Can You Still Have A Period While Pg

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AnicoleA - January 21

Okay i have a question..Me and my boyfriend has had unprotected s_x and i think i might be pregnant, i been having lower back pains, my b___bs are getting bigger(but they dont hurt), i feel like i have waves in my stomach at times....I feel sick( but i have not thrown up).I'm tired all i want to do is stay in the bed it's like my energy is gone... i came on my period for three days the first 2 days it was heavy, but the 3rd day it was only after i use the restroom i would spot a little...I dont what to think.It's drivin me crazy....PLEASE HELP!!!


mikesbma - February 9

The 3rd week of Jan I had unprotected s_x with my husband 5 days before my period I had my period on the 26th of Jan, one day late. No big deal. It only lasted 3 days the first two days were fairly light without but the last day was kind of heavier with clots. 5 days after that I had intercourse again it wasnt rough or dry but I started bleeding again for about 1.5 days no clots. For the last month I've been nauseous and irritable, little light-headed, headaches. Could I be pg? My periods are fairly normal and never this abnormal? Help...


imblest11 - May 27

Hi Ladies, I think that I might possibly be pregnant. My husband and i have been using the Natural Family Planning method of birth control where you just keep track of when you ovulate to know when it is safe to do it and not get pregnant. Well, I usually get cramps the day of my ovulation and then again the next day. Then I wait 5 days before we have intercourse. Well this time I waited the 5 days, but inbetween there I had another day of cramps (2 days after my 2nd day of cramps) now I'm not possitive of when I ovulated. Well then I was 5 days late on my period, but I have started, But I had had period pains at the time that I should've had my period but wasn't...and I don't usually get cramps before my period except for when I ovulate and then of course when I'm on my period....but not right before. I had taken a pregnancy test the 1st day I was late for my period and it was negative. Do you think that i might still be pregnant? or could all this just be from stress or something?


concern diana - July 17

I have my period n still be pregnant..I didn't get that pre symptoms of my period at all..n I had unprotected s_x twice 1 at 3 weeks ago n another three days ago...n idk if I should get a pregnancy test afther I got my period idkd what 2 do


Qudsia - October 26

I have 1 kid, whose 1 yrs old, and had regular periods, but this time i had almost 3 day periods...this is happin for the first time, and it was jus lil heavy the 2 day, so can it be that im pregnant???


c-iredale - November 15

YES!!! With my first baby I had a light period for 3 months! I thought nothing of it just a light period. Then I got realy sick with worse then usual migranes and just c___ppy headaches everyday. My boyfriend suggested maybe a test and I laughed at him,but to humor him I took it. It was neg a week later h ave e nother and asked me to try another neg. Finally the third month I took another at his request and I got a possitive! It took 3 months for the Hcg level to show. With my second I had not spotting just new I was prego! Now I am going throught the same c___p as the first time all negative tests but feel prego and know in my gut that I am. The Docs wont do blood because I have had so many neg urine results. So now I am basically waiting until I have a big basketball belly so I can say .... I told you so!!!! LOL!!


Lokita863 - January 29

I NEED HELP!! me & my boyfriend are trying to get pregnant,we have been trying for a few months now and i havnt had my period for 3 months going on 4 in Feb.Ive put on 30 pounds! in a short amount of time,wich isnt usual at all for me! it takes me atleast 2 1/2 yrs to put on that much weight.But since i havnt had my pd n so long,ive taken 6 preg. tests. 5 were the dollar ones but then everyone keeps tellin me that they dont work as good so i got a first response test and it also came back negative.=[ im a little confused on whats going on with me. If i try to eat or drink ANYTHING..even water,i feel like I could throw it up. And when I walk for even short distances my lower left back begins to hurt tremendously where I have to stop and rest. Is it possible that im pregnant and my pregnancy hormones aren't showing up to the pregnancy tests? LADIES PLEASE HELP ME!


ldcheer43 - February 12

So I started to have excessive discharge and peeing alot, so i thought i might of been pregnant but then i started spotting and then got a light period which turned into a heavier period and back to a lighter period which this happended for a couple of days back and forth. While i was bleeding i was having very painful cramping and really bad headaches. Could I be pregnant still or could I have been having a miscarriage? I took a pregnancy test while i was bleeding but it was negative...also my belly sometimes feels very weird, like a nausea feeling but i dont need to throw up. My bleeding has stopped now and im really not feeling anything but maybe sometimes a weird feeling in my stomach...please let me know if anyone has had the same feelings and was pregnant because i wanna baby so bad...


unsure_92 - February 15

hey i got my period 26th Jan it lasted 6days and 6days after it finished i started ovulating and i had had s_x on 2 of those fertile days... Why would i ovulated so soon????


ash80 - February 17

I just need an advice from you. I am 29 yrs old ,married and looking to start our family(this will be my first child). i usually have regular cycle of 28 days and so as i have understood i would ovulate every 14th day, which is not always true so i a__sume it to be between 12-16 days.. well as i have learned from ur videos, i had my last to last period on the night of 13 dec 2008 and i a__sumed i would ovulate then on 26 or 27 , and me and my husband made love during those times. Soon After which i felt almost all the familiar symptoms of pregnancy which i have not expreienced before like b___st tender to touch, nausea, fatigue,back pain, leg pain, strong instinct and also dizziness sometimes. but on 10th Jan 2009 night , i started bleeding again but that was not like the normal ones i used to have earlier. i had sharp pain , cramping and extreme leg pain. infact it was followed by fever as well . and i bleeded till 12th night and on 13th it was just spotting. I was worried but since i did home preg. test (Clearblue) twice and it showed negative. I believed that it could be some hormonal change and so took it lightly then .This time i was expecting to ovulate between 22-26th of jan and so me and my hubby mad love b/w these days. i even bought ovulation predictor and tested for days and on 24th saw two dark lines on that day and made love on 22,24,25,26. As per 28 days cycle, i should have period on 7th feb and sad part is again i started bleeding exactly on 7th. This time no pain, just a little cramp a day before. But the preiod was light for 2 days , and on third day which is today its just spotting. But i would mention this month i expeirenced not much sign of pregnancy except fatigue and back pain. I know its a long mail and you would automatically suggest me to go to GP for this. However as i have so much faith in u ,i felt some guidance from you would definetly help. One important thing , i again did pregnancy test today i.e, 9 feb 209( using local saisnbury one) and it came out negative. I am afraid and sad why this time after so much of good timing, the positive result didnt show up and why am i having small periods and also why i had so abnormal thing happening to my body during jan( my first month of trying). Also i m not going thrugh any stress and living a very happy married life. I have never been on contraceptive pills. If at all i bothered u , i m genuinely sorry for that. But u have really done a great job by putting such informative guidance up there. Many thanks kirsty. God bless u


ash80 - February 17

hi all coming to this forum for the first time and as i have just started looking to start my family, have noticed faint bleeding that lasted not more than two days and been very light with spotting ending by 4 days. i have already explained my situation in the text above. i am going through a big dilema and so have refered to many experienced people on net. but didnt get an answer.. just copied and pasted the text again to see if any of u expreiencing the same and any guidance available from you in this regard. Kindly let me know if i need to refer to gp or do preg test again. or just look ahead.. god bless u all baby dust on u cheers


CindY - February 23

i don't know and i'm kinda scared.. i was spotting brown for 5 days on Feb 1-5 and then on Feb 9 started my period and ended the 13 and then Feb 23 i'm spotting pink stuff...which is wierd so anyone have a clue what may be going on?


confusedandfrusterated - August 15

I have been off birth control for more than a month now and having unprotected s_x the entire time. my period was due a week and a half ago. i had been experiencing early signs of prgnancy for the last couple of weeks. last night, however, i started experiencing a very light brownish colored discharge when i wiped. then about an hour ago i got what looks like my period. now am having cramps. im worried i may have miscarried or may not have been pregnant at all. I did not get tested but really thought i may have been prgnant. could i still be pregnant even though my period came a week and a half late. or should i give up hope.


Jo1988 - August 26

Hi, im so confussed can anyone help. I have been having pregancy symptoms like sore b___bs and nipples, really tired sometimes exusted, bloted, consipation, peeling alot. I have done a couple of pregancy tests and they have been negative and also i have had my periods, i have known someone whom has had there periods whilst pregant, has anyone else? How comon is this? I just really feel pregant its weired, maybe i dont have enough homons in my body to indicate pregancy. Please coment, need help!!!


mrswg - October 8

Hello all, so here is my deal. My last true period was July 30th, In Aug my period was 4days late and only lasted 4 days. A normal period will last me 5 to 6 days has been this way since the birth of my last child 15yrs ago. In Sept my period arrived as planed but only lasted 3days this time. I have taken over 15 PG home test over the last couple of months and all have come back negative. Now I'm starting to see some symptoms, lots of peeing, headache, feeling queasy after meals, backaches, tired and my appet_te has increased. Could I be pregnant, its been so long since I've been pregnant I can't remember if this is normal for me or not. All help is appreciated.


scsm - October 13

Phyonix: Take a test to be sure, but coming off the pill can totally whack your system out for a few months. it took a good friend of mine over 4 months before she ever got another period. And to all: Yes, you can...I had a light pink period the day my real AF was due, but it lasted for three days and was ultra light. I took a test a couple of days later and it was POS. I was on the pill at the time and VERY good about taking it (so much for 99.9% LOL) With my daughter, I got a period at 8 weeks RIGHT when my normal period would have been due. Doc said that the body can still be cycling even though you are pregnant. If you are past due for your period by any significant amount, in most cases you would get an accurate test. If it says negative, it's probably negative, but a blood test would be more conclusive. Best of luck all!!



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