Labor and Birth

Searching for information on labor and birth? Pregnancy-Info provides you with all you need to know about preparing for the birth of your baby.  Find the answers to all your questions about stages of labor, creating a birth plan, labor medications, and c-sections: their risks and benefits.  Will you be working with a doctor, midwife, nurse assistant, nurse-midwife, or doula? Get all the information you need for a safe labor and delivery of your baby and about all your options for having the birthing experience you desire.

Birth Plan

Prepare for Labor and Birth.

It’s never too early to start thinking about a birth plan. Preparing a birth plan is a great way in which to stay in control as much as possible of the type of labor experience you will have. A birth plan can include whether to have a home birth or a hospital birth or even a water birth. You may also want to consider keeping a pregnancy journal to record your thoughts and emotions.  Birth plans are also great ways to communicate to the doctors and nurses in your delivery room about how you would like to deliver your child and which medications you would like, or not like, to receive.  Find out more about the different options available to you for labor medications, the effects of each medication on you and your baby and how each medication is administered.  Also learn more about natural pain remedies for labor and get information about how to have a natural birth, if this is your desire.  

Stages Of Labor

Of course, it’s natural to be worried about the different stages of labor. Find out how to tell whether your contractions really mean you’re going into labor as well as other common signs of labor. Here you’ll also find out about when inducing labor is a good option and information on whether natural labor is right for you.  In addition, get information about all of your pain management techniques including natural methods for dealing with labor pain to common medications given to manage the pain of labor.  Also find out what happens after labor such as what tests are done to your baby, how to deliver the placenta, and what will happen if you need stitches down there.  


While they’re not always planned, Cesarean sections account for almost 30% of births in the United States. Learn about in which cases a Cesarean section is recommended over vaginal birth and how a Cesarean section affects your future pregnancies.  Also find out more about the procedure itself and about what a c-section means for your postpartum recovery.  Get all the facts you need to understand a cesarean section and feel good about your different birthing options.  

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Hi, I am 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I went into labour Monday night with contractions every 2 mins lasting about 40 secs. I went into hospital and they told me I was 3-4 cms dilated. A few hours later everything stopped and I went home. Any ideas on when this may kick off again? Or could I still end up going over?!
12 years ago
adna i had a similar experience but wasnt that far along an i would say if you have had it before its very possilbe to happen again i would be going back to the docs or even get a home test i have been told the you cant get a false positive so if need be take that with you hope it helps
12 years ago
hey am adina and am 20 i have a 1year old son, not really wanting another baby at the moment but last month i thought i was pregnant i went to see the doc because i started to bleed she cheaked me and everything and told me i was not she put me on the pill now this is my first time being on the pill. ,i was some what happy but fa some reason i just did't beleave her a few days latter the bleedng did't stop i went on for lke say 7 or more days on the that 7 day i felt lke a soft thump in the tolet looked and there it was a 2 month msscarrage dont know if any know how its sapose to look but it looked to me like a form of the first stage embreo u can see the shap and everythng of how a baby is formed.i was shoked but what can i this month came and yes im on the pill,my period is like 6 days late and a day ago started to have some cramping no period today i found blood and fa me its just not like my perod earlyer i bleed and it was like brown ,black and a lil pinkish ts not floownig like me normale period and am freaking out wod go to the doc but i cant i throw up like 6 times already and i've been so tred and my lower back is killing me as am writng this if any has experience anything like this or has an answer for this it would mean the world to me
12 years ago
I am 34 weeks and been having contractions went to the hospital and was sent home in a few hours just to be told everything was fine but i am not sure it wasn't my ob that i see and they said my cervix was a little soft and high but now i am not sure if i should go in and when should i go if i have the same thing happen again what should i do
12 years ago
My wife is 37 weeks and 3 centermeters and 50% effaced we just saw what we assume is bloodie show contraction are between 17 mins and 27mins is it possible the baby will come before our dr appt tommorow any advice.We also live about 25 mins from our hospital.
12 years ago