Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss can be an overwhelming experience. Pregnancy-Info provides you with helpful, reliable resources on how to cope with pregnancy loss.

Learn more about what causes miscarriage, what it means for future pregnancies, how to cope with your grief over the loss, and how to move on to a successful pregnancy.  

The good news is your miscarriage most likely occurred not because of anything you did (so you don't have to feel guilty) and most women who experience a miscarriage then go on to have perfectly normal, healthy and successful pregnancies. 


Learn about different types of miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage and blighted ovum. Here you'll also find information on common miscarriage symptoms and on what factors increase the risk of miscarriage.  If you feel as though your miscarriage is due to medical negligence and you should be compensated for this, a lawyer will be able to guide you.

Did you know that your morning cup of coffee is increasing your risk of pregnancy loss? Also learn to see the signs that something might be wrong with a pregnancy and find out how you can tell the difference between normal bleeding during pregnancy and signs of a miscarriage.  

Grieving Your Loss

Grieving is an important part of coping with pregnancy loss. There are ways to honor the memory of your child as well as tips on how to cope emotionally after losing your baby.  Giving your baby a name or having a memorial service for your baby may help you to cope with your loss and begin the grieving process.

You may also need to take some time off from work to mourn your baby. Find out how to break the news to friends, family and co-workers about the loss of your pregnancy.  Also read up on when it is time to seek counseling to deal with your grief and to get the tools you need to move on past this terrible loss.

Pregnancy after miscarriage may seem like a long ways off, but eventually many couples are ready for this step. Learn about how you and your partner can prepare yourselves for pregnancy after losing a child.  

Many couples find their next pregnancy very nerve racking as they are always afraid that they will loose this next baby too.  Learn more about how to relax and ease your fears.  You may want to consider renting a baby heart beat monitor for your home so that you can listen to your baby's heart beat any time you want. 

While support is often given to women after experiencing a miscarriage, often times men feel unable to truly mourn the loss of their baby. Find out about typical feelings men experience after miscarriage as well as advice on grieving and how to rebuild your relationship after miscarriage in our Men and Miscarriage section. Although men many not show their emotions as much as women do, they are also grieving this loss. Find out more about how to cope with a miscarriage as a man.


Stillbirth can be a devastating type of pregnancy loss. Learn the differences between a stillbirth and a miscarriage and about the causes of stillbirth as well as warning signs that can help detect a stillbirth.

Also find out more about how to prevent this horrible pregnancy loss and about how to cope if you loose your baby in this way. Stillbirths can be a much more devasting experience than a miscarriage.

Learn more about how to minimize this risk and about what to do if you or someone you know experiences this terrible loss.

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katie louise
I miscarried in December I was ment to be 11weeks but baby stopped at 7weeks. I was wondering how long after can I get pregnant cause me and my boyfriend want another baby. We have already got one healthy little boy and we want another little one but scared i will gave another miscarriage if its too soon. How long after a miscarriage does your period start
11 years ago
i miscarried in 2009 towards three months, i again miscarried last year at three months. my gayno took something from womb and send it to the lab for some tests, they find nothing wrong, iam not sure why it has to happen to me. Iam six weeks iam scared, praying and hoping that this one must live for me, iam now 39 and also that is a problem, but i really need this baby, i have only one son he is 20 now
12 years ago
this month has been strange for me i have a 32 day cycle. And its regular but i ovulated then after ovulation i had clear egg whites cervical mucus and prego symptoms to go with it then i took a hpt faint positive the noticed brown spotting 4 days before due period that i assumed turned into a period or early misscaragr because it was heavy andclotting that lasted 3 days not normal for my period now im light spotting red and brown blood ugh... can anybody shed light??
12 years ago
hi there...I have experienced two miscarriages in a row now. One in Dec 2011 when i miscarried at 7 weeks. Next time we tried in July 2012...everything was going well, we also heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks ultrasound though the doctor said since the amniotic fluid around the baby is low, the pregnancy might not sustain.After 2 weeks, had another ultrasound just to find that the baby does not have a heartbeat and stopped growing at 10.5 weeks. Devastated and dont know what to do next??? :(
12 years ago
Hi, I have read some of your stories and though sad, I was relieved to know that I am not alone. I recently had a still birth and it has been devastating for my family and I. It was my first daughter. I was 35 weeks pregnant, visiting my gyn often and also going to Ante-natal clinic. One morning I woke up and did not have any movements after breakfast, when I went to the A&E they could not find no heartbeat. I was at my gyn just the day before, so you could imagine what I was going through. Throughout the pregnancy, I had no problems, just the usual preg symptoms. They did an autopsy when the baby was born but could give no reason for the death, just said that it was unexplained. It has been 3 months now and we are still trying to come to terms with the death of our baby girl. I do feel for all of you who experienced a still birth or even a miscarriage, the pain is the same but may be a little worst for a still birth. I know we need to work together to get over it but forums like these have been helping me out alot, so thanks guys for sharing your experience on this site. Good luck to all of you who will be trying again. ( I intend to!!!)
12 years ago