ANYONE Test BFN Then Days Later Get BFP

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patty - October 6

hi-i am 4 days late for af-tested this morning got BFN. I would like to test again, when should i test ? and has this happened to anyone-they were LATE for af-tested the !st time to get BFN -then waited a bit and got a BFP? my periods are irregular , but i usually have short cycles-now this one is long-which is odd for me. help ! ttc for & months.


patty - October 6

has this happened to anyone-?


Amanda - October 6

I have heard other ladies say that they didnt get their BFPs until 18-22 dpo. I would wait until this weekend and then test again if af doesnt show up.


karen - October 6

has anyone gotten a bfp after a officially missed af--and how long after ?


Emily - October 6

Patty, I have heard of a lot of people who test neg at first. It all depends on how much hormorne is in your urine and how sensitive the test is. First Responce says it can give you a result three days beofre you missed af. Also it is best to use your first morning urine casue it will have the highest concentraition of hormone in it, however it isn't always nessicary. I have tested pos in the mid of teh afternoon as well as at night. Again it depends on the amount of hormone in the urine. Good Luck to you.


Danielle - October 6

i took hpt 2 days late for af it was very light positive so i went to the doc both there urine and blood was neg, then 5 days later went back to the doc and both blood and pee were psitive then


me too - October 6

i didnt get a BFP until in was its just a matter of wait. i have my appointment to see the doc this dust


patty - October 7

thanks for your replies and good luck !anyone else have experiences to share ?


Trish - October 7

Hello everyone. I think understand where you all are coming from. I have irregular periods so I dont know when my ovulation date is. However, on holiday we bd on couple of days and the last date bd was 27th Sept. Since I have come back, I have felt sudden increase in weight, I have been feeling so tired and sleep averge 11 hours each day. I am currently suffering from bloatiness and stomach aches in my belly. I did a test on 01st Oct and it came negative. I dont know when I should test for pregnacy. I got my periods on 7th August (get them every 2-3 months). Has anyone felt like this before but got neg results?


patty - October 7

yeah.---my periods are irregular in the sense that i get them too often---- every 21 days---some months 26--some 28---but generally not more that 35 days apart. when should i test again. if i dont get af----i tested yesterday (bfn) ----af was late 5 days when i tested yesterday.(average count )


Trish - October 8

Hello. Just tested this morning and got BFP... Yup I am pregnant, cant believe it that I conceived straightaway. Baby dust to all xx


Athena - October 8

Congrats Trish!! Do you know how far along you are? Did it take a long time for a BFP to show up?


To Danielle - October 8

How late were you when you got the negative blood test? And how late were you when you got the positive blood test?


Trish - October 9

I think I conceived around between 15th Sep-27. I tested last Saturday and it was BFN. This week it was so clear and I think I am around 2 weeks pregnant (but could be more). I got the symptoms straightaway like bloatiness, tender b___sts, fatigue and I was sleeping average 12 hours per day. I am going to see the doctor on tuesday, hopefully then I will go more details. I would suggest f you do feel your body changing and keep getting BFN, then try after a few days.


To Trish - October 9

I am like you, I have irregular periods. Mine are about 8-9 weeks apart. I had my lst AF on 8/10. I have 6 other children, so I know what it feels like to be pg. I have all of the sympts. except nausea, that is just faintly there. I have all they sympts. you have, only I don't get to sleep 11 hours because of kids and work, but I am exhausted all of the time. I had a BFP on a digital on 9/19, but on 9/20 blood test was neg and urine was neg at the docs. He told me to ignore it, that I'm not pg. I tried, but the sympts are getting stronger. I feel crazy, my hb is a little annoyed with me visiting this site, but I know that there are others that feel this way. My cv is mostly high and soft, sometimes it is low, but still soft and still closed. How long did you get neg, before you got a pos? What type of test did you take? I have been trying with everything, but went to dollar tree and got some there. Someone on this site said that they aren't good. What are your thoughts. Sorry so long


Trish - October 10

Sorry to hear you are not well and having trouble figuring out whats really wrong with you. I used a pregnancy tests which is not branded and is relatively cheap but showed results straightaway. At first, I think I may have tried a week or so after conceiving which is probably why it was neg straightaway. But then due to my irregular cycle, I dont know how to interpret it. I have read on some threads there are others like you who are experiencing the same symptoms as you but when they test or went to the doctors, tests all came out neg. Suggest you go back to your doctor's and request a scan. I am going to hopefully find out more details on my pregnancy tomorrow or a little later when I see the doctor.


Ncramsfs - January 1

this is me currently! i tested at 2 days late and 4 days late to get bfn then at 8 days late i tested again and it was positive (the second line was faint) but it was positive . hang in there, theres hope



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