Sanitary Baby Gifts

Mothers are always anxious about keeping their babies safe from germs. But with everyone in a tizzy over the H1N1 pandemic, they're more nervous than ever—with good reason. Here's a creative baby shower gift that can help an expectant mom cope with these issues: a Germ-battling kit! Pick a few or several of the items below and see that expectant mom's face light up with your thoughtfulness.

Hands Off!

One of the major issues foisted on new moms is family members, friends, and even complete strangers who insist on touching your baby without first washing their hands. has the solution: signs you can attach to car seats, strollers and most baby carriers that remind those people to wash their hands first. They also sell bibs, onesies, tank tops, and t-shirts that say: "Hands Off Baby."

But how can you help a new mother protect a baby from his older siblings? Kids always seem to have running noses and worse yet, they always rub them on their sleeves. That's the last thing a new mom wants coming near her baby: a kid with mucus germs on his sleeves. has the solution: wrist bands that slip over a child's shirt sleeves that are absorbent, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. Made of organic cotton and bamboo, these wrist bands stay on with the help of Velcro closures.

Wash To Music

Ever notice how when you send kids to wash their hands before touching the baby, they come back too quickly and their hands aren't looking very clean? Maybe they need a bit of a prompt to teach the proper way to get the job done. What better way to teach them than musical hand-washing timers? Also, imagine the joy you'll generate by giving a baby shower gift that pleases moms and big brothers or sisters!

These hand wash timers employ timed Disney movie music kids associate with their favorite animated characters. The timer gives kids a motivational boost so they'll want to wash their hands the way they should. The music plays the exact length of time pediatricians recommend for hand-washing. When the music stops, it's time to stop washing.

The timers can be used with your favorite brand of soap, so there's no worry about needing a specific brand for refills. The device fits atop any standard brand of liquid soap. You can find these hand wash timers at

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