When Is It O K To Get Your Nails Done

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to layla - October 5

You know what im glad you asked that question coz i was thinking the same thing. So the baby breathes in some stuff? i dont quite get how or why this is such a huge issue, ppl breathe in c___p all the time.


Jessica - October 7

Ladies Methyl methacrylate, or MMA It is dangeras to you but there is insufficient data to determine if it is harmful to the fetus. But in my opinion if it can and will harm you it is not good for the baby. www.beautytech.com/articles/mmafactsheet.htm - 27k there are so many sites so if you type acrylic nails and MMA into google it will bring up all that you could ever want to know about it. I would suggest that you look through at least the firs page and read the discriptions of the web sites. O and if you want to know whats in the product ask for a material saftey data sheet and your tech can get them from their suppliers.


Amber - October 10

My sister had a habbit of doing that to and she got hers done well she was told not to get them done till she was about 4 months


marie - October 18

I'm a licensed nail technician and have been doing nails for a good 10+ years. What the other techs have said is good advice - stay away from discount "chop shop" type of salons. MMA is nothing to mess around with. It has proven to be fatal in extreme cases. Also, you should look into the nail polish you're wearing. Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are in almost every major nail polish. Revlon is one of the only ones I know to NOT have phthalates in it. Their polishes state they're toulene and formaldahyde free as well. There have been studies and there was even a news study on my local news channel talking about how phthalates can harm us and our unborn children. The news broadcast talked to a mother to a child born with genitalia birth defects. Long story short - the child is a hermaphadite and it was linked back to the phthalates in her beauty products, mostly the nail products she used. According to website http://www.nottoopretty.org/ they say this: Hundreds of animal studies have shown that phthalates can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the reproductive system, especially the developing testes. Phthalates are found in many leading beauty care products, including hair spray, deodorant, nail polish and perfume that you may be using everyday. Don't panic, but look into what you're using and limit it or, if you can, cut it out all together. Most importantly -- talk to your doctor and be informed. You're not just responsible for the well being of the child after they're born, but from the very minute you conceive.


Amy - December 8

I do not know what happens to people that get their nails done but from experience alot of things happen to people who works at the shop from day in and day out and everyday absorbing and breathing the chemicals. One was told by the doctor it was ok to work in a nail salon while she is 7 months old but her baby came out to be allergic to everything even soy. When both her husband nor her families' has any health problem in their history. Two other women Children came out to have minor defects. When one of them had a fully healthy baby before she work as a nail tech. So I urge everyone to take precautions.


j - December 12

Try going first thing in the morning when the business opens that way you will smell less fumes... I do this with my pedicures - sometimes Im the only one there the whole time.


Jerquis - December 23

Its fine to get your nails done but dont brake em because it hurts because i have broke a lot of nails before


lisa-ann - January 3

I have been doing nails for 12 years. I have had the privlege to learn from a chemist named doug Shoon. He is the chemist for creative nail design. In of of his sessions Smells and are they bad for you he talk about the fact that just because somthing smells bad doesnt make it bad for you. For instance there are some pretty harmful ga__ses that have no odor at all but could kill you. He also said that there is no harm in working or getting your nails done while pregnent or any other time. You do ned to be careful for the places that are discount shops they do use products that have been found to be harmful


Mary Meneghetti - January 13

Is unsafe to wear acrilic nails in school? My 13 years old daughter has acrilic nails and I am concerned about how unsafe it is to wear in school.


Jessica - January 15

If your pregnant you should try and limit your exposure to chemicals. Go to a small salon where there aren't too many people working, and go for gel nails over acrylic as these need less filing which creates less dust. I am a nail technician and at the moment i work in a salon with 3 or 4 others working at a time, which is not ideal and limiting our exposure is a concern. We have good ventilation but with other techs around me all creating dust, I often need to put a mask on to breath safely. We also mainly use acrylic, and i have recently started wearing rubber gloves to prevent overexposure to my skin while filing.


claire - January 30

I'm training do do nails at school now. We have to put on masks when we use acrylic (like the masks you see dentists wearing, with straps which go round our ears). Our mouths and noses have to be covered while filing and sanding to protect our lungs from breathing the dust in. It just goes to show that acrylic is harmful and we have to use precautions.


janice - January 31

I have had a long and faith relationship with the hair, nails and beauty industry.There are safe products on the market today that one can use . I train with a product which is non toxic and allows the nail to respire and function normally . There are no vapours or odors to cope with , They are flexible ,durable and fabulous to wear Please email janice@ablush.co.uk


sam - January 31

I am a qualified nail technician and through out my time i have had many clients who are pregnant and had their nails done! And all their babies have been fine! One of my collagues who i work with was pregnant last year, worked all the way through her pregnancy, never wore a mask and her baby was the healthiest little boy! so all of you out there that have put your opinions on here that getting your nails done is harming your baby go and do a nail course don't get giving your opinions to other people when you haven't really got a clue yourselves!!!!!!!! u obviously just think you no it all, well you don't!!


kate - February 11

can you get them green tip


sammy - April 8

im a qualified nail technician and i have many customers who come to me who are pregnant and are concerned. In my training i was told that nail exensions of any type be it acrylic, gel or silk will not harm the unborn baby. I have told all my customers this but i still tell them to go to their GP just to see what they said not only for a 2nd opinion but for peace of mind for the customers too. Customers will trust their GP with whatever they say. the ladies who won't have their nails done while pregnant just think of the nail polish you are putting on! would you think twice about polishing your nails just because you are pregnant?


Karen - April 8

My nail technician is pregnant but has decided to carry on working. She sought a lot of advice before deciding to stay at work and is happy that it is ok for her as long as she takes sensible precautions. She runs her salon at home and since becomming prenant about 2 months ago has cut down her hours of work. The last time I saw her she had started wearing extra protective clothing including a face mask and latex gloves to protect her lungs and expousure to her skin, and safety gla__ses to cover her eyes. She changed her face mask fequently and took breaks after each client. She was also very cautious about handling the chemicals and not spilling them. Apparently alot of nail salon workers carry on working through pregnancy



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