Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss can be an overwhelming experience. Pregnancy-Info provides you with helpful, reliable resources on how to cope with pregnancy loss.

Learn more about what causes miscarriage, what it means for future pregnancies, how to cope with your grief over the loss, and how to move on to a successful pregnancy.  

The good news is your miscarriage most likely occurred not because of anything you did (so you don't have to feel guilty) and most women who experience a miscarriage then go on to have perfectly normal, healthy and successful pregnancies. 


Learn about different types of miscarriage, including recurrent miscarriage and blighted ovum. Here you'll also find information on common miscarriage symptoms and on what factors increase the risk of miscarriage.  If you feel as though your miscarriage is due to medical negligence and you should be compensated for this, a lawyer will be able to guide you.

Did you know that your morning cup of coffee is increasing your risk of pregnancy loss? Also learn to see the signs that something might be wrong with a pregnancy and find out how you can tell the difference between normal bleeding during pregnancy and signs of a miscarriage.  

Grieving Your Loss

Grieving is an important part of coping with pregnancy loss. There are ways to honor the memory of your child as well as tips on how to cope emotionally after losing your baby.  Giving your baby a name or having a memorial service for your baby may help you to cope with your loss and begin the grieving process.

You may also need to take some time off from work to mourn your baby. Find out how to break the news to friends, family and co-workers about the loss of your pregnancy.  Also read up on when it is time to seek counseling to deal with your grief and to get the tools you need to move on past this terrible loss.

Pregnancy after miscarriage may seem like a long ways off, but eventually many couples are ready for this step. Learn about how you and your partner can prepare yourselves for pregnancy after losing a child.  

Many couples find their next pregnancy very nerve racking as they are always afraid that they will loose this next baby too.  Learn more about how to relax and ease your fears.  You may want to consider renting a baby heart beat monitor for your home so that you can listen to your baby's heart beat any time you want. 

While support is often given to women after experiencing a miscarriage, often times men feel unable to truly mourn the loss of their baby. Find out about typical feelings men experience after miscarriage as well as advice on grieving and how to rebuild your relationship after miscarriage in our Men and Miscarriage section. Although men many not show their emotions as much as women do, they are also grieving this loss. Find out more about how to cope with a miscarriage as a man.


Stillbirth can be a devastating type of pregnancy loss. Learn the differences between a stillbirth and a miscarriage and about the causes of stillbirth as well as warning signs that can help detect a stillbirth.

Also find out more about how to prevent this horrible pregnancy loss and about how to cope if you loose your baby in this way. Stillbirths can be a much more devasting experience than a miscarriage.

Learn more about how to minimize this risk and about what to do if you or someone you know experiences this terrible loss.

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hi there, my hubby & i have had an experience which was not as bad but this is what we experienced. i was 10weeks had morning sickness like i had never experienced, this was a sat in july just gone, i felt sick, my back hurt so i had a nice bath, when i got out i noticed slight bleeding so my hubby to me to our local ed, here they said take 2 panadol go home & rest so i did. sunday i woke up still slight bleeding by monday it was like a fast flowing river, i was put into another hospital where they ran every test possible, i had internal ultra sound which confirmed a mc, this was horrible & i didnt understand why this was happening. we have 4 beautiful children who are healthy. lastweek i was told i had a natural mc which ment no d&c for me. but the bleeding as been on & off for the last few weeks, but just lately it has gotten heavier. my hubby has been so supportive of me as i have to him. we are looking forward to dec/jan for us to try again. i feel for all husbands & wives who have been or going through a mc, my thoughts are with each of you at this sad time.
12 years ago
Mom often
I am a proud mom of two and reciently underwent the most caotic ordeal of my life and wanted to share my story. Sorry its really Long but as you read on you will understand why. I am so sorry for all of your losses. . I decided to post this to help anyone else having a miscarriage because I know this was a sanctuary to me when I was having my miscarriage. I thought I had a light period in may which was not abnormal for me it only lasted a few days then that following Sunday I started to poor with blood. I have never been a heavy bleeder however my mom did get endometriosis in her early 30s so,I thought o no maybe that was happening. Went home bled through a tampon in two seconds, pad in half hour this continued for about three days. I was a little worried but I was not panicked. Then a bunch of clots started to come out, one big egg sized one in particular and I thought OMG I am having a miscarriage. Denying it to myself kept going about a week later the bleeding let up so I thought hey I am in the clear. Went swimming, hiking, just ignoring what had just happened. At dollar store looking around decided to get a test, took it and it ca,e up positive. I have two children have never had one day positive unless it was. So, no I am freaking out. Maybe there were twins, maybe one still alive. Then that night go into sever labor pains, worse than having my son, lasted for hours. Got up and a bunch more fell out. Thinking I am in the clear, hoping it was all gone, I continued to bleed and bleed. Finally went to er after getting weak n dizzy. They confirmed my miscarriage and sent me home to follow up with dr. This doctor gives me cytotec twice to help me with this miscarriage, it does nothing except give me gas bubbles and the worst diarrhea I have ever experienced. Finally gonna give me a d and c well I have no insurance so now they are requiring a 2700 $ down payment to get this tissue out of my body, which has been over a month now. So, I can't come up with that amount so I find a womens clinic who takes straight cash and today I had it done. I took the gas only did not want to be put under they scraped and vacuumed me out which I felt all of. I sit up and start pouring blood like a horror movie, chunks, blood pouring. I am trying not to panic, I started to cry the nurse came in and looked horrified. Put my clothes on while dripping blood all over everything. Went to bathroom, filled up toilet. She went told doctor came in gave me a shot in arm to stop bleeding and rushed me back. They gave me another d and c they had not gotten all out so I was hemorrhagen. I had no anesthesia, I felt whole thing then they proceeded to stab my uterus over and over with some injection til I started to contract he said I know this hurts but have to til you stop or you will be rushed to hospital. So now the ordeal is finally over, my bleeding under control and am on bed rest. I only wanted to share my long saga to help anyone else out there who has had major complications--- your not alone
12 years ago
Hello everyone. I haven't been on here for a couple of months. Tomorrow marks 5 months since my MC. I have yet to become pregnant again :/. Yet it seems like everyone around me is. I read every one of your stories and I pray not only for myself but everyone of you. It's a difficult circumstance that we are all going through. Having this forum makes it a little easier to try and cope with this. God bless each and every one of us :)
12 years ago
After already havin a 5 years old who we adore i foud out i was round 5 weeks pregnant we were so excited! i woke 1 night in agony though n had a spotting of blood which panicked me as id never had this with my 1st child! after ring the epu the next day they didnt seemed concerned at all! and asked me to go in for early scan the following week, they cudnt see anything but said i cud b too early still, i went exactly a week later and still nothing, at this point they sed they were concerned so after yet another week of waiting another scan revealed the preg sac hadnt grown and i had miscarried, i had a d&c done the following week i was devestated! i bled for around 10 days after d&c however this didnt start until 4 days after the procedure had been not sure if this is period or not anyway been back docs today 5 weeks on and i have a uti now but doc sed to carry out test as i cud be pregnant if her dates were right i was due a period 3 days ago and had nothing! i did a clearblue test which sed postive (faint line tho) n 2 cheaper ones which say negative......i dont know what to think now im confused and very anxious! but i have read up that your hormone levels can still be high after miscarriage, although the doctor didnt advise me of this! anyone else had a similar experience??
12 years ago
I had my son when I was 18, he is now healthy and will be 5 next month. Since then I had a miscarriage in March of 2010 and a second on Christmas of 2010. Then in march of this year I found out I was pregnant again and I was excited. I had cramping the whole time up until spotting in the beginning of the 6th week. I went to the emergency room and they gave me a u/s and said the baby's heartbeat was strong and everything was fine. I wasn't at ease though because I had no symptoms with the son and then the d/c the second time around 6 weeks as well. So two days later I went back to emergency room with heavier bleeding and the babies heartbeat was under 100 by then. I passed the baby the next night at home, it literally was in my hand. I was so sad. Today almost 2 months later I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I'm highly nervous and anxious for my u/s on Wednesday. I started moderate cramping yesterday and I don't want this to be my 4th miscarriage in a row:(
12 years ago