Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower 

Every baby is special, and some folks believe that every baby should have a shower. Some other people believe only the first child should have a shower and there's usually enough "stuff" from that to be used and passed down to any future children.

Celebrate The Birth

Regardless which school of thought you adhere to, the fact remains that a baby is coming, or is here, and it's time to celebrate the birth. So, someone is going to organize a baby shower. All you have to do is show up with a gift. How do you know what to buy? It might depend upon whether there is a theme for the shower. If there is, then the gifts might reflect the theme. For instance, if the shower is a "Baby Safe" shower, then the gifts would be of a safety nature. That could include such things as safety closures for the cupboard doors, a change table with the deep ledge, soft plush toys that don't have anything loose in them which could be swallowed - that sort of thing.

Couples' Shower, or One For Dad

Couples' Showers are becoming more and more popular - after all, it took two to tango - and gifts for both parents as well as the baby are common in this situation. It's also common for the Dad to be at the shower, although he usually shows up at the end for cake and to say thank you to the guests for coming and gifting the family. Baby monitors, music, how-to books and things a couple who are first-time parents would need are given as gifts. There are even "DAD" showers and along with gifts for the baby, Dad gets Tylenol, coffee with a mug or helpful magazines.

Registries and Basic Needs

Baby shower registries abound these days. New parents go through the catalogues of baby stores and post on-line their wish list. This works especially well for people who are out-of-town and can't make it to the shower but want to send a gift. Diapers are always a welcome gift - in all sizes - because baby will use them all. Practical gifts of soft blankets, crib sheets, receiving blankets and towels are useful and needed in abundance with new babies especially. Sleepers and toys, practical and not-so-practical, are always welcome.

For the Nursery or Keepsakes

Things for the nursery can be appreciated. Mobiles, night lights and of course a soiled diaper container can make life a lot easier for the new parents. Lovely clothing and keepsake items are treasures forever. Since babies grow so quickly, thoughtful items such as handmade sweaters, booties and hats are often kept for the child's life and given to them when they, in their turn, have babies.

But, to truly celebrate a baby's birth, the most important thing to bring is best wishes and a congratulatory hug.

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