Learn How to Start a Baby Shower Gift Business

Baby shower gift businesses have a number of benefits. You are able to celebrate one of the most joyful moments in life. Unlike other types of gift baskets, the delivery dates are scattered throughout the year. This makes the baby shower gift business much more stable than gift basket firms that specialize in major holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. You can take advantage of sales on everything from candy to stuffed animals, while you can throw in seasonal items, as well. Let's learn how to start a baby shower gift business.

Practice Making Gift Baskets

People who send gift baskets are obviously sending a gift, but they are paying a premium for the presentation. This is true whether they're sending artfully stacked and wrapped cloth diapers to stuffed animals mixed with little baby items. Practice making gift baskets that look great and will still look good when shipped. You can come up with a signature style.

A side benefit of this approach is that you will know what it costs to assemble one and ship it, so you can price it properly. Come up with several standard gift baskets, each with a different price point. Then you have something to offer no matter what someone's budget may be.

At this stage, you can offer your services to immediate friends, family and coworkers. Verify that others will pay you for this service. Get feedback on everything from the baby favors you include to the type of basket you use. You may want to alter the product mix to get the price down, or you may learn what items people will pay more to have included in the gift basket.

Create Your Website

You could start with a commercialized blog, a business page on a social media website or a formal web domain. However, you'll want to create a website if you're going to attract clients beyond a word of mouth referral network.

Small business websites are the preferred target of identity thieves, since you're less likely to have the resources as big businesses to maintain IT security. Gift basket companies are a favorite target, since it is common for someone to place the order online and send the product to a different address.

Begin Marketing Your Website

Share links to your new website on social media. Ask your friends who've used your service to give you a review and share the business URL with their friends. Advertise on local neighborhood websites. This gives you the ability to physically deliver gift baskets if you aren't ready to mail them yet.

Exceed Customer Expectations

A gift basket business must excel at customer service. Deliver items on time and ensure that they're in perfect condition. You may want to put the gift basket in a plastic wrap or cloth wrapper to protect it and keep everything securely in place. Verify that everything they've ordered is in the gift basket and personalize all correspondence. The personal touch will help you stand out from the florists and online gift clubs that send a generic box to a given address.

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