When Is It O K To Get Your Nails Done

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Karen - April 8

My nail technician is pregnant but has decided to carry on working. She sought a lot of advice before deciding to stay at work and is happy that it is ok for her as long as she takes sensible precautions. She runs her salon at home and since becomming prenant about 2 months ago has cut down her hours of work. The last time I saw her she had started wearing extra protective clothing including a face mask and latex gloves to protect her lungs and expousure to her skin, and safety gla__ses to cover her eyes. She changed her face mask fequently and took breaks after each client. She was also very cautious about handling the chemicals and not spilling them. Apparently alot of nail salon workers carry on working through pregnancy


inuk-mama - July 25

wow am i glad i found this! i went to get my nails done a few weeks ago, and normally when i go in i get gel nails but the tech said that since i'm pregnant we would have to do acrylic or nothing! i really don't like acrylics as every time i've had them it's been a bad experience but i did it because i wanted my nails done! (my husband had sent me out to do it as a treat) i guess i'll be finding another nail salon now!!


Morons annoy me - August 22

I can't believe that most of you are more interested in yourselves than your unborn children. Why do you think nail techs wear masks? They used to say Thalidomide was safe and look what happened there! I think most of you are idiots how can you say it is SAFE? Have you done research on the chemicals used in any of the nail products, acrilyic or gel? You are putting chemical compounds onto your body, do you not think that the body will not absorb some of the compounds? The majority of you have said it is safe when in fact you have absolutely no idea. Why can't you just get a reg manicure done instead?


Pink Ladies Salon - January 16

Just because it has an odour, does not mean its harmful! Its common sense not to over expose yourself and your baby to chemicals like exhaust fumes, cleaning products, hairspray, perfumes. all are dangerous if breathed in, in large quant_ties. Im a CREATIVE master nail technician and have been fully qualified in all aspects of nails and beauty for years, Im highly educated and currently running my own nail salon "Pink Ladies". When I do nails, its done in very SAFE small quant_ties, in well ventilated areas, air conditioners and fans are used, windows open etc. Like with any chemical, over exposure, in great quant_ties like Gloss Painting with no ventilation for days, drinking acetone, bleach, painting all your skin in nail polish, would be very harmful some effects would make you very ill, vomiting, dizziness and headaches. etc But you would never do that! Products nail techs are highly skilled in using, are sculpted/painted onto the nail plate only and most are dry in minutes. Please STAY AWAY from MMA acrylic often done at cheap nail bars where they drill the nail plate and wear masks etc. that has been related to causing nervous system problems, pains in fingers. Its also banned in some us states. All nail products are a form of acrylic, most products like CND have been tried and scientifically tested since the 1970s, no strong links have been found relating foetus allergies/problems and having your nails done. if your concerned visit your G.P for a doctors note and get a MSDS from your nail technician which lists all chemicals in (safety data sheets). In the first 3 months of pregnancy, things can be harmful, like dying your hair, eating shell fish, using aromatherapy oils. So wait till your 6 months! or grow your own......


Orange Point Killorglin - January 1

As a nail technician, salon owner and the proud mother of one I would never recomend to have any form of artificial nails done during pregnancy or after born of baby. I always try to find best way of advising my customers whats best for them not just looking for the profit. In your case the best option would be to put your own nails back on track by going through introduced by my anti bite treatment. Takes 6 weeks and your nails with my little help and your good strong will will become something to be proud of not asheme. Good luck!! Kate



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