Baby Shower Gift Ideas A to Z

There is no shortage of baby shower gift ideas on the market today. In fact, baby shower gift ideas range the gamut from A to Z, and then some! In addition to baby shower gifts that can be bought and in addition to individual baby shower presents, there are scores of homemade baby shower gift ideas, as well as baby shower gifts that can be bought or made by a group of people.

If you are hosting a baby shower, a creative gift theme can be "Baby Shower Gifts from A to Z"! Simply ask each guest to bring a present that begins with a different letter of the alphabet. The results are bound to be both useful and hilarious! A good time will be had by all and your baby shower is sure to be a hit.

Gift Ideas

Here are some classic and some original baby shower gift ideas for you!

•1) Rock-Around-the-Clock Baby Gifts: For this great baby shower gift theme, assign each guest with a specific hour of the day for which to purchase a gift, or give each guest a certain type of time of day. For example: bath time, bed time, story time, play time, nursing time, bottle time, teething time, diaper change time, learning time, et cetera. You can also include gifts for the parents-to-be along this theme, such as burping time, awake-at-two-in the-morning time, exhausted time, relaxation time, etc.

•2) Classic Baby Shower Gifts: The list is endless, but here are just a few ideas. For baby: sleepers, warm socks, booties and bonnets, cute baby clothing, snuggly blankets, diapers, diaper bags and accessories, bathtub toys and bathtub accessories, playpens, baby toys, rattles, books, CDs made for infants, mobiles, stuffed animals and more. For mom: Pamper the mother-to-be with a day at a spa, a good book, a book store coupon, a music CD, coupons for babysitting, coupons for a restaurant, makeup, body cream and lotions, slippers, a comfortable nightgown, cozy socks, a travel kit for the hospital, a baby car kit, a journal, picture frame, or a memory-capturing baby scrapbook.

•3) Expensive Baby Shower Gifts: Deluxe rocking chair for nursing, baby dresser and changing table, gift certificate for a muralist, digital camera, video tape recorder, photo gift package certificate that pays for a certain number of wallet-size, 8x10, 5x7, and 8x14 pictures or picture frames, baby car seats, baby stroller.

•4) Homemade Baby Shower Gifts: Hand-Painted Baby T-shirts, Bibs, Sheets, or Pillowcases, baby scrapbook, baby journal, picture frames, handmade baby clothes, socks, and hats, gift "certificates" for homemade meals after mom gives birth, certificate for "free friend outing day," certificate for "free babysitting," et cetera.

•5) Baby Shower Book Gifts: There are myriads of wonderful books for babies and parents-to-be to choose from! Besides traditional baby books, learning books for babies are on the rise, as are taking storybooks and read-along-books. For parents, you'll have no shortage of selection. Select from among parenting advice books, baby development books, baby nutrition books, and more, or simply choose books written by the parent's favorite authors or give them a gift certificate to a bookstore or a favorite magazine subscription.

With ideas from A to Z, you are sure to find the perfect baby shower gift!

Tip of the Day

If you buy a baby shower gift, keep the receipt so that parents can exchange or return gifts they have doubles of or they don't need or like.

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