Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss can be an overwhelming experience. Pregnancy-Info provides you with helpful, reliable resources on how to cope with pregnancy loss.

Learn more about what causes miscarriage, what it means for future pregnancies, how to cope with your grief over the loss, and how to move on to a successful pregnancy.  

The good news is your miscarriage most likely occurred not because of anything you did (so you don't have to feel guilty) and most women who experience a miscarriage then go on to have perfectly normal, healthy and successful pregnancies. 


Learn about different types of miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage and blighted ovum. Here you'll also find information on common miscarriage symptoms and on what factors increase the risk of miscarriage.  If you feel as though your miscarriage is due to medical negligence and you should be compensated for this, a lawyer will be able to guide you.

Did you know that your morning cup of coffee is increasing your risk of pregnancy loss? Also learn to see the signs that something might be wrong with a pregnancy and find out how you can tell the difference between normal bleeding during pregnancy and signs of a miscarriage.  

Grieving Your Loss

Grieving is an important part of coping with pregnancy loss. There are ways to honor the memory of your child as well as tips on how to cope emotionally after losing your baby.  Giving your baby a name or having a memorial service for your baby may help you to cope with your loss and begin the grieving process.

You may also need to take some time off from work to mourn your baby. Find out how to break the news to friends, family and co-workers about the loss of your pregnancy.  Also read up on when it is time to seek counseling to deal with your grief and to get the tools you need to move on past this terrible loss.

Pregnancy after miscarriage may seem like a long ways off, but eventually many couples are ready for this step. Learn about how you and your partner can prepare yourselves for pregnancy after losing a child.  

Many couples find their next pregnancy very nerve racking as they are always afraid that they will loose this next baby too.  Learn more about how to relax and ease your fears.  You may want to consider renting a baby heart beat monitor for your home so that you can listen to your baby's heart beat any time you want. 

While support is often given to women after experiencing a miscarriage, often times men feel unable to truly mourn the loss of their baby. Find out about typical feelings men experience after miscarriage as well as advice on grieving and how to rebuild your relationship after miscarriage in our Men and Miscarriage section. Although men many not show their emotions as much as women do, they are also grieving this loss. Find out more about how to cope with a miscarriage as a man.


Stillbirth can be a devastating type of pregnancy loss. Learn the differences between a stillbirth and a miscarriage and about the causes of stillbirth as well as warning signs that can help detect a stillbirth.

Also find out more about how to prevent this horrible pregnancy loss and about how to cope if you loose your baby in this way. Stillbirths can be a much more devasting experience than a miscarriage.

Learn more about how to minimize this risk and about what to do if you or someone you know experiences this terrible loss.

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I just recently had a miscarriage myself Jan 10, 2012. I had taken my first pregnancy test Dec 1, 2011 so this was like a Christmas present for me because this was something that we truly wanted and even planned for. Dec 22, 2011 I went for my first doctor's visit and ultrasound. She said I looked to be around 4 weeks pregnant then but going by the missed period in Oct I should have been roughly 7 weeks along but she wasn't worried about it so I was ok and I felt fine. On Jan 9, 2012 I woke up with light bleeding & completely flipped out. I couldnt believe this was happening but I was in no pain. I was taken to the er and by the time I got there the bleeding had slowed so much that it wasn't there whenever I used the bathroom. I thought everything would be ok and that this was just something normal considering I've read about it in a pregnancy book. They did the ultrasound and the er dr was confused because then I looked to be only 4 wks when i should have at least been 7. A team of OB/GYN drs came in and ran more tests (of course I did not like this certain dr because of her attitude) more ultrasounds were done and she said this wasn't a viable pregnancy and that I should have a "procedure" done to get rid of it (even though my cervix was still closed showing no signs of miscarriage). This dr would not explain to me what could have caused this, what happened or even what this procedure was. She told me I had 3 options, 1 wait it out to see what happens, 2 induce it with a pill (didn't explain that either) 3 do the procedure. She seemed way to excited to want to do this procedure on me especially when not explaining anything to me about it. My fiancee and I decided to wait it out to see what would happen that by some chance and miracle our baby would live. When we told her our decision she was down right mad about it and stormed out of our room. We went home, talked about it and felt good with our decision. The next evening I began cramping and the bleeding got heavier. I was taken back to the er and eventually the pain go so bad I was given a pain shot. A short time later they released me because there wasn't really anything they could do because I was already in the middle of miscarrying. From the stress, pain & the meds I got extremely sick. When I threw up that's when I passed everything at 1 time. On Jan 19, I had a check up with my OB/GYN but I wasn't able to make it now I'm having alot of discharge with a slight odor and I don't know if that's normal? I've been trying to get in touch with my dr but haven't been able to talk to her about it. The next appointment is Feb 13th but I'm still worried about this because I don't want to ruin my chances of being able to try for another baby (which isn't anytime soon for fear of losing the next pregnancy). I feel like I'm driving myself crazy just thinking about it all the time. Is this normal? Does anyone know?
12 years ago
Ok now im driving myself nuts....They checked my blood on the 13th and said my numbers were at 0, not pregnant now. But yesterday the 19th, i tested again at home because i had some brown spotting the night before and it was positive i did another test and it was positive too, very very faint but definitly there. SO what does this mean, this is way too early to tests seeing as we only had sex for the second time last saturday which was the14th...SO this is way to early to get a positive from then...Isnt it? Oh man im super confused, wondering if it is at all possible that there is still some lingering hormones left from my first miscarry? Has this ever happened to anyone, i would really love any advice. And to hthrly, i would definitly tell you to wait until you have a normal period so you dont go through all of this confusion...and make sure they track your levels down to 0. If i ever were to go though this again i think i definitly would.
12 years ago
Hi every one. I am new to this. I never thought in a million years I would be here seeking help. I recently had a miscarriage 01/09/12. I had been spotting for a couple of days but pregnancy was far from my mind, I had not been pg in 9yrs. Spotting is normal for me, i have irregular periods. Last year I had maybe 4 total. On Monday i thought the discomfort i was feeling was starting my period, it all happened so quickly. I put a pad on, took midol, went to the rr & i felt something come out & i looked in the toilet & there was my baby. I was hysterical, I was alone. I call my husband, he immediately left work & picked me up & we rushed to the hospital. I was freaking out that I was pg. How could I not know??!! I kept asking myself that question. While at the hospital, they ran test only to confirm what I already knew that I was pg but had miscarried. I was devastated. Maybe if I had known sooner I would still be pg. The dr's believed I was about 12 weeks. They gave me no answers as to how or why. They said everything had come out so they sent me home after 4 hours. They did not give me any kind of medication. i continued to cramp & bleed. 2 days later I felt like I was having contractions & i pushed & out came the placenta. How could I have passed everything but still have the placenta?? I was still passing tissue a couple of days after that. Now for the past 3 days no more tissue. Past 2 days no more bleeding. Of course now I want a baby so badly. GOD has blessed me w/2 boys, 12 & 9. I thought I was done having children,but now after this whole ordeal, I want another 1. Now my question is, is it ok to TTC now? Should I wait til my OB appt next week? Please help. I am so sorry for all the losses, I understand each & every one of you.....
12 years ago
I am very scared because I realized today that I'm pregnant and I did drugs 3 days ago, I smoke cigarettes, weed, drink alcohol, do not do not want my baby is born with problems you may only have 15 days of pregnancy my son goes wrong or problems? I'm not going to do but go back with what I did is wrong PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT I DO.....???
12 years ago
Hi im new to this...and just wondering if anyone has had this happen or could help me figure this out. I was almost 12 weeks and miscarried at home,dec, 20th.. i went in and they decided to do a d&c bc there was still a bit left. Had that done went home and i bled for about 5 days. Now on January 4th i needed an xray so they asked if i could be pregnant and i said highly doubtful only having sex 1 time since d&c, so they said they would have to check and it came back positive, so they checked my numbers and i was at 14, so my dr said he really thought this was a new pregnancy. Which i was totally shocked, and thinking that it must be left over hormones from my miscarry. I was spotting brown for a few days, but something just did not feel right and now on the 7th i had bright red blood heavy, and feeling of pressure. So what do you think? Pregnancy or just first period back after d&c? I really wish they had of checked my blood levels to see where they were at so i could just know if this was a new pregnancy or not. I also didnt really feel pregnant it was different from the last in the begining. Any info would be lovely. Thanks
12 years ago