. and the hospital staff treated me sooo bad. ive never been treated worse in my life. Its a long horrifying story. when i tell it ppl just can't believe it. ever since i lost my first pregnancy...i was tryin to get pregnant ever since. and almost a year later...i did it. this time i had every symptom...and i was sure this was it. bc drs say alot of women miscarry they're first one. and i went in for my ultrasound and was devestated AGAIN. i want to try again...and im not really tryin right now but im not trying to prevent it either..(uknow*). but im terrified to try it again. all i can think is....if it happens again idk what im going to do. and idk if ican go through this heart ache again. its the waiting that kills ya....waiting and wondering "is it going to be okay this time?". Im scared...and i really want a baby. the drs. don't give me answers. sometimes i think it'd be easier if they did....anyway i just thought maybe someone could give me an inspiring story. one that gives me hope. or even just to talk to someone whos going through something similar. i talk to my husband but sometimes i don't think he quite understands what im going through...he was upset to but its been two months since my 2nd miscarriage and still i think about it almost everyday. i think he's sick of me asking the same questions over and over again. and he gets upset wit me if i compare my situation wit someone elses. i just don't think its the same for the mother as it is the father. sometimes i feel like ive the one thing a women is supposed to be able to do. some ppl say "well when ur ready it will happen." well im ready....i feel like a mother...without a baby. sorry so long. just had to get it off my chest! thanks for listening and would like any input anyone has!
13 years ago
hi, i've had one normal pregnancy and two miscarriages. my son was born in 06 and i got with my current partner and have had the two miscarriages with him. the first one we found out at our 12 week scan that it was died on boxing day at 9 weeks and had to have d&c in jan 11. the second i was 5 half weeks and started bleeding, it was confirmed on my birthday that i had miscarried. and now im pregnant again i'm 4 weeks and 3 days. so scared it will happen again.
13 years ago
I have 2 beautiful girls, and each time had a beautiful this ..then we wanted a 3rd so we began period was late, 4 preg tests said negative, then I started to bleed so I thought ok this is my period and im not pregnant. I was rushed to the hospital with excrutiating pelvic pain to find out I was 9 weeks pregnant and baby was in my fellopian tube which had burst and I had severe internal bleeding, while in surgery my blood pressure dropped dangerously low and a cardiac team was call in to support me in case cardiac ressusitation was needed ....this experience almost cost me my life....and there is no explanation as to why it happened, doctors said it happens to 1 in 1000 women and it was me. So after a 6 mth recovery we try again since doctors said everything was fine, I got pregnant immediately and was so happy thinking this was my second chance and then I sad and so devastated.....and we are trying again, however Im really scared, I dont know why all this is suddenly happening to me.
13 years ago
Hallo Ladies, I am sorry for your los. Its hard to go through this painful experience. 3 days ago I went to ultrasound and the doc said I had an empty sac at 7 weeks. This i second miscarriage after anothe miscariage at 14 weeks 4it was a missed miscarriage) This time doctor give me cytotec and I micarry home. I hope that miscarriage is complete, because I dont want to go through DC procedure again. Im very sad and Im afaid if I will be pregnant again, after 2 mc. Good luck to you all
13 years ago
i have went through a pregnancy loss its not nice at all would never want to go through it again
13 years ago