Am I Pregnant 4

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Grandpa Viv - September 25

Acorn, a faint positive is encouragement enough. Wait a few days and try again - the line should be getting stronger. In the short term, say a day, the hormone levels may fluctuate depending on the time of day and how much you had to drink recently. It's not clear when you might have ovulated and got pregnant, probably a week or ten days ago. Test again next Saturday using first morning pee. GL!


acoriana85 - September 26

Grandpa Viv - thank you so much ,you the best :)


acoriana85 - September 26

Grandpa Viv -thank you so much :)


acoriana85 - September 27

Grandpa Viv -i dont know what to do ,im getting really nervous with all this , my last period was on aug30 ,today is sept27 and no period yet ,i took a pregnancy test 4 days ago it showed faint positive after that i all i get is negatives ,and i feel so pregnant is it to early to know ?? so what happened to the faint positive 4 days ago and all these negatives ones after :( i think the negative should have showed on the first one and then the faint positive after no ?? im really sad ,i was starting to believe that i was pregnant,i went to the doctor yesterday and i did a urine test there and it was negative ,she told me to wait till next week and test it again :(


Grandpa Viv - September 27

We're hoping with you. Usually a faint positive will get stronger as the days go by, but if that is not the case it may have been a swing and a miss. Are your other early pregnancy signs getting stronger? Just follow the doc's advice - use first morning pee. GL!


acoriana85 - September 27

Grandpa Viv - for some reason all the signs i was having b4 is now gone :( , that's weird tho cause it was that only one test that showed faint positive and after that it was around 4 negative testes !!!!thanks grandpa


acoriana85 - September 27

Grandpa Viv - sorry i cant even write right ,what i meant to say was i still have all the pregnancy signs ,and my b___bs are getting bigger and bigger everyday !!!hungry and peeing alot and i was thinking that it could be an affection but my doctor said that i dont have any !!! idk what this could be


Grandpa Viv - September 28

If you keep having signs and no positive test, you could ask the doctor to check for a cyst. I think another couple of tests at one week intervals would be in order before you take that step. GL!


acoriana85 - September 28

Grandpa Viv - i had some bleeding last night it start something like a brownish spot then something like pink but not heavy its ,ore like when i wipe myself ,and my mouth feels like watery i feeling like puking !!!


bm76 - October 10

Hello, I am hoping you can help. I had my peroide on Sept 24th I was 3 days late. My period came on the 24th in the evening and I was done by Wed night. My husband and I had s_x on Sept 1st Sept 6th twice in one day and Sept 8th. We are trying to have a baby and just wanted to know if we are having enough s_x.


bm76 - October 10

Sorry I ment to say Oct 1st, Oct 6th twice in one day and Oct 8th. thnks.


Grandpa Viv - October 10

bm, that schedule should be enough to get you pregnant inside a few months. If you have a regular 28 day cycle, you can expect to ovulate around CD14. Sept 24 + 14 = Oct 8, so the 6th or the 8th would have been on target. Do you know your signs of ovulation - fertile mucus, high libido, cervix soft high open wet. maybe a brief ovulation cramp? Sperm can last in you for several days or more, but the egg only lasts for one day. GL!


bm76 - October 11

Hi Grandpa Viv - I know when I am ovulating, but its not the same when I was younger. I just turned 36 and have a 15 yr old daughter, so the signs are much different. My periods are between 24 to 26 days this was the first time in ages that it came on number 27. I was on the IUD for 5yrs will that have an impact because i have heard differents things. Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - October 11

Age makes a difference - six months of trying may be a better estimate.Was that a Mirena IUD with hormones? It may be a few months before you get back to normal. Why not learn about temperature charting to see what is going on. Your s_x schedule was on target and sufficient. GL!


bm76 - October 11

I was on the Mirena is there a Mirena with hormones or is the same thing? I have been off it since March of 2012.


Grandpa Viv - October 12

Mirena is the IUD that releases hormones. Six months should be more than enough for the after effects to leave. Now it is a matter of time. Keep up the on-target bd. The day before ovulation is supposed to be the most fertile. GL!



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